Scorpios and Letting Go

  • Maybe so lol. Hanswolfgang told me he would contact me very soon on a Wednesday. The only thing I hate about knowing dates is know matter what you do you end up thinking when is going to happen so I just been working and having my mind on other things and try to enjoy my day even though many days can be quite boring. On days like that to push random thoughts of him or anything negative out my mind I role play or dream about me accomplishing my goals and all the good that's coming to me or I start to think about how much Ive overcome and end up wanting to do something for myself lol

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  • Aqua-Please clarify what you meant by....It sounds like he is doing what he can while in some sort of state of shock; wishful thinking could be part of that process...

    I also believe that we have a choice in how we react to anything. We let people control us when we feel vulnerable and most of the time they know that we are and take full advantage of us and the situation.

    Asia-It has to be nerve wrecking to hear that he will contact you on a Wed. It makes you wonder, "In 2 Wednesdays" or "In 200 Wednesdays". It's crazy! lol

  • This is his Lunar eclipse horoscope: Your expectations in close relationships may be altered by this Full Moon. It's a Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, which could require significant rethinking of emotional or financial partnerships. Don't be afraid to radically alter a plan, even if it means walking away from a significant investment.

  • Ok.. I broke down and text him. The first text was me telling him that I got a job that we had talked about many times before. I've been without work for several months. He replied...Good to hear! Then I sent him a text saying that I was sorry for arguing the other day. I'm calling defeat just getting the guilt off of my shoulders. He never replied to that text. Is he still upset or is he just done???

  • Seems like the cycle of insanity! 🙂

    Smooth sailing so far with my Virgo. She opened up about her last relationship, also a scorpio. man, he sounds like a total POS. I'm doing my best to assure her that things aren't always like that with us, she got an immature one. And he's older than I am, LOL. So hopefully that continues to go well.

    Scorp72, your boy sounds, like, well... a boy. Go find someone who respects you. Really. 🙂

  • Scorp72: I totally agree with eliseexige. Start the healing some point we all must realize when its time to move on. In my opinion it time for you to move on. Stop feeding his ego. Sooner but most likely later he will realize he lost a good lady. He needs to "GROW UP"

  • I agree with you both. What's troubling is that I'm afraid that the moment I begin to heal that's when he's going to rush back in like a whirl wind and turn my world upside down.

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  • Scorp72: Not if you don't let him. If you begin the healing process.....meaning you are ready to let go. If and when he decides he want to come back into your life you want let him. The reason will be because you will no longer have a desire to let yourself be hurt by him. Understand your friend has some serious issues he needs to work through. Allow him to work through those issues and maybe not for you but someone with your help (allowing him to work through the process of his issues) he will be a better man. I know that is hard but if he's hurting you and your heart is always in that the life you want for yourself? How can you ever trust that what he's doing now even if you guys make-up he want do it over and over again like he has done so many times. As Oprah Winfrey once said: " When a person show you who they are believe them"

  • Scorp--I totally agree. He's going to continue to hurt me as long as I let him in. It's funny cause I went to go somewhere and there was a not under my windshield. I haven't left the house in 2 days so I'm not sure when it was put there. It struck me odd at first but I think I know who wrote it. It said:

    "Jerk off, you need to use only one parking space! You drive a (insert vehicle type)...its not that big of a deal. Trust me, your car is not that important. Signed - don't screw with me"

    Ok, I live in a condo complex and our parking layout is odd. I've taken 2 spaces ever since I moved in 3 years ago! No one has ever complained about it!! Except for one person! Drum roll please........Taurus! Yep, he used to always fuss about me taking 2 spaces at MY place! Being really ugly about it too! The handwriting is similar to his. I haven't seen him write much but it certainly looks like his. And the verbage choice. He says things like "Jerk off" "Not that big of a deal" "Trust me" all the time! So IF it is him, why??

  • Scorp72: Don't you get it??????? He's playing games because he's inmature. Don't let him do this to you. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE

  • I agree with that. BUT he would have to have someone drive him to my place plus he had his opportunity to play games with me today when I sent him that text! lol He's the one who broke up with me, so why play that kind of game with someone he apparently doesn't want anymore???

  • Scorp72: Because you are entertaining it. If it was him and I feel you think that it was......why do you think he's playing games? Who knows why but what we do know is he's the one in control as long as you let him be. Have you ever thought that maybe he doesn't want no one else to have you therefore, he will keep your heart tangled up and confused.......

  • If it was him, I think he would do it because he knows that I would take time to figure out who. And he knows that I know him well enough to know that it's him. It's just a way for him to keep him on my mind. That make sense? I haven't contacted him about it because I don't want him to know that I'm even entertaining it, feeding his ego! lo I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me with anyone else. He has made alot of comments lately, even in Monday's conversation, that leads me to believe that he thinks I've been seeing someone else. Especially, when he got all dazed and confused Monday morning when I left his house so early in the morning. Remember he is a taurus with a scorpio moon so he's just as paranoid as we scorps are! hahahahaha I've had many friends tell me that I'm way too gorgeous to be with someone like him. They all say that I'm better than that. Well, now i'm finally listening! We scorps can be just as stubborn as the tauruses! lol I'm just as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside and I believe he knows this and maybe that's what is bothering him! We've been out several times and he's made sure that I know how many guys have looked at me! lol We went to the movies one night and he told me that he counted 10 guys gaulk at me within 15 minutes! buahahahaha

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  • Aquarium could you please help me! Look in the lastest discussion forum!

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