• I read someplace on here people talking abouth feathers as signs. I couldn't find the posting.So I started a new one. What are they signs for? At work yesterday a small white feather flew right past my face. I immediatly remembered reading about them. I of course caught it and put it in my pocket. Now, I work in a dental office so I am inside a building. It didn't just fall from the sky. I am hesitant to think it means anything as I am going through a period of an absence of beliefs. Just curious, if it was to mean something. What could it mean? Thanks for any insight. 🙂

  • It's a sign from our angels. They are demonstrating their presence as you question your beliefs. 🙂

  • If it is a sign what do I do with it? The last time I believed in signs and the universe it lead me to heartbreak. Because I took those signs to mean I was going in the right direction. That I was with the right person. I took those signs as proof that he was 'the one". Instead he was the one who broke me. Thank you!

  • I came across another feather this morning. It was big and beautiful!

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  • sdr

    wether you believe or not---you are surrounded by angels and guides. A white feather is from the angel who encourages the opening of hearts---in your case leary of vulnerability---children have vulnerable hearts--wide open---they love unconditionally---your inner child is being encouraged to be heard. You are stuck in a all or nothing place. The part of life you can't swallow is how pain--conflict or challenging times--and yes temptation can be positive or nessassary things. Spirit asks you to develope your spiritual life in terms of accepting that you chose your life before birth. That we come here not to live perfectly in a heavenly state but for the benefit of our soul progression and karmic dept we choose this life. When we do the hard thing the universe backs us up even though we often do not see it untill later. The younger we are the harder it is to see the big picture--how it all makes sense--we need more faith early on. God gave us the example of Jesus to remind us that despite our darkest lonliest days of pain, betrayal and feelings of abandonment there is EASTER---the resurection and promise of the spirit--soul--in us all that remains eternal. Love is not your enemy---right now you feel unsafe with love--feel it can't be trusted. When we open our hearts--yes sometimes we get hurt but we move on and keep on loving as it is not your fault this man can not love you with the energy of a "verb". It is your lesson to learn how to choose and let go. To protect yourself. You have to have a core belief that you are lovable by better and this man is not the best chance you will ever get--you set the bar. One day---older and wiser you will look back on this time and understand the lesson---and you will be in a much better relationship for it. Right now, resist your anger at the universe. Angels are whispering HEAL. Take time to live in the moment--enjoy children---cultivate an energy of gratefulness. This often brings faith back--to remember the small graces--at night to say I'm thankful for my toes--my strong legs--my eyes--etc. It is that kind of energy that atracts other people to you who are more likely to be gratefull for YOU. Feel blessed your most presciouse loved ones are alive and well. Think of yourself and thoughts as energy--there are laws of attraction. Raise your vibration and you will attract the man you crave. Knowing you have more power than you think will help you feel more secure. Mostly, you must except that not all bad events or problems mean something is wrong. It's just a part of your journey. It will help you to read more spiritual books written to inspire--specially by people who have suffered yet triumphed. Gather inspiration. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately, it's good to see you around. I saw my first white feather, last week & it was pretty amazing. Your writing is beautiful.

    Hope all is well with you, Love & Blessings

  • Thank you Blmoon!!!

    I have read and re read your advice on both topics. I know my lesson was closure with this man. But it is hard to let go. Because I thought my signs were going to lead to a "happily ever after" I was thankful to the universe. I put out positivity. I did for others. I was happy. And sign after sign came. And then he called. I couldn't believe it worked! Its hard to accept that it worked just to leave me broken hearted, dissapointed. But I guess I needed to learn. To get closure. I "hear" what God is saying to me. I think my mistake was also putting more faith in "asking" the universe then asking him. Maybe? I never lost my faith in Him. Just in believeing that I can attract good things. In listening to my inside voice. And that being positive and putting out love will bring me that in return.

    I am doing much better in the last few days. But I am still stuggling to hear my intuition again. It is confused. I hear "it will work out later down the road". And I also hear that "you will never see him again" So, sometimes I wanna just say FU!!! And others I feel like I need to leave an opening for him to contact me later. ???? I just try to take it one day at a time. But each day is different. If I could "hear" consistant things. Or see them. Then it would be easier. And I just don't see these feathers. I have seen things that remind me of him. Signs??? They are things that are not common. Why must i even be reminded of him?? I am already thinking of him!!! Why does the universe confuse me? Or am I confusing my self? But why then does it feel the need to remind me of him??? Thank you again Blmoon. I look forward to reading your response.

  • I feel your all or nothing thinking--he's either all with you or not but life is not so black and white and many of the signs you get are validation that you are not alone and change is happening--a feather floating down just for you is saying---embrace the magic of the moment. Allso, you read too many signs concerning your man because that's a lot how you loved--he is detached and has intimacy issues and you accomadated that by mostly feeling "for him"---you have a moon connecion and planet connection with him that allows you to use your intuition gift. Yes, you are empathetic--pick up a lot. He is attracted to that because it means you pick up his slack and keep the connection there "at a distance". Of course, after awhile you crave more validation--more closeness and he moves closer then runs. Also, the lesson spirit has for you is "balance"---not to turn off your ability to feel the connection but to balance your feelings with your head. There has to be a head, heart connection so all these reminders comming at you are an opportunity to flex your head muscle. To make up for his distant behaviour you have created all kinds of little meaningfull things to keep you close and he has participated--encouraged that. But are you really happy with that? As for him being gone now---he will get in touch with you---eventually hoping you will be desperate enough to hear from him again that you will be happy with his terms of loving. He will get in touch---but nothing will change---you will for awhile enjoy the silent but inner joy of having him again filling you up with hopes and dreams and mostly feelings. This will not be enough and again the same thing will repeat itself. You ask---why is the universe so reminding you of him? To remind YOU that you have a choice---your female energy side has a protective male side--yin and yang---that says wait a minute here I know this feels good or sad but my wise male protector half says think about this--use your wisdom--don't just let fee;lings run the show. When you are empathetic and sensitive it is a comman challange to balance that much feeling. Also, you must be aware that women who feel too much can attract men who can't feel enough and let the woman feel for them----that's the part that confuses the woman so much as she just doesn't get how he can act one way but then disconnect so easily---it's because he is just mirroring your feelings but he has a great disconnect from his heart to head as well. Do you see the way that works---you both have a disconnect but in opposite ends---you are all feelings and he is all head.You are not unique in this---most women have been through the same challange. It really is part of a journey towards personal empowerment---you moving towards being happy with yourself--by yourself when life calls for that. Most life journeys are about that--coming into life whole---losing parts of ourselves or being shape shifted by family, environment or life events---growing up to heal from all those changes in our true selves that have a divine purpose---and rarely is our divine purpose in life souly meant to be wrapped completely around another person. In my past I had my big "distraction" as well---the man who takes so much thought and energy it keeps you from dealing with your own healing---often a painful thing that must be walked through but you would rather not. Right now on these threads I would say 100 % of the people here could validate that. This is not an easy place to be but it is so worth it because once you break that distraction and get on with healing yourself the more you will never have to go through this again. It is never just about the man---it is about you. You can't change him. Also, letting go allows HIM to move towards his own healing. Free will is for him too. Spirit will not say you two will live happily ever after. They do say, yes--he'll be back but expect nothing to change unless you choose to change something. Be good to yourself-BLESSINGS

  • Blmoon,

    I thank you so much for all your advice. I am taking it all to heart. It really does make a lot of sence to me. I think this is why I have been seeing the number 11 frequently for a couple of months. I was told 11 is spiritual or intuition. I did see this coming. Or feel it I should say. Several, several times I cried because of the vibe I was getting. Even over the phone I could feel it. I knew he would leave. Why did I do this? I thought that I had healed myself. I went to talk with someone every week for months. I learned why I do the things I do.I thought. I don't want to love a broken man. I don't want to have someone so bad that I take the wrong one. I just want to be loved. Is that too much to ask? To have a familyy? Home with a white picket fence and a dog? Its all I want. Why do I attract someone who can't give it to me. Why do I feel not worthy of a better person. Why do I settle? I thought that this man was the one. I thought I read the signs correctly. Maybe I still needed to learn. But I thought I learned from my last relationship. I spent 9 years with the wrong person. I felt like I was on the right path. How do I trust my feelings again? Well, I am going back to my talking sessions on Monday. I think I am going to stick with this issue. I feel like a crazy person! Thank you again so much. Looking forward to speaking again. Oh, btw I came across 2 feathers this morning. I'm starting to wonder though if it is a coincidence. So frequently? Are they only supposed to be white?

  • Dear sdr and Blmoon,

    Love to read about angel signs, and feathers are definitely one of them. Usually they are white feathers, yet they can be other colors. You don't have to ask for signs, sometimes they just pop up when you need them most. Other times, you want to know your angels are with you, and question if they are. During those times, just ask your angels to send you signs. They will always find something that will resonate with you. What if you miss them? Ask them to send them to you again. And again. Until you see them. Signs can be clouds in the sky shaped like an angel. You just get a nudge to look upwards, and there it is right in front of you. Could be a license plate that has a word on it that means something to you. Or a billboard. Or you meet someone named angel lol. My favorite is Michael because of Archangel Michael. Coins are a favorite. You walk along and there isn't just one coin, but many lined up in your path.

    Angels repeat themselves...and if feathers are catching your eye, they will continue to lay them in your path. The best are when they are in some totally strange location.

    I had a fun story I may have shared once before. I wear eyeglasses and always put them on my nightstand every night. Have done it for years. Then in the morning, I reach over and put them on. One morning, within the past year, I reached over, and my glasses were not there. I looked all over, thinking maybe they fell down, on the ground, etc. No glasses. I am nearsighted and really needed them, and I thought what in the world is going on. I got up and started feeling under the bed, etc. No glasses. I went to the end of my bed and I had a towel my daughter had left on the floor across the room. I thought I will go pick that up. I went over, bent down to pick up, and there on the top were my glasses. Across the room. And opened up so I could put them on.

    That too is an angel sign. An ornery one I must admit, but angels have a wonderful sense of humor and all I could do was laugh. Thankful that I found them of course!

    Angel blessings to you all!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank You Missbethsangels!

    I am in need of some guidance right now. Its is nice to know that I am not alone out there. That I have angels by my side. And others who care to comment and offer advice to a lost person at the momment. It is very much appreciated! 🙂

  • I was getting the 11 11 signs too---and I'm not into numbers--but it happened so much I looked it up and it is a good sign and actually was also representing that new moon eclipse--a rare event gemini moon in gemini sun and was told the planets translated into 11 11 numbers! I took the message during those weeks as a sign to hang on---a major leap was around the corner and this was a time of "test" and endurance but I was prepared so keep the faith. Looking back--that was right on! As for you feelings of regret or loss---when I made the leap from letting go of my great distraction--a man who actually brought great things "out od me". I too didn't get the mixed message! When it was time to let go---when he no longer was god for me---it was a very hard road of self doubt. I still know this man--we still are friends though I see him differently now. I too wanted to beat myself up--for being duped--making a mistake? What I learned IS he had to happen but I was not far along yet to get it---that our lives are a journey---everything fits----lessons are learned---people travel with you awhile and sometimes the road splits--often you hook back up and they reflect how much you have grown. You just have to trust the divine order of life sometimes---mostly the lesson is--you must learn not to regret so much that it drags you backwards---people confuse regret as being a noble sorry---needing to be punished. Regret really is a very destructive energy to the self---God asks you to Forgive yourself. Learn forgive move forward. To hash and rehash the past paralizes you---freezes you up and you cannot move forward---regret also is a form of self abuse--the energy attracts punishement--attracts people who will abuse you. Regret hurts your loved ones because when you feel regret you miss love coming at you from others or you miss the now--the future--regret disconnects you from present moments---you could miss something going on in the moment with a loved one because regret pulls you backward. Feathers have always been gifts for me--I keep them---share them with friends who love them--send kind notes. When a gift is coming my way--yep--always a feather comes first. Also, baby feathers announce a new beginning. Feathers come before bad news as well but are a promise of help--and saying it's going to be ok--we are with you. Feathers come before money--love those! I also receive signs from frogs and specially butterflies. Butterflies will land on my shoulder--frogs will do somthing comical. Owls will also hoot at very special moments. Spirits main message for you is the issue of self love--not as a feeling but an action---you are just now learning that--that it's an energy you create by doing little things. The problem is you don't know these little things. Examine your life as if you are you own special child--where do you short change yourself. Do you put off getting new shoes---is your drawer full of worn out even holey underware---do you scimp on yourself in the spirit need dept---make time for music--dancing---buy yourself scented candles. Your home---is it your happy soul place---does it reflect you. Is it cluttered---do you only keep happy things? the list is long but this is where your thoughts should be going--forward. BLESSINGS!

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