Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • Your right Aqaurium lol! For most guys Otis a challange but I think they respect virginity especially when you have a strong sense of self. He was very sweet and was self protective of his vunerabolity but it all began pouring out eventually-I loved that side of him and he could be very protective of me and my feelings which I liked and respected. Most girls these days are so quick to sleep with anyone and I wasn't like that I have dreams goals that I chase and suceed in and I want someone I have deep connection with to be the one I would ever go all the way with. Do you guys think he respected this about me?

  • I meant to say it is not Otis lol (my Ipod sometimes automatically puts words in)

  • YES.... 100 times yes! the hardest thing for me to do is let go. Even if the relationship is hurting me. i still want to stick around and try and make it work! the only reason i'm answering this is because my moon is in scorpio and thats what the say affects your emotions! check your moon sign and see if its compatible to hers!

  • Excuse me for asking are you saying yes to my question? And yes I do find it hard to let go sometimes but Im learning to curb this and Im growing stronger and better as a person to dig deep into my problems. I'm a Taurus (Sun and Venus) but I have a Moon in Cancer and my ex is a Scorpio with a moon and Venus in Scorpio

  • I meant to say dwell deeper into my problems while cultivating and elaborating on the positive. I feel complete like I rooted all of my problems tracing back to childhood that affected me as a person and I identified and worked on them to be a better version of myself and I love it.

  • Taurus876-lol!! You have the same sun and moon sign of my Taurus guy! lol I would like to hear how you think, in terms of relationships and your significant others so that I can have a better understanding of him.

    I will say this, he has not cheated on me since January. (He could be trying to now though, so I don't want to speak to soon! lol) Maybe he had this mentality in the beginning of the relationship that HE could see other women but I couldn't see other men because he wasn't quite committed to me yet??? He asked me last night if I could possibly go to the beach with him and his parents because some of their family from up north is coming down to the beach for a week. So this will be the first time of meeting any of his extended family. He did say also that his mom told his grandma about me and she told the whole family about me. lol I'm thinking that I'm the first gf that the entire family knows about. He told me about that because his cousin had text him last night asking when he was getting married!! lol

    Do you Taurus's do the same thing that we Scorpios do by asking why(in the head of course)? What i mean by that is, do you always try and figure out what someone's agenda is when it comes to people you date or in a relationship with. I'm always thinking and wondering "Why is he doing that?" "why did he say that?" "What's he got up his sleeve?" type questions.

  • i'm here. rough few days. I didn't like reading that story from the other scorpio male about his Pisces too. That is not at all encouraging. 😞

    I've talked with her the past couple of days, going to more tonight. It won't change anything. She has let go. I'm so crushed. I can't imagine life without her but I know it's the reality. I can't face it. I'm a mess. I never have issues letting go but I just cannot let her go. I don't want to, I want her back so badly. I feel like a lunatic reaching out to her over and over again. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.


  • Have you tried the no contact rule? I'm not trying to give you false hope but...people just don't stop loving people. Maybe we can coach you through it?

    First, do you have plans with her tonight? If you do, cancel them. Tell her something came up at last minute.

  • oh no, no plans. nothing like that. just a phone call. i've tried not speaking. it doesn't help. nothing helps. 😞

    she's done, i know she's done. i think. i don't know anything anymore. i want to believe it's not done. the last couple times she did this and then later confessed she still feels but i don't think that's the case now. i mentioned it and she said it's definitely not like that anymore. it just completely blows. nothing helps at all. i've met many others, nothing, nothing works. nobody takes it away.

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  • Believe me I know what you are going the eliseexige. I had a very abrupt heartbreaking breakup (Scorpio guy) and I wasn't at all ready for it and never got any closure from it. I cried and cried over and over for a long time. In my heart, I really wanted to call and contact him ask him why and what not but I had the strength and pride not to do it as desperately as I wanted him to know I was there. It was like mymind had my body and heart chain up at the moment telling me to work on myself. Trust there were really bad days and good days but I remained or at least put up a strong front so that weak part inside can be strong. I didn't contact him at all, I began change with little steps-I began excercising (not because I needed to lose weight) just to tone and wow it made a difference physically andmentally-I was more alert focused and happy. I started learning dances, I also started looking for emotional and spiritual insight on this website trust me it helped and built a stronger me. I've came along way since my first post on here 5 months ago.

    What Im telling you is it isnormal what you are going through especially at this part in the breakup. Act like you are strong and secure without her and act like you have accepted and respect the breakup she will definetly start to wonder....meanwhile work on yourself so that stronger you can be a reality. Go out, take risks to learn more about yourself, sort out deep rooted problems try things you've always wanted to try, excercise anything to discover and cultivate a better you!

    Hope Ive helped eliseexige!

  • And also she may even begin to rethink her decision and might even start wondering about a relationship again and even if she doesn't-just consider it her loss and don't distract yourself from what's important-believing in and working on you 🙂

  • She won't. We've tried three times. It's way obvious, I just can't let it go, can't accept it. It's far and above the worst thing I have ever gone through. And I've been divorced. I was way emotionally detached from my ex wife, that was a cakewalk. This is a whole different game.

  • Well I know it's hard but you must soldier on and work on yourself nothing is going to stop the fact that you love and care for her but since she doesn't want to be with you as of now just focus on you. There will be bad days where you feel like it's the end of the world and there will be days where you see progress all in all, in time this rollercoaster ride will change and be less chaotic as long as you focus on yourself.

  • I'm agreeing with Asia on this one, E. You need to follow a no contact rule. I wouldn't even talk to her tonight, other than to tell her "Hey, something's come up tonight and won't be able to talk". She will wonder! And trust me, she still cares about you. I think she may keep doing this to see how much you care and love her. Yea, we women can be really manipulative when it comes to this sort of stuff. lol She wouldn't even give you the time of day if she was truly done! I've been there and done that with a few exes, one in particular! I would break up with him just so he would act right! But when I was done, I wouldn't talk to him or respond to him AT ALL!!!!! You really kind of have to take the astrology out of this for a while and just view her as a woman. We , both women and men, all love challenges!! If she thinks she's lost you for good, then she will rethink her decision. But you have to play this REALLY good!! That means NOOOOO contact for at least 4 weeks! Then after that, sit down and write her a letter, yes handwritten, telling her that you are sorry for whatever you did (we on here don't know exactly what happened and no need to divulge that to us lol), that you've been busy with new things that you hope to tell her all about sometime, and that you hope she is well. Now you have to handwrite the letter, it means sooooo much to us women!! It makes it really personal and we think "WOW! he took the time to sit down and handwrite me a letter?!?!" And you have to mail it to her, not hand deliver it! lol Adds a more special touch to it. When she calls, and she will, just be confident and calm! Don't chat with her no more than 3-5 minutes! Keep it light and tell her "It was great to hear from you but I'm really busy right now. I will call you soon." She will be flabbergasted!!!! lol Call her back after about 3-4 days. But keep it simple and light again! We here will guide you after those steps.

  • We here to help you-we promise! Lots of love and blessings to you eliseexige!

    @Scorp72 hows it going?

  • Aquarium - my ex is a Taurus/Gemini cusper. he's definitely into monogomy. I truly think he's just confused about what he wants and thinks that the grass will always be better on the other side so he'll constantly keep looking for what's better out there instead of nuturing the relationship he's already in. he's got demons he's got to face before he gets into any kind of serious keep telling him that and he wont listen to me.

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