Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • LMAO must be a very powerful song!

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  • Ok aquarium I will check it out! Just notice I'm not thinking about my ex that much today lol until now oh well

  • Aqua and Asia---He is so right about my taurus and about myself!

    Aqua-It's so hard that jerks like this exist! They don't know a good thing when they have it.

    Asia-I'm not sure about the rules about putting our names on here. I know they don't allow email addresses on here. I wish they had a private message option on this forum! Maybe we can find a chat room on a site and meet up there? We wouldn't necessarily be giving our real names or real identities. And set a designated time that is convenient for us to meet? It's an idea.

    Aqua-I've downloaded the book that you were speaking of above. I will read it tomorrow. 🙂

    I'm trying to stay strong and NOT contact him! When he contacts me, I'm hoping that I will have the strength to not respond. And when he blows up my phone, I will finally tell him that I'm just giving him what he asked for "space" and that the more I thought about it that it is a good thing and thank him.

  • Scorp72-Great idea!!! And Im glad you saw it as a good thing but I will say there will be good and bad days as your withdraw but as you make recovery (and if you want I will be here every step of the way) you will see the good days outweigh the bad ones-trust I know it took me awhile to shake the bad feelings I had of the breakup for a long time but I eventually saw so many positives of the situation and I know you will too just give it time. We are all here for you!!!!

    Aquarium-Im going to download the book soon may love myself alot but I could never get enough of me so its great to learn more lmao!

  • Hey Aquarium just a thought-I sent my ex a friend request the day before mother's day. Ive noticed (Ive only seen it a few times after I sent it) he isnt on really, the last post he made was in the beginning of April so it feels like I will never know when he will accept my friend request. Im just being patient with it a reader told me a message from him will happen soon but I do wonder when sometimes since a few weeks have passed. What do you think?

  • first, Scorp72, move on. He's playing you, and you can do better anyway. let him go. you're not at all hard to look at.

    second, my own update. things are absolutely on FIRE with the new Virgo. seen her the last few days in one way or another, and we are blowing up each other's phones. i don't know who is reaching out more, her or me. i cannot believe i am already feeling this way again, and she said the same thing. both wanting SO MUCH MORE but also both wanting to take it slow. OMG. we are both major fitness buffs and it's like we speak the same language on soooo many levels. utterly incredible, how well this is going so far. we have a (2nd) date on friday to go see a movie together and then are seeing each other saturday morning to hit up a workout class that she does, together. already making future plans. what a whirlwind!!!

    i have completely forgotten about the Pisces. oh yeah, i know she let me go too, to whoever wrote that. i am so, SO much better off. i mean i guess we all know that we'll meet someone else, but the validation of this all happening, especially so quickly, has completely blown my mind. it's crazy crazy good!!!

    what a difference a week makes...


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  • OMG Thats amazing news EE!!!! Im so happy for you have fun with that it seems as if everything is on fire with you thats great wish you the best Im going for things to great for you and her!!!!!

    And aquarium his is Nov 1st 1991

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  • Thanks Aquarium I really appreciate it but in a way I kind of think I don't need any Destiny Card Readings on him I think Im going to be patient. Do you know how to make sure none of your post show up in google-I don't want him to come across it (I have no names or anything just scared he will see it even though I highly doubt he'll search any of this stuff up)?

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  • EE-That is such great news!!! We all just want to be wanted!! Things happen for a reason!! And I agree with you about moving on and about him playing me. He says he cares about me but to what extent? Like a close friend?/ A sister??? I've done alot of thinking this evening, if you notice the time that I'm still up and can't sleep. I have a heavy heart and busy mind right now. I have not contacted him and am proud of myself for that. Every one of his actions from the past week and events that have happened during the relationship are all pointing to him just needing space so that he can pursue someone else and if it doesn't work out, then he thinks he can run back to me. And he's right to a point because I've allowed him to come back the other times. I regret til this day that I let him back when he broke up with me for the first time on my bday. I should have told him to take a hike when he contacted me 4 hours after breaking up. His lies are tremendous. For instance today when i was at his house, i pointed out that i believed that he was doing this so that he could see someone else. He was looking at me but then turned his face to the side the very moment he said that he wasn't doing that. He can't even look me in the eye. LIE! I've continuously accepted his poor behavior hoping that he would wake up and realize what he has and cherish it but that's never gona happen. And I only can blame myself for it because I've allowed his behavior. This is just sooooo depressing. My heart doesn't have a revolving door so that he can come and go as he pleases. I can understand someone needing a little breathing room when things have been so intense between us but he did it the wrong way.

  • EE - great news! I'm glad you're moving on and on to bigger and much much better things

    Scorp72 - wow, looks like theCaptain did a great photo reading for you. did it give you the insight you needed?

    Aquarium/Asia - hope all is well. I see you guys are discussing a link/book about women loving themselves for who they are. sounds wonderful. I have to check it out myself!

    I went to my Red Cross training yesterday. I feel like I can really make a difference once I start volunteering. My Gem is still on my mind, but I'm trying my best to concentrate on ME. 🙂

  • SV-Yes, it did give me ALOT of insight. I'm so confused right now. Good for you on volunteering. It will help get your mind off of your Gem.

    EE-BTW i meant to tell you thank you for your compliment! 🙂

  • Scorp72 Hows it going!!!! Did the TaurusGuy contact you yet?

  • EE: I noticed you started the forum. Thanks! I have been following your story and I'm glad to see you have found someone that is making you happy. Good for u!

    Scorpvirgo: Thanks for the words of encourgement. You would think with age comes a level of maturity.

    Aquarium: Thanks for sharing the website on Madly In Love With Me. Words of widsom are always good for your self-esteem.

    Asia118X: You are a very beautiful young lady. Live your life and I promise you it want be long before you look back at your situation and smile.

    Scor72: Sounds like u r truly in love. I know you feel bad about your pass behavior but remember we have all been their in our lives. I know that doesn't make you feel better but only you can make the decision of when it is enough. Once you make up in your mind that you have had enough and you are ready to move on "U Will" and no one will have to tell you its time. Remember the song "When a Woman's Fed Up" Its nothing you can do. Hang in there and I know everyone on this forum will support you and be your listening ear until you decide it's time to move on.

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