Scorpios and Letting Go

  • He probably is wanting a permanent break and just sugar coating it because he was wishy washy about his feelings towards the relationship before this he is probably trying to sort of his turbulent feelings-the good thing is he is not putting you in the mix. He will probably realize how much he needed to love and appreciate you when it is too late. It's kind of hard to say how long he would take knowing how much is in and out of your life. He needs to mature a bit before entering a relationship though and many women (if he does happen to deal with any) will realize this and run fast lol (hope Im making you feel better :))

  • Thing is if I allow him to come back after he's done with whatever he's wanting to do during his break, then I'm allowing him to think he can take a break whenever he wants to. He told me not to wait around for him. He's so confusing!

  • He's plain immature and hey guys are all confusing why do you think women are brillant lol! And if you feel that way about him you don't have to take him back if you don't want to. Me personally I think you deserve better but hey I don't know this guy and only you and him will ever know all the good times you shared and the love you shared. So my suggestion to you is to use your intuition. I can sense that you are the kind of woman that knows what you want need and know what is best for you

  • LOL!! Well, I sent him a text....your "break" is just your way of sugar coating a permanent break. you want your freedom and want out, then that's what i will happily give you. The love you had for me went away a long time ago.

    He called saying that he just wanted a break and that for me to relax. I explained to him from my experiences and knowledge that a break is just a break up. He changed his story saying that he just wanted some space. I told him that my definition of space is just room to breathe and

    NOT going out with other people and having intimate relations with them. He agreed and said that's not what he was trying to do. Saying that if i wanted to text him later tonight that it would be fine.

    I am soooooo seriously confused right now!!!!

  • See told you he will come backaround and believe he is doing this because he still loves you but confused about his own feelings regarding the break up so my suggestion is to stand firm in the break. I'm sure he will be shocked and you will see a major reaction out of him and stand in the break even further he will get the message and begin to look into himself. If you stand by the break/breakup the cards will be in your realm and you will have the upper hand.

  • He told me that we can still hang out from time to time. That we're not broken up just getting some space. I'm not going to text him though. I'm going to get back into running and yoga and get a job!!!! I will be the person again soon that he met. The vivacious, nonclingy, vibrant woman that I was!

  • Its just so confusing because when someone needs space in a relationship, isn't that a bad thing??? I've just always been the type of person that if i'm a relationship, im in, ALL in! Getting space and having to voice that someone needs space has always seemed like a bad thing in my book.

  • eek...Scorp72...he sounds selfish, immature, and doesn't know what he wants...I would leave him alone until he knows that he wants a relationship with you or not...just my two cents...:)

  • SV-I totally agree. In the time that we've been together not once has he said the word "hurt" in regards to how I have affected him. I'm gathering that he hurts me to show how I may have hurt him. When he's ready to spend time with me, I may or I may not. Right now he's given me every reason to get myself together. If I do decide to see him, I honestly don't know how it will go. I'm kind of numb right now. Sad situation....

  • I understand if you want take sometime for yourself out today so you can really get time to recover from this so you can cry, scratch and scream all you want until you get all of the immeadiate emotions (like sadness,loss, etc) out. I'll pray for you today, I hope everything goes well with you. If you want to txt (just in case you do) make i brief act busy like you cant talk and/or set up your boundaries if you feel the need to or just not answering his calls/texts/ or emails will more than likely get the message done as well. Hugs, love and light to you 🙂

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  • You hit it right on with every comment you just said about makeup and our airbrushed society and you know what I dont where make up either!!!! I feel great but its weird when Im selling makeup at Victoria Secret and dont wear it lol. I think I want to try it sometime only light stuff- gloss and chap (like I do all the time) and mascara maybe even a little shadow but thats as far as it'll go lol. I will like to use make up to enhance my look not hide it (so many people dont love themselves). I think working at Victoria Secret made me really want to do modeling you know how many guys come in stalking me lol-thats how I knew my dstiny was there a man stalked me on the day of the interview lol

  • Aquarium: Thank you for taking the time to do my reading. I read the comments daily and I see you are in demand. You are on target with me. As for my friend, I will keep the faith.

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  • Asia- lol! And we all know how he will react if I don't respond to him! He will get mad and vengeful! lol I'm just not going to be needy. I'm just finding the person that I lost while seeing him. I'm ready to get it together and show him that I am just fine without him, if that's what he is thinking of ending up doing.

    BTW, I love your pics!!! I wish we could be friends on FB! Is there a way that we can communicate who we are without breaking any forum rules?? I do have a couple of friends on here on m FB but that was from a year ago.

  • This is what Captain said about my photo....

    Scorpio72, the guy in this photo is thinking "I hope this lady realizes how lucky she is to be with me." He is very egotistical because he overcompensates for his deep insecurity. He likes to be in an unequal relationship where he feels the woman is weaker or dependent on him in some way and is grateful for his attention and company. Yet he also likes older or maternal partners who can mother him as a replacement for the nurturing he missed out on when young. He is in love only with himself. What he feels is need for others. He moves on quickly if his partner gives signs that she is becoming less dependent on him. He will have to mature A LOT before he could handle an equal partnership. The woman is afraid he will leave her at any moment. She can't understand why he stays with her because deep down she doesn't feel any love coming from him (but may not like/be able to face that fact).

    BINGO!!!! So when I was independent and vivacious in the beginning of the relationship, he was out trying to find another. So when he manipulated me into being needy and dependent of him, that's when he wanted me around all the time. Until now when I've walked out on him 3 times in less than a week.....

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  • Wow Captain hit it dead on there! So I guess me and you were right about him all along. I bet you are better off without him you deserve alot and Im glad you are getting in touch with yourself that's exactly what I did once I went through the breakup not because I was lost but I wanted to be a way stronger and better version of myself. Btw Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    Aquarium-thank you I know about beauty so much because of my abusive childhood I went through so much self destruction, self worth and self esteem issues and I can gladly say it was a struggle to build myself up to where I am today and the good thing is I look back I can reflect on this with pride and accomplishment because I build myself up on my own. Yeah sometimes I struggle with my little insecurities at times who doesn't we are all human the trick is to not let it overcome you to the point it overtakes your sense of well being. Self love is the greatest love there is because no one can love and appreciate you better than you 🙂

  • And can't I just give everyone my name so we can be FB friends or is that allowed?

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