Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • Hey aquarium sorry to be getting back late just came home from work not too long ago and feeling a bit better than I did earlier today.

    The post was called PisceanHealer Or Anyone Please Help Me! I Need It SooooBad!

    and forgive me if it seems dark or depressing-I was in a horrible mood and it was extreme I had no idea why-usually I can control it better than I did today.

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  • Really appreciate it thank you so much 🙂 Hey know what my Destiny Card reading holds for me?

  • Hi all,

    EE- Glad to read things are working out for you emotionally.

    SV- Congrats on the volunteering. And yep when someone is heavily on our mind we tend to act. The “slacker” comment ...I feel you on that one. Don’t give it much thought. You are sensitive yet to everything he would possibly say, sits differently one way or the other.

    Uhmm you have contact with Kel? I haven’t seen Katie back.

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  • Thanks aquarium and I really didn't want one for my ex but I glad you took out time to do one thank you. I'm not sure what gu is having a role in my life though how is your day going?

  • And I wasnt trying to be funny when I said that about my ex. I just feel that one for him will be unneccesary because I just decided to stop even slightly worrying (I try my hardest and its been working pretty well since that day Ive decided to drop it) about him thats all even though I have a feeling Im going to encounter him soon some kind of way. I guess that role in my life is him thinking about me lol just kidding! Hope your day is going well!


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  • I bet he was! What a lovely lesson on parenting! I do think its great/neccessary for parents to learn from the pain and mistakes of their own childhood to create a better future for thier kids. I had an abusive childhood and it affected me greatly and some times I saw where it did and other times I didnt but when I pinpointed and traced my issues it was a real eye opener and helped me work on myself and adknowledge that Im better than the way my father made me feel and Im better than him. Ive forgiven him (not verbally-I never said it but its in my actions and emotions) I know he is screwed up and I know he has alot to work on-makes it especially worse that he thinks he is fine most of the time but I know Im better than him, deserve the best and have a bright future ahead. I just have to learn and grow-what an awesome job lol.

    and about your friend maybe she just neeeded some one to talk to may have given you a headache at least you can say you listened.

    And are you saying card readings are an intuitive thing for the reader or the client lol (the person youre doing a reading for)?

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  • thanks, Flowsco. Yeah, flying along very, very, very nicely here. VERY nicely.

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  • Hey everybody! Where is everyone lol miss you all hope everything is going well 🙂

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  • I'm sure he will find a way to contact you probably some crazy way lol but Im sure he will. You are both Buddahist that's awesome! I've been looking into Taoism and meditation lately

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  • Well this seems to be an interesting idea-to let energy help create your fate-brilliant! As I heard on Oprah all life is, is energy and be careful what energy you take in and give out to others. My energy can be all over the place often. I just need balance. Im trying meditation out and seeing if that can help me. How do you stay balanced or grounded-Im really looking for balance?

    My energy can be intense if im mad Im furious if Im happy Im estastic, if Im scared Im terrified lol get the picture?

  • 3 weeks to the day, the Virgo says she loves me. new record. sigh / ugh.

    also talked to the pisces about a week ago. she's in the same spot. still wants it, won't let us have it. such BS! i'm continuing with the Virgo in hopes that I let the Pisces go. shouldn't have talked with her, but what can you do.

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