Scorpios and Letting Go

  • A thought occurred to me. Maybe he got really upset that I took so long to reply that he's wanting me to come over so that he can make the break final. Remember what Captain said about our pic? When he feels that a woman isnt emotionally dependent on him, he will move on quickly.

  • @ rapunzle -

    I don't base my life decisions off of astrology. I have found that it, like many other viewpoints, has been simply too coincidental to ignore or dismiss entirely. to me, it's just another piece of the puzze, another viewpoint that i take into consideration.

    i have let the Pisces go. it wasn't easy, but it was the best thing to do. i had to do it for my own sanity. i have found someone (or rather, been found by someone) new and i am in a place mentally and emotionally where i'm able to fully invest into her, as i have been the past week. you have to understand that the Pisces and I have been in limbo since January, more or less, with having tried two times after that. i was holding on to something that i shouldn't have been, and had to face the reality of it all. i am much, much better off.

    i would say your statement of "many here have a history of failed relationships" is no more accurate than that being true amongst any other demographic. people fail at relationships, that is just how the world works. we all learn our lessons in different ways and through different means. when we figure things out, it is nice to be able to share with others so that hopefully we're able to make a difference or an impact in someone else's journey to find who they are supposed to be with.

    perhaps you should take a look in the mirror as to why your own history has failed, if that is the case. i don't say this as an attack, but as a suggestion to be honest with yourself. or, if you are in a happy relationship, then perhaps sharing some lessons of your own you have learned will make an impact in another's life. i know that through this forum and another (unrelated forum) that i frequent, I have impacted several lives for the better by posting my experiences. hopefully, you are able to do the same.


    i saw the virgo last night, we went to the movie late last night and have dinner plans tonight, then our workout class tomorrow together. again, smooth sailing. we get along very easily and are very easy to be around each other. i am still blown away that this has happened so quickly and we both are taking it slow to keep things in check, etc. great stuff.


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  • wow aquarium, that lady sounds scary. Can you report her to anyone??

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  • Ok, I feel like he's jerking me around right now. I text him and asked what he had planned for us tonight. He said "nothing much. what time are you all going out?" i said "i will let you know when i'm done with dinner." he said "k i might go out 4 a lil bit so give me a nice heads up". I said that we would be going at 6 and wouldn't be gone long. He said "k. i might go out for lil bit, just text me when you're done and we can meet up" WTH?? why ask me yesterday to come over tonight if he's going to turn around and make tentative plans to go out?????????

  • Scorp72: You didn't hold out long enough. Try not calling him tonight when you return from dinner and if he call you don't answer. He just reassuring himself that he's in control the and you are confirming that he is.

  • It's just crazy!! I've been wondering why he would even want ask me yesterday to come over tonight when he's the one who wanted space. You know???

  • aquarium - so she's got a mental disability? and they think that EVERYONE is ganging up on her? they won't follow up with the complaints? that is so sad...if someone has moved away from fear of this woman, there has to be something that can be done. or maybe someone who can help her with her condition.

    Scorp72 - he sounds like he really needs to get his head straight and figure out what he wants. listen to Scorp1112. don't contact him and I wouldn't even GO over to his house if I were you! he sounds like he's playing games in which YOU are going to get hurt.

    I text my Gemini today. I know, bad idea. I couldn't resist. I've been missing him a LOTTTT. we exchanged a few texts and then he said "why don't you get some work done today" as in I have nothing better to do at work than to text him. so I replied with "ok. sorry." and then he said "you're such a slacker :-D". I'm not sure if he was joking or not because he used to give me a hard time because my company does a lot of fun activities during/after work hours that are offisite and "team building". so I never replied to his "slacker" text and then he text me again and asked me to send him a picture of my new hair cut (I just cut off like 10 inches of hair and went with a short 'do'). he was super surprised when I told him in our conversation last week that I cut my hair because I've never had short hair in my life. I didn't reply to his last text either....

    I mean seirously though. if I was bothering him so much that he needed to tell me to get back to work, then why am I going to send him a picture of myself?

    am I blowing this out of proportion or am I in the right for not replying??

  • It just makes me sick to my stomach!

  • damn, ya'll play a lot of games, LOL. if i want to talk to you, I do. i can't stand that stuff you guys are embarking on. oh well. enjoy. 🙂

  • EE-huh????

  • Elixee......dont let your inner be taken out on now way have i presented relationship problems on here and you accused...........Do you know I have a relationship? That says alot about you......Your def a guy! LOL! Ego can hurt,,done with this post. lol.

    1. yes, i am a guy, as noted by my OP.

    2. where did i accuse you or attack you? my points were in earnest, as I wrote.

    I have no beef with anyone. but, thanks anyway...?


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  • Hey everyone, I've enjoyed reading all of your posts...I haven't seen any cap/scorpio comments this a bad combo?? I had a REALLY bad break up with one recently (our second try), and I am terrified to date another for fear of the same foolishness.

    I thought that CAP/SCORPIO were supposed to be a great combo, did I just get an evil one? He seems to have problems letting go of the fact that his life hasn't gone as he planned...neither has mine?? lol Anyway, he is really angry about how his Cancer EX left him 3 yrs ago, and married someone else - I found this out in the end. i am a CAP and have no problem letting go of BS as I have let this clown go for good. What a waste of his life?? I asked him to act like I'm dead and never contact me again because I will not try a third time with him. pure craziness.

    Anyway, I have met yet another scorpio man (older tho - woohoo), and he is quite successful and "seems" to be well balanced, but I am terrified of getting involved with someone else that may be stuck in their past and play with my emotions again - he is divorced.

    Is our combo worth the effort??? We are great sexually, but is there hope for anything deeper??? Seriously, the three men that I've met after the last guy are all Scorpio!!! I love their masculinity and sexiness but the emotional imbalance it a lot to handle...Its raining Scorpios around here! lol

  • I had a WONDERFUL relationship with a Capricorn right after my divorce. By far, the best sex ever, bar none. We also helped each other a lot emotionally, she did a lot to "bring me back to life" after my divorce and so forth. We don't speak anymore much, but she is someone I will forever be thankful to have experienced things with.

    It really just depends. Don't let the bad Scorps from before ruin it with a potential new one. I am with the new Virgo now, and both her ex husband and her last boyfriend of 3 years were Scorpios so I'm not sure how she is about being involved with me yet, so we will see how that plays out. It's very early but hopefully she sees that I am not that nonsensical type like she has dealt with before.

    Just go for it. At least you know the sex will be unreal, lol.

  • Hey everyone glad to see that things are still on fire with the Virgo EE glad to hear! Where is everyone lol?

  • Elixee...thanks for the response...I am going to give the new one a chance...YES the *** is the best!! Although I would appreciate something more along with it 🙂 We'll see! I also read another post by TheCaptain that helped me realize that I may have just experienced a really immature Scorp/person - although he is older than I...Guess age really is just a number 🙂 Hope to have a good report on the new one...I'll try to keep my clothes on for a bit!! 🙂

  • I dated a Cap one time. He was GREAT!!! We meshed extremely well together but I chased him off with my neediness! lol If I could do it all over again

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