Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • Yeah eliseexige! Thats right what can you do lol jk! But I think you should continue things with the Virgo she sounds lovely maybe you should update a photo of you two-would love to see it wish you two the best 🙂

    @Aquarium sounds awesome, I'll look the practice up-seems like its al l about turning positives into negatives and helping people find balance. I working on the balance part lol my energy gets quite scattered at times. Hope everything is going well with you and the hubby.

    May you all help this girl with this question from a Scorpio perspective. I led her to the Captain some time ago but I feel a connection to her for some reason since our situations (not completely the ex bf situation) and personalities mirror each other. Our birthdates and compatability with our exes is very similar as well. I just would like her to know we all support her and can guide her (maybe we can lead her here!). She hasnt been active on this site for a few weeks but maybe we can help bring her back with guidance, love, understanding and support. Here's the link to her question thread:

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  • I saw that you did! I just wanted to give her the helpand guidance she asked for as well as genuine support. I see a kindred spirit with her were very alike especially when it comes to kindness and compassion so I feel like I should help her and allow others to. I hope she joins in on our chat but I know she might be a little busy but Im sure she will be happy!

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  • Hello everyone...

    I found this forum as I am a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man and have been looking for understanding for months about our relationship. I am super thankful for this forum. It has been, by far, the most helpful to me in terms of better understanding him.

    I just wanted to thank all the Scorpios (especially the men) for commenting and sharing so much insight. Before reading this, I felt like a crazy person dealing with a lot of stuff in our relationship...but at least now I have some idea of where he is coming from.

    Few things; I def agree that Scorpios hide things very well. He and I have been dating long distance, and I have been doing almost all the travel back and forth for us to see each other 2 times a month. He is the perfect host when I am there...he pays for everything, opens doors, we attend church together, etc. Though we had challenges, I thought it was mostly because we were just being possessive of each other and just working through better understanding each other.

    Well...when I was there last time, I went through his phone and found where he had been texting other woman is easily 16 older than me...and about 10 years older than him...They dated before we met but he claimed that he didn't want to be with her because he wanted kids and she couldn't give him any. I didnt want to assume anything from a few texts, so I texted a few of them back from his phone to get the story on what was really going on....and why they seemed so upset.

    The older lady was ULTRA PISSED...claiming that he promised they would get back together if he and I didnt work out. She knew me by name. Another girl was someone he met through Facebook...the other of which he asked to come by the house and "cuddle" with him.

    Reading those texts, it was a lot like so much of the stuff I am reading on this forum...and the things so many women are dealing with from Scorpio men.

    Of course, I was hurt. I let him have it because I felt like I never even looked at another guy (though I am 1200 miles away) and never lied or hide anything from him. I do all kinds of nice things for him...special gifts, romantic dinners, using all my vacation time/work time to work from his office so we are physically in the same space when I am in town...He even told me once that "I made him feel like a man". I replied "Because you deserve nothing but the best...and I love you".

    I was also hurt because he has never dodged my texts or ever been wishy washy with me. I think from the beginning I knew I wanted to be with and just loved on him super intense and never let up...His ringtone has always been Adele's "Make you Feel my Love"....I had never dated a Scorpio before so I had no idea what I was getting

    Fast forward...I havent been speaking to him much but he calls/texts everyday...asking if we are going to be "okay".

    I would love to hear from the group, WTF? He said he was just communicating with them because it "entertained" him. I am lost...because he is 35 years old. I was hurt the first week, but its week #2 and could easily not talk to him if I just let another few weeks go by with little to no contact....

    I care so much about him as a person, but I also am not a rookie so I know how to remove myself from a hurtful situation..even if it damn near kills me emotionally...I just hide in my work until its safe to come out and play...

    I know this may sound twisted, but I actually care a lot about his emotional well being and want nothing but the very best life has to offer for him. Reading all these posts, I can feel his hurt and recall seeing the verge of tears in his eyes more than a few times in our relationship when we have had a major disagreement and he thought he was going to lose me. At the time, I just thought he would say anything to keep me because some guys are wonderful liars....

    I am open to hearing from others..hopefully I gave enough insight because I really want to hear a balanced opinion. I am just trying to better understand him so I make the right decision for the both of us...because I see so much love in him..and I want to match his love...and be the perfect woman for him...


  • I am a Pisces woman and just ended things with a Scorpio male. I know this post Is old, but I needed to find out how long he would continue to bother me, so I started searching the internet.

    No matter what he will not let me go. He’s called me a cheater, a liar, says I betrayed him but he still is trying to get me back. I feel horrible that he’s is hurt, but it’s seems that he was some type of revenge for me hurting his feelings

    What can I do to stop him bothering me?

  • @OnyxRoze how was things in the begging of your relationship, did he do all the work chasing you around, etc?

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