Very confused, would love a reading.

  • My boyfriend and I currently ended our relationship less than 2 weeks ago. It was extremely emotional, and the next day he started talking to me again. He has expressed feelings of missing me, being depressed (over this and other areas in his life), and how we need to work through our own things before we can pick up where we left off.

    I've done a few tarot readings, but I don't believe I can accurately read for myself as my emotions will influence the outcome. I also have anxiety with self-reading and tend to ask very fatalistic questions.

    I would like to know where anyone sees this going? I'm staying positive and hopeful because I know in my heart everything will work out.

    My DOB is 10/31/87. His is 5/7/87.

  • This relationship is difficult for love. Its main focus will be mental stimulation and communication, perhaps a shared interest in books, puzzles, games and feats of memory and reasoning. The connection between you is often so close that each person knows what the other is thinking, even though you have such different approaches to life. Your friend may have an aversion to your dark side - especially when you come on too strong for him - but he may also be fascinated by it. Luckily it is the sunnier aspects of your personality that this matchup generally tends to activate. The determining factor for success here is whether or not your emotional communication is as good as the mental variety. Empathic bonds are somewhat rare here in this combination since your friend doesn't feel comfortable living by or dealing with his emotions and will usually resist the kind of psychological scrutiny that is your speciality. Even so, sympathy and understanding can become a trademark of this relationship as long as you are both determined to make them so.

  • Thank you so much for your input. What would you recommend as the best approach for reuniting? I am being very patient.

  • That depends on how much you are willing to change yourself for him. He finds it hard to handle your emotionalism, possessivness, and intensity. Can you tone yoursefl down maybe forever in order to make him feel better about himself? Personally I believe that if someone doesn't accept you the way you are, then too bad. But you may be able to reach a compromise. First however he will have to be honest with you about his feelings for the relationship, which he hasn't been so far because he fears an emotional scene if he tells you the truth.

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