What does an upside down tower mean?

  • Yeah that's really it

  • Someone is ignoring the Elephant in the room.

  • Hi Luminescence,

    I will give this a try for you. What kind of spread did you do? Did you just pull one card as that is what I am thinking here per your post.

    The tower is one of those scarey looking cards of the Major Arcana. What it means right side up and depending on what kind of spread and where it came out in the spread. Right side up it means diaster shaken foundation of ones desire, Turmoil in the home, sudden change and or revelation.

    Reversed I would think that things have ended for example no more arguing. Trying to pick up the pieces of a bad relationship and moving on. The relationship can be with anyone but someone close to you. With a pull of one card that would mean the present the now. I would suggest for things to start looking up and out with the old and in with the new. The tower is really not all that bad of a card again depending on where it falls. If by chance this is a question of an idea or something you are planning to do. Give it more thought and research it more before you make your mind up.

    Your friend in Tarot,


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