Hanswolfgang, in need of your insight please

  • Hi,

    You were so kind to help me in the past. And I'm hoping you can help shed some light on my situation again. It's much appreciated 😃

    My guy friend told me a month ago that he is interested in me as more than a friend. But he has been very quiet and withdrawn. A psychic told me that he is scared due to past heartbreaks and this is causing him to act that way.

    My questions are: Is he being honest, is he really interested in me? Interested in being more than just friends? Why is he being so quiet and withdrawn? Do you see us together as a couple in the future?

    I'm really grateful for your insight.. I've been hurt in the past by men playing games with my heart, so i'm a little hesitant concerning the truth of his words.

    My dob is 9-8-76.. his dob 12-27-60

    Thank you in advance

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