Scorpios and Letting Go

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  • Hi my name is Shelia...I sent an email to aqua. hope it's the right one.

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  • Scorp72: I ordered the book. I am looking forward 2 reading it. Thanks!

  • OH YEA!!!! You will love it!!! I promise!!

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  • Well, he's already asking "Do you want to come over tomorrow night or do you have plans?".

  • eelixi, please be carefullof the advice you get. I have along with many other woman have experienced hard to let go.....all woman of all types not because of an astro sign.Its psycology; its diagnosed as detachment issues. If you want to look in books to figure a person you have to then look at the vedic astrology, sun sign, rising sign and ascedent and there numerology numbers....they have a birth number along with expression see.....thats why its better to not Judge by this kind of information. I studies this stuff for years....and its pretty much useless.... Here is an example. My friend John is a Sag but not anymore according to the new astro sign......that says alot but ill go farther. His base birth numerology number is 7. He is as a person; sensitive, quite, introspective, travels and expands boundaries around his passions......all of these traits are opposing to a Sag and a number 7. Honestly. I have noticed that many including this site who follow this stuff have repeated unhealthy or unhappy partnerships. This is only out of care and concern.

  • Hey everybody the day is going pretty well! How's everybody doing! Proud of you Scorp72 continue the journey to your ever growing strength!!!!? How is everybody????

  • Scorp72: Hi Scorp.....does this mean you have had a conversation with him? Keep us updated on what you decided to do and how it turned out if you went over. Hopefully, it is in your favor.

  • Well Asia....did the school thing all work out, I hope?

  • Hi All,

    Sorry I missed all the fun with this great topic. BUT I do have that book and so far it is awesome. I also go "Why Men Marry B....." LOL

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  • @rapunzle444 Yeah everything is looking ok for school for the most part I feel in my heart it will happen just got to take care of one minor thing and pray on it-

    I got withdrawn though until I get approved for this loan (my dad applied as co signer for me-thank god-praying it works) that Im sending out for approval tonight. I really hope this happens!!!!

  • Aquarium!!!! Hey did work go pretty well today (hope it did) My day went pretty well very relaxed and peaceful. I was just reflected on how much better as a person I am and amazing I really am lol. I felt concieted well not really that extremely confident and satisfied within myself. Ive accomplished so much and came along way from who I used to be in my life. Im thinking of starting a new blog following my adventures in the modeling, filmmaking world, college and art scene as well as my opinions on music and pop culture among other things. Im also promoting or trying to give exposure to other artist-grafiti artists, photographers, fellow models (I do know some lol), graphic designers, DJs, musicians, etc. I feel this is going to be an amazing idea and it can really put me out there and give me exposure too. I feel like this idea is going to take off too! What do you guys think of this?

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  • LOL!!! He asked me if I wanted to come over Friday night. No, I haven't talked to him. We had that discussion on the phone on Wed night and then he sent a text this afternoon asking how my job interview went. I replied like 3 hours after that saying "good" and that was it!!!! He then replied with asking me if I wanted to come over Friday night or if i had plans. I told him that I had plans to go to dinner with friends. He said to let him know. i said "ok". And that was the end of the convo. Maybe me taking the 3 hrs to reply really shook his core. I don't know. Thoughts?????

  • Aries-Glad you love the book! It rocks and keeps us ladies GROUNDED!!! lol That's one reason why I took so long to reply to the taurus and told him that i had plans, all because I have been reading that book!!!! lol

  • @Scorp72-I think it did shake him to the core lol! More than likely he is shocked at your newfound independence keep it up and (just an idea) distance even more from him further to the point of no contact it'll drive him nuts and he'll get the idea lol! Im happy for you, glad to see everything is going ok (just assuming, hope so :))

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