Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • SV-I hear you on that one!! They think the grass is greener on the other side but most of the times it' just turns out to be astroturf!! buahahahaha

    Asia---It's going ok. Like I said earlier, he's invited me to go to the beach with his parents and brother to meet up with out of state family. I've never met anyone in his family other than parents and brother. Don't know if it's going to work out or not, plans are not definite. He did tell me today that we would have to get a separate room so that we can

    ! lmao You just have to understand that situation with me and him. When we first started seeing each other, he couldn't keep his hands off of me, but about 4 months into the relationship he started not wanting it as much. And in the past 3 months, maybe 3 times a month!!! It's killing me cause I want it all the time, yes even at my age!!! lol So for him to say that about the beach trip just really threw me for a loop! I also said earlier that he informed me last night that his mom had told his grandma about me a while back and his grandma has told the WHOLE family!! lol I do believe that I'm the first gf that the whole family knows about. His cousin asked him last night when he was getting married. Keep, in mind, he didn't have to tell me but he shared that with me. 🙂 Plus today he asked if I wanted him to grill me a steak later, he's never just asked me that. And on a side note, he loves my kids. I have 2 boys that absolutely adore him. He will come to my house just to see my kids. And I have a dog that he thinks is his own. He even calls himself dad for the dog!!! lmao

    So thoughts????

  • Lmao that's a good one all I can conclude to is that the guy is confused and doesn't know what he wants but knows he loves you (hey that's good lol). Can't get over the dog comment though lol!

    Do you think my Scorpios gonna is surprised I sent him a send request after not contactinghim at all (I sent it a few weeks ago-he isn't on Facebook consistantly but I feel he will start thinking about melike crazy once he sees the friend request lol)?

    What do you think his reaction will be?

  • There's a problem with the handwriting a letter. She's moving in 30-60 days. Finally sold her old house from her marriage and yeah, she'll be out soon. I obviously won't have that new address.

    also, she isn't the type to play games... I don't think, at least. I"ve been with / dated enough women to know she is way, way apart from most others.

    her bday is 3/4/83, if that helps anything. mine is 11/17/83.

    I had a dream about her last night, which hadn't happened in ages. It was about her moving out of town. Unbelievable. Crystal clear, my brain trying to let her go (again). The 2nd time we split, I had one night where there were four dreams in a row about her, her daughter, and me. The first two, I watched the both of them die. The second two, I watched them die, and then I died right after. They were completely horrible. I awoke in a panic, crying, saying repeatedly "no, no, i'm not ready, i'm not ready to let her go!!!" Someone dying in your dream is your brain's way of trying to let them go.


    I'm trying. Which really means i'm not trying at all. I don't know if she still would want something. She told me this morning "I don't see a future after what happened with us." Said she has let me go, but she still is offering to talk anytime, and has fulfilled that promise repeatedly. I just can't fathom ever being anything but with her for the rest of my life. It sounds ridiculous, but it is what it is. Like I said, i'm going completely insane.

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  • Asia--I think yours will contact you soon but you have to be patient. When he does, play cool and nonchalant though! As if you didn't miss him AT ALL!!!

    E-Dude, you're coming across to her as desperate. Women don't like desperation, BIG turn off!!! First, you need to stop talking to her for right now and get your head straight! It's a known fact that if someone is accustomed to talking to someone everyday that they will miss/panic when they don't get to talk to the other person. I'm telling you this, if you continue to talk to her she is getting what she needs. Getting to talk to you without any commitment or relationship with you. She's benefiting and you are not. That letter will get to her, just send it to the address she is at now and the postal service will forward it to her new address. I'm pretty positive that she will notify the post office of her new address for forwarding her mail. And this is not about playing games, this about you getting some distance from her to show her what she's missing out on and to get your head straight. i know its hard but you have to do this. NO CONTACT!!!! Just send her a text and say that you don't need to talk to her and that you are ok. Yes it's a lie but sometimes it's for the best.

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  • haha, omfg. it's like you're reading our souls. spot f'ing on. "tends to fall into a rut and be stubborn" yep. "escapism can be her downfall" yep.

    mine obviously are on, too. keep going. might as well hear the rest of it, i'll likely not like the (bad) answer but go on.

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  • Yeah, all the info you have to offer is very appreciated. Long term, am I chasing a rainbow, etc. lol.

  • Eliseexige are you feeling any better :)?

  • I don't know. lol at times I'm fine, others it's like i'm a whirlwind of emotion. Overall, yeah. I know I will. I just don't get why I feel this way with why it's not happening. She keeps telling me 'everything happens for a reason' well yes, I can tell you very easily why this is happening. It taught me why I never stray from my values, and it teaches her to forgive and accept earnest love. But I know that wouldn't go over very well. But I'm thinking of saying it anyway lol. I have nothing to lose at this point as it is. I don't really hold back lol.

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  • I'm very new to the forum after reading a few blogs I can surely relate to the true scorpio. As fun loving people we give more than we receive, but what worries me is the fact that persons try to take advantage. We may come across as being serious but we don't mean any harm until somenone steps on our toes. I believe in giving chances until all has depleted. For some reason I cannot let go of my Taurus, opposites attract but this is a serious attraction.

  • Trust me I know about the attraction lol it's so magical and unexplainable. Everytime I was around my Scorpio all my thoughts will go out the window lol and we would only focus on each other it was crazy. What attracts you to your Taurus?

    And eliseexige hang in there buddy-you'll be fine just stick around with us! 🙂

  • Aquarium may you do a chart on me too Im May 6th 1992 @ 9:28pm in Dallas,TX

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