Relationship future??

  • Hi all, I am very new to Tarot and was recently introduced to it by a friend.

    I'll really appreciate any input on my current situation... It is about a guy I really had a strong connection with (it was mutual) but then, after some unfortunate misunderstandings that followed, making him feel as if I wasn't interested in him, things fell astray ;( I showed him the reality of things and initiated contact but he is still distant...

    Now I am trying my best to patiently wait for any developments and for him to come forward so we can move onto better things together...

    Whenever I did my first reading, ~ The Knight of Wands ~ appeared as an outcome, which is quite peculiar, since he is an Aries himself (idk his Asc but I'm pretty sure it is Pisces and he is 40 but young at heart and looks). I am definitely not going to give up on him so obstacles along the road won't break me. I won't act in any clingy or possesive way either - not my style. He is quite like that and very jealous btw.

    Then, at two other readings regarding him, the ~ Ace of Swords ~ appeared as the outcome and when I asked how exactly will the contact between us occur (phone, msg, accidental meeting??), the ~ Knight of Swords ~ appeared - quite an assertive card... I am just wondering what it reflects as of the way he is going to make a move... He is not so aggresive as many Aries but manifests some true Pisces characteristics...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance!

  • anyone pls...

  • Actually I'd say he is demonstrating some very Aries-like qualities. Or at least fighting to keep them at bay. All three cards, the Knight of Wands, Ace and Knight of Swords show a willingness, even an eagerness to do battle. To fight and to question everything, even authority. Even you.

    You may believe you are not acting clingy or possessive, but he begs to differ. Right now he is biting his tongue. If you keep pushing this, you may very well find his bite is worse than his bark.

    The best you can do here is actually to heed the warning and back off. If he comes forward it will be in his own time and of his own choosing.

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank you, Marc, I appreciate your insights!

    I just really do not understand why he would be in such a position towards me since there never was an open conflict between us or I never did him wrong in any way for him to have a negative attitude towards me... it was just a matter of an unfortunate misunderstanding...

    That is exactly what I feel is the best thing to do - to just back off even emotionally as much as I can. All I have done so far was send him a very friendly text only once with a neutral content, nothing reflecting the situation or not demanding of anything relationship wise in any way, nor putting him on the spot. I just wanted to show him I am reminded of him while being in the midst of something at that time. In that sense, I definitely haven't been pushy...

    I don't believe that I should be the one pursuing anybody, being a woman anyway :), it really isn't my style, so if he does indeed want to come forward, he is welcome to.

  • I dont know at what intervals you did the three readings but there are two ways I can think of to read this.

    One is to take all three cards together:

    The Knight of Wands suggests that he was in it more for the passion and sex and once that faded off, he quickly rushed (knight of swords) on to something new (ace of swords)

    Or separately :

    He was in in for the passion and sex but is very impulsive and his mind is allover the place. So you have to cut through this impulsiveness and passion and get to the crux of him to take this relationship further, which seems really difficult to do from the cards.

  • Thanks, RealHermit!

    Well, my first question was what lays ahead in terms of our relationship with him, and the other questions were about what I should be expecting from him and if anything is about to happen with us soon...

    Yesterday, I asked what his feelings are for me at the moment and I got

    The Sun as present situation

    Five of Wands as forthcoming influences

    The Hanged Man as outcome.

    To me the Hanged Man does portray him at the moment, not acting and thinking things through of what the best course would be. I think in a way he is fighting to "surrender" to something deeper and let himself go but isn't the card exactly representing spiritual enlightment?

  • There are no "exact" interpretations for the Tarot cards. In this case, while the Hanged Man can suggest spiritual enlightenment, I believe you got it right in your own interpretation. He is hung up. Undecided. Not sure of the best course of action.

  • Well, hopefully the assertiveness and strong energy of the previous cards do inspire some action of course in a beneficial context that is...

    At least there is the Sun standing in the base of matters, I guess assisting for this enlightment to pull through and shining a ray of positive energy...

  • The 5 of wands speaks to an inner turmoil going on, but with the Hanged Man as an outcome, you may be waiting for a while.

    Find some "me" time. Do what you do to enjoy yourself. 🙂

  • Exactly what I feel is happening... Well, being a psychologist as well I sensed that things don't add up in the situation and he is really confused by everything, the strong connection we shared and the misfortunate string of events that followed... All I can do at this point is just go on with my own life, as you pointed, Marc and wait for things to fall into their places...

    Anyway, gotta prepare for an exhibit I've been putting off for quite some time now, while so caught up and entangled in this story of ours... At least all this drama stirred everything inside of me to the point that I definitely need an outlet now... painting and finishing up my works would be it 🙂

  • PS

    I forgot to share with you that I asked another question after trying to reach out that time and it was about WHY he didn't respond to me...

    I got 5 of cups as the heart of the matter... He must have really felt betrayed in a way by things that happened despite the fact they were a mere misunderstanding and was still feeling down, not ready to open up... That probably explains why the Hanged Man showed up in my reading yesterday.

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