Scorpios and Letting Go

  • Yeah, I am the youngest of the 3 scorps that the Virgo I'm seeing has been with. We haven't touched outside of a peck (it's only been like ten days of knowing each other) but hopefully she sees that I'm not like the others as far as immaturity and overall ridiculousness goes.

    Just don't take out your past on your present. I wish people could do a better job of that but I know it can be tough. Men and women alike, not just one gender...

    Sometimes I wonder if another Scorpio would be the best for me again. Scorp72 you said it, "with my neediness" lol. It's so bad, I know. I haven't been that way in awhile but I am on guard for it.

  • i am a double scorpio female (pisces moon).......hello intensity 🙂

    i am currently involved with a sadge and having the hardest time letting go. most of my relationships tend to be hard for me to let go, but this one is especially difficult.

    i am not sure why it seems scorps have this "death grip" on dead-end relationships (atleast this scorpio), but it is always the case. it is like a combo of extreme loyalty and denial. but....i must point out that my partners all seem to have just as hard of time letting go as i do. my break-ups are always prolonged, draining and inevitably turn into a somewhat twisted chess match -- no matter what his sign suggests.

  • rachel, i've had the same thing. my nonsense with the Cancer was so, so prolonged. and then the Pisces after her, well, sort of overlapping, but that's another story. same with the Cap from a year and a half ago. all of them it was that tug of war and it felt impossible at the time to let them go.

    all i can say, is that it does get better. you are entirely water signs so of course you never want to end anything. the extreme loyalty and denial part rang close to home with me, too. sounds just like me. we defend these people that hurt us so badly, lol. i don't get why we do it, but we just do. and nobody else does it the way we do unless we find someone like us. i've yet to find someone as loyal to me as i was to them, through thick and thin.

    you will be okay. i know hearing that does absolutely nothing for you, but you will. just try to weather the storm and keep distracting yourself in the meantime until you're able to deal with it the best way you can.

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  • Aqua-I am Scorp with an Aquarius moon sign. I conflict myself all the time! lol

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  • Hey guys a couple of days of go and from now on Im in a state of peace of mind and meditation. I'm dropping discussions of anything about my ex. I don't want to be worked up and nervous about something that hasn't happened or even for a second, worry myself to death. After a discussion with Hanswolfgang (the reader that told me he is coming back into my life soon with good intentions) I just decided to just drop the issue all together. I'm having a sense of silence about the issue because if it is meant to happen it will If not Im still able to move forward and continue to recieve the blessings of life-not being arrogant I just know at this point my life is really good with or without him and I actually enjoy my solitude., independence and happiness especially the fact I can solely focus on goals and dreams without any distractions.

    I just prayed for him (as I always do-hey I still care) wishedhim the best and wanted god to let him know I will be here for him, love him miss him and he will always be in my heart. I left it at that and haven't dealt with thinking of him or his return since. I have a feeling it's coming but Im not really focused on it. And quite frankly I feel so much happiness and calm since praying for him a few days ago.

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  • Hey thats how I feel content and excited at the same time too (dont know why but its pretty awesome). But for some deep reason, I have a feeling he is going to contact me soon though. Its my intuition talking though....

    but Im not really depending on it but that feeling keeps coming through...

  • Update: Well, I'm an idiot!!!! I'm gona try and make this a short as possible.

    Thursday he text me asking if I wanted to come over on Friday night. I told him that I had dinner plans but that I might could come by after that. He agreed. So I went by and we talked and i told him that I thought we should slow things down and that meant no s*x and no more of me cleaning his place. He agreed. So I left a short time after that. He also asked if I wanted to come back over the next day, told him I would think about it.

    So I went over Saturday and we ended up going out to a couple of bars and to eat after that. He was being good. I ended up staying that night because it was late when we were finished. And no we didn't do anything! lol

    Sunday, I got up and we went out to the pool for a bit. I informed him that I would be going home later that night. He didn't like it, wanted me to stay. Saying that he would be mad if I left. So, me being the peacemaker, stayed. The next morning I got up and left around 9. He kept saying that I normally didn't do that and acted mad about it. I told him that he was the one who wanted space and that's what I was giving him. So later that day, he text me asking what I was doing, etc. We went back and forth a few times but he was being really short with me. Even stopped texting without telling me to have a good evening or that he would text me the next day. That was just weird. So I asked him what was going on cause I wanted to make sure he wasn't upset from me leaving that morning. Well, that's where it all started! He jumped down my throat telling me he wasn't going to do the whole arguing thing that night, blah blah. Calling me crazy and that I needed help! I told him politely that I didn't deserve to be talked to like that and that most of the times when someone starts an argument that they are just trying to get out of the relationship. He basically told me that he was done completely with us and for me to say whatever I wanted to right then cause he wasn't hearing anymore of it. I didn't argue with him, just told him that this was for the best and that I had done everything that I knew of to keep him but that it wasn't working. He said that he agreed and for me to take care. I told him that I would be by one day to get my stuff. He lashed back at me and told me that I either I come right then or never! I told him that it was late and that my dog was sick, he was throwing up really bad. I think he had the stomach virus. 😞 He told me that if I didn't come right then that my stuff would be thrown over his balcony onto the ground the next morning. I told him that if he needed to do that to make himself feel better then do so cause he's done it once before and that proved he had no respect for me. He told me that I could believe what I wanted to. I just told him that it was funny how he was trying to control the break up just like he tried to control the relationship and good night. He sent back for me not to come by cause he would be out of town. I didn't even reply. I'm not aware of any trips that he's taking this week or wknd. I haven't heard from him since then!

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  • Aqua-I'm just waiting to see if he will even contact me. I honestly don't think he will this time. We've been through this so many times. He even told me that he wasn't going to get over this in a couple of days like he normally does.

    That's funny how we can tell it like it is to these numbnuts! It's just kind of sad that we normally take our frustrations with other people out on the ones that really didn't do anything. Not saying that in your case, but just in general.

    Both mine and taurus's horoscopes have been basically saying to let go the past week or so.

  • You go Scorp72 we are all proud of you! Im glad you stood up for yourself against that control freak lol-hope all is well more than likely he is probably brooding right now or worrying about your newfound independence lol!

    @aquarium-Glad to see youre day is going ok with your fiance and all. I hope you get that check soon mines doesnt come in to the 2nd!!!! Soooo upset lol. I was sooooo bored today literally almost bored to tears-just really wanted to get out of the house 😞

  • Asia--lol!! he is definately a control freak! I even told him at the end that it was funny how he was trying to control the break up just like he tried to control the relationship! lol

    How long do you all give him to brood before he contacts me? And i did notice that he seemed all suspicious of when I wanted to go home. And something he said monday as well, saying that he knows more than i think he knows. I'm like wtheck??? I haven't done anything!! I don't know if he's just that paranoid and maybe he acted the way he did monday night was to test me by breaking up with me to see if I would beg him and if I didn't then that would somehow prove my loyalty to him??? It's so confusing!

  • He has an ego problem and cant stand the fact you are independent , he's being egotistical, controlling and overly possessive. He has some insecurity issues and thats why he is controllng and he cant stand the fact that you have the upper hand. And as for how long the brooding is I say a couple of days , a week at the most lol if not Id be surprised lol!

  • I honestly believe that he thinks that just because I was offering him wings to fly and be single in one of our conversations this past wknd that I was trying to get rid of him cause I had something else on the side! And then I topped it off by not being there with him when he wanted me to be there! I was only trying to give him space! He even told me Sunday night that he would be mad if I left that night, that's why I stayed! He even made me give him a smooch to say yes that I was staying that night! GOOD GRIEF!! I think he may surprise us this time. I may be wrong, but I have a gut feeling about this.

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