• Hi Guys

    SinceThe Queen of wands was worried that she was changing the subject of my other thread i though i would start a new thread for us all to chat about whatever we like on .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thanks Mags 🙂

    Are you taking better care of yourself yet? Finding that hour a day for yourself more often? 🙂

  • Thank you LoaP,

    I will get back to this thread. I just want to go over to the other thread first.


    Your Friend in Tarot,


  • Hello PHMarc,

    Yesterday what I wanted to tell you is yes you are correct. I have had validation through my dreams.

    I have also been to many a show medium and have never had validation through them. I am never read. I went to one not long a go. The most popular one out there and he goes all over the world. Not even a message or anything came through to me. I walked away with that exact understanding that I did have validation. The people that go to these shows are not as lucky as I am to have had it first hand. therefore I think it would be selfish of me to go and take up a seat when someone else could really get the validation they are looking for.

    Thank you again my friend. I think you are very wise and open to the ways of natural insight.

    Your friend in tarot,

    The QueenofWands

  • Thank you for your kind words Queenof Wands. I almost went to a "celebrity" medium here in the UK. Sally Morgan. I wouldn't mind going to one of her shows just to say I've been you know? 🙂

  • sorry for the intrusion lol..Hi Mags, HI Lefty 🙂

    I have been trying to say hello to Queen of wands, for while now:)

    aka Queen Wands 🙂 we keep missing each other my friend. I am happy to see you bouncing around the threads,also I am truly happy you have found your way again.

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    love and Light



  • Hello Sister Bong!

    No intrusion at all. Pull up a chair and have a chat 🙂

  • Hello My Journey My Friend,

    How are you? I hope all is well with you and that you are living life to the fullest.

    I am still at it doing the care giver thing and by the end of this summer all the broken bones will be mended I hope. Yes I have been around when I can and reading threads and answering some. I am so glad that you stopped by. Stay in touch and be safe and happy my dear dear friend.

    L&L to you as well and as you say Namaste,

    Your friend in Tarot,


    Hello PH Marc,

    It is interesting going to the celeb mediums. I went to a lovely lady Named Lisa Williams from your UK, Again no reading for me. The one I also went to see not to long ago was John Edward.He is the one I was speaking about earlier. I waited a very long time to get to his show as the tickets were always sold out. With him I thought for sure I would get a reading from him for some strange reason. That is when I came to the understanding that none of them could give me the validation as I already had it. Funny how things go. Well You have a great evening in the UK. London is five hours head of me time wise. I am Just across the Pond. The big Pond, oh my goodness.Maybe some day I will get to sail the ocean blue in that direction. Land of my Ancestors.

    L&L to you, Your friend in Tarot,


  • Hi Guys


    I love Lisa Williams i watch her show here but im in australia no chance of me flying to the uk or us for a reading as i hate flying she was out here a while ago i wish i could have gone . I also like Tony Stockwell .

    L&L Loap:)

  • Yes I like her too. I think she is cute. I watch her show here in the states from time to time. I use to watch John Edward Crossing Over but it got to tear jerky for me and I had to stop watching. His show is no longer on and he is on to mostly tours and seminars I think. To expensive for me and to far away. I read one of his books it was good but again to emotional. Another one that I like is George Anderson. I do not know what happened to him. He would draw as he was doing a reading. I thougth he was very good.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Hi TQOW,

    I think that we had George on tv here a few years ago not sure though if im getting him confused with James Van Praag . There are so amny famous ones in the states what about Sylvia Brown what do you think of her ? I found her rude and harsh at times .

    L&L LOAP:)

  • Hellow there my friend,

    I saw George on a show we have here in the states called 20/20 many years ago. I found him fascinating.He has written books one being called we do not die.Praag is fair I do not think he is as good as George Anderson or John Edward. Slyvia ha ha she cracks me up. I am not finding her rude as more direct and straight forward. I guess she tells you like it is. I read one of her books too. After awhile it all gets to be the same. I also have Susan Northrup's book and went to see he once again no reading. I have not heard anything about her in a long time. I think even J Edward is on the decline.

    For a long while New Age shops were popping up all over in my neck of the woods. Now they all have seem to dewindled away. Sometimes I think it was the Harry Potter books and Celeb mediums that brought it all to the four. Now with computers it is pretty much out on the net. Places like this one and others lots of info out there.

    Well you have a good day.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Hello TQOW,

    Do you think we know in advance that we a re going to die like my Dad kept saying befroe he passed that this would be his last birthday and other things along the same lines and he died a 3 weeks later .

  • Penatcles - are what we have - money and possessions

    Cups - are what we feel - love , happiness and sadness

    Wands -are what we do - motivation and actions

    Swords -are what we think - ideas , thoughts unspoken and spoken

  • I have heard that some can. I have heard that some that are terminally ill, say that they see their deceased family members around them and they know the end is near. They seem to think that the deceased family members are there to help them cross over. I have had a personal instance in my life where someone said to me that the world was going to come to an end real soon. they went on about it for a good while. Their world did come to an end they where killed in a car accident. Shortly after telling me that .Do we know? I think we have an idea about it. But do we really know when or how? I do not think so. One thing I do know that we all must pass over sooner or later. That we miss the ones that have gone on head of us. That life changes for us left behind when that one is gone.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Isn't that what the show Medium was about? Based on the real life talents of Allison DuBois, I'm sure I read somewhere that she "knows" when and how a person is going to die.

    Don't think I would like that "gift" at all. No sir.

  • PHMarc,

    I would not want that either. I thought her show was more of solving murder crimes and working with the police and maybe finding missing people. I watched a few times and the ones that I saw she was solving murder crimes. The Ghost Whisper is one that has James Van Praag involved with it. I am not sure if they are real stories or not. I did see one where the Ghost Whisper was helping a person in a coma find his brother that was lost on a mountain climb. I like the shows but after awhile it is almost like you have seen one you have seem them all.

    Your Friend in Tarot,


  • I love watching a haunting on the discovery channel its about real people who have had experiences with the paranormal.

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