Scorpios and Letting Go

  • Thanks for the compliment Scorp1112! I am living life gracefully yet with as much ferocity and inner passion as I can right now (I kind of restricted a bit living here in TX but cannot wait to go out to Miami and really live lol) Alot I do look back on my situation and smile because Ive learned and have grown so much since that time. It is amazing I have the wisdom and knowledge of any elderly person out there (no offense to any one who may be elderly) but the passion and energy of a young adult-not alot of 18-19 or twenty somethings can say that. But sometimes I do look back on it and begin to think about how much I hate the way things ended because it was so abrupt and crazy and how my feelings may always be there because of it even though Ive found closure through myself.

  • Asia: Yes, you do have the wisdom and knowledge of an older person. No offense taken, I am older and I have read all of your comments. You give very good advice. Now channel that advice for yourself and follow it. In my opinion, u need to enjoy ur life. When you get to Miami and meet new people (lots of guys) your heart will mend. I am assuming he was your first love, if that is the case, he will always have a place in your heart.

  • Scorp112-I agree with you. I've been here before with another guy as well. We were together for 4 years and I put up with ALOT! After breaking up almost weekly with him, I finally held true to it after 4 years! Yes, I know the song!! lol

    Asia-I'm hanging in there. I'm just doing alot of thinking. That's probably something he didn't count on. That's the problem with men, they think they can say they want space or break and them be the only one to be thinking. Well, reality check! Women do alot of thinking too, we just also have the fact that he asked for space and/or break from us. Never leave a scorned woman alone. It's an attraction killer for women. Plus, we're getting ourselves prepared for a possible break up, so mentally and emotionally ready.

  • Thank you Scorp72! And yeah he was my first love so I will always know that his place in my heart will never go away. I enjoy my life the best I can for the time being with creative expression and getting ready for my big move-let me tell you the reasons why I feel so restricted I live at my mothers house, my friends are all away at college enjoying thier lives in different states (they barely call me and Im the one to always make contact first which Im getting sick of and so Ive just stop contacting them all together and everyone around me is younger than me-Im the oldest out of all of my cousins who are all in high school 2 just graduated but are going off to college. I have things in common with them but at the same time I dont so I feel alone at times. I dont have enough money for a car, and work most of the time (alot of ppl are closed minded and rude so I really dont like them but Im good at my job and when Im not doing that Im babysitting so my life isnt really nothing to be like yeah Im living lol so as I said I just living as much as I can (through creative endevors like writing, drawing and such) til I move to Miami. I meet new guys from time to time but never get the chance to see them consistantly.

    I miss my ex but sometimes I feel I should experience some more ppl but at the same time I still wish things were different because the relationship was doing ok til that happen and it was such a whirlwind for me. Ive let go of all my negative feelings towards the breakup for the most part but sometimes I feel I havent. I dont really know how I feel about him-do I want him back do I want it to be over. What do you guys think?

  • Asia118X: You want him back because you are lonely and you want what you guys had together. There is nothing wrong with what and how you are feeling, It's hard now but this 2 shall pass. Sounds like you are all work and no play. Get out and do something fun and relaxing for Asia. I understand your friends are not around and probably the reason you don't hear from them cuz they r enjoying their new adventures of campus life. Find something to do that u can enjoy and also meet people. Dallas is a big city.

  • Thanks Scorp 1112 (how do you know Im in Dallas lol?) YEah maybe your right most of the time even though I may be having fun with something I do have the feeling of loneliness (Even though Im quite happy and perfectly fine in my solitude for the most part it just that solitude can get old) and boredom with routine. When I do something for myself, I want to do it all the time lol. And Yeah I know they are having fun at campus and I understood this thats why at first I never really was bothered by it and sometimes I tell them to go out but after awhile many months down the line it bothered me because whenever they had freetime (evewn 5 minutes is something) I never had it I began to resent it. I know they just got out of school but hey whatever it just feels weird talking to them after all this time to the point I dont care to talk anymore. Dallas is a big city but a bit small minded in my book. I barely ever have money or gas (moms car) to really go out and have fun. it really sucks sometimes thats why I want to go out and do something crazy half the time bcause I have a very big personality and so much energy that I feel so restricted here.

    When I do go out with no money or barely any money I just try to enjoy the sites and walk around or look around but at this point I feel I can do better elsewhere lol.

  • I want what we had together only because when he cut it off I just wasnt ready for it. Ive accepted for what is was for the most part but since a reader told me he was coming back into my life soon I just been thinking about it and pondering.

  • Asia - Scorp72 is right...Dallas is a big city...I would know since I'm here too! know...moving to Miami might open more doors than just for modeling. you might find someone! OR you might be so preoccupied with your career and focusing on being successful that you don't need someone at that time.

    I've realized something...yes we all make our destinies...BUT...if the universe doesn't think it's our time, whether it's career, love, family, etc, it WON'T HAPPEN. being patient is good....and I have zero ZERRROOOOO kills me sometimes but I'm trying because I know it's not time for me. I have to be patient. that doesn't mean I'm not putting myself out there or trying to send out the BEST positive vibes I can send out right now. it just means that it will happen...maybe SOON! you never know!

  • I feel I would find someone alot alot of guys which I cant wait to dive in and mingle. I feel Miami is a perfect city for me, not saying I wont have any obstacles at all lol but I know there is alot more there for me. Im mainly focused on school and my career right now. And hey dont feel to bad patience is something I struggle with as well its an inner strugle of the planets in my chart Ive noticed lol

    I have a Venus and Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer (patience) and Mars and Mercury in Aries ( impatience and quick wit lol)

  • I've actually never had a full natal chart done. I got mis-informed when I joined this forum and realized only later that my moon sign was in libra, not virgo.

    I think the impatience has a lot to do with just being a Scorp though...I don't think I've ever met a REALLY patient but I could be wrong!

    I posted another thread on the Love and Relationships forum to see if I could get some insight from some Gemini's. so far I haven't had any responses, but hopefully will soon.

    I'm truly just confused by him...and very hurt...I wish I could get my mind completely off of him...

  • Asia: I can understand the money situation. Without finance it isn't much you can do. U told me you lived in Dallas and was moving to Miami. When r scheduled to move?

    ScorpVirgo: You know we as scorpios are suppose to be patience but I'm with you. I ve no patience. I'm told all the time to be patience it will happen and I am like when???????

  • Oh yeah now I remember didnt mean to sound harsh if I did come across that way just didnt remember me telling you for a minute lol. Im scheduled to move in July once I get this private student loan approved. Thanks for you care and concern though really appreciate it

    I think Im going to walk around by myself or something and just get me a little something from the store it may not be big but it is a little something for myself 🙂

  • Asia: July is around the corner. If you r lonely with nothing to do that seem like a long time. Where is your ex? Is he stll living in Dallas and do you ve an opportunity to see him. If I can rememeber correctly he was into drugs and trying to get his life back on track. Am I correct? Don't mean to bring up old wounds jus want to make sure I have my facts straight. Yes, do buy ur self something today. You deserve it. Two jobs, u ve earned it.

  • I know lol it does seem like awhile but Ive had this boredom feeling for months lol. Its maybe becoming more irritating since it is so close and I need my approval on this private student loan to go. And youre not bringing up old wounds lol as I said all my negative feelings of pain and hurt and pretty much gone about the breakup. My ex never lived in Dallas. I met him in Richmond where I grew up at and we dated there and when he moved to NY (where my dream school is NYU yay!!!) now he lives in Florida (Miami) isnt that ironic? Just in case your thinking it lol, Im not moving there for him because the NYC I was going too has an even better (not to mention cheaper) branch there with a better degree a BFA in filmmaking.. I wanted to go to the Hollywood branch at first but it was soooo expensive!!! Then I heard about the one in Miami that was really good at first I didnt want to because I was afraid to run into him but then I said its my life, who cares if I stop because of him I will never be happy so here I am now lol.

    If you want the whole story on my ex look up Taurus Girl Calling Out to All Scorpios and give me feedback here if you want. And I learned alot more about him and myself and other forums but this one gives you the story. (Btw he was dealing that I learned later)

  • I meant the NYC school I was going to has a better branch in Miami. I will still transfer to NYU for my masters once I get my BFA

  • 🙂

    further goodness in my world.

    hope all is growing well in all of yours. i'm glad i joined and posted about this.


  • Today is going ok Im sooo glad to hear you are doing well!!! Remember if you ever need anything we are all here for you! How are things with the Virgo going today?

  • well, I had taken the day off from work today. she called me about 10am this morning, frustrated and said she needed an attitude adjustment and said 'get dressed and come to the gym with me' LOL. i already was so i of course obliged. she and i spent .... 3 hours there together, between lifting, eating, and then she was instructing one of her students after that.

    then she invited me to her house and we hung out together there for a couple of hours. nothing beyond that, no kissing etc, just getting comfortable with each other and so forth. (aka me building the tension like we like to do)

    yep, all is flowing very, very well!!! movie date friday set in stone!

  • EE-Glad everything is well!!!! What movie you gona take her to? Girls love chick flicks!!! lol

  • That's amazing!!!!! See told you better things are to come?

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