A reading please?

  • Hi can anyone give me a love reading? There is a virgo i like but not sure wether to wait for him to do the asking or just ask him outright where we stand. Also i got made redundant in december and wondering if there is a suitable job on the horizon. Any help from anyone is most welcome, thankyou

  • Why wait? Just ask him.

    And I feel you are being asked to re-evaluate your career and what you want form it in order to move in a new direction.

  • thankyou, We have known each other for about 4 years and its only the last few months ive realised just how much I like him. I think being out of the dating/ relationship game for 7 years has made me too cautious and worried am reading to much into it. I was working with kids for about 5 years but will have to do loads of training to pursue that line of work again, so yes i am having to really think and reevaluate my career.

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