Need a reading please!!!

  • I am looking for a reading for love and career.

    I lost my job back in February and have been applying to numerous types of jobs with no luck, not even any calls to interview! So disheartening, especially since my cash is extremely low!

    I'm also curious as to how my relationship with my Taurus will progress or end. We've been together for 10 months.

    My dob is 11-13-1972

    His dob is 5-6-1982

    Thanks to all that can help!

  • Bump! Please!

  • Hate to interupt Scorp72-I remember you helping out on my forum about my Scorpio ex some months ago (Remember I'm May 6th too like your Taurus just 19 years of age and seemigly more mature). I been following up on your last forum on Scorpios and letting go (not being a stalker just wanted to give further insight) It seems as if he is a little too immature or doesn't want a relationship right now if he is cheating so much. I'm not a psychic but I don't want you to get hurt. It seems he might have deep feelings for you you know how the-TaurusScorpio connection can be but I say you break it off with him or give a break to give your head some room and his. Hope Ive helped-great to see you and if you want any updates on me or yourself. I'm sure there is plenty to talk about. Wish you the best and god bless 🙂

  • Asia-Thanks for your input. No, you're not intruding at all and you're not being a stalker. Question, what is your moon sign?

  • My moon sign is in Cancer and I also have a Pluto in Scorpio dear so yeah I can definetly understand you Scorpios lol-I love em! Hope your doing well! What is your moon sign?

  • I have an Aquarius moon sign.. He has a Scorpio moon sign. I think his venus is in Aries, so that explains the flightiness!! lol

  • Wow thats crazy lol Hmm Aquarius moon I thought Aqarius were more aloof. what is your Venus in? Mine is in Taurus (very loving, passionate and loyal yet we can be a bit possessive just as you Scorps lol)?

  • My venus is in Libra! lol I can be aloof at times, but only when I want to be. Do you know how to read birth charts?

  • Lol thats awesome-I have 2 Libra aunties and there great. You seem to be a romantic and passionate as most Libras are and a bit indecisive as well (no offense just taking from that whole situation with your Taurus). And sorry I dont read charts Im just aware of some of my aspects of my chart. Ive been looking into birth charts and its quite interesting! It shows me why some people are incompatible regardless if they are seemigly compatible by sun signs alone!

  • Same time I adknowledge astrology and numerology but I also adknowledge reality people can either live on the dark or light side of it depending on thier upbringings, current situations and so on and so forth you know?

  • Yea, I can be a tad indecisive!!! lol I was the same with a leo that I was with for 4 years!!! He's narcissistic and I thought he was bad, but in no comparison to this Taurus!!! I would break up weekly with the Leo and he would stalk me horendously!! Banging on my door at all times during the night for like 20 min and I wouldn't even go to the door!! lol

    I know what you mean about the compatability thing and their upbringing! His parents allow him to disrespect them all the time!!!! They even buy his beer for him!!! I KNOW!!! His dad raises cane about it all the time saying "I'm not buying you anymore! You need to stop all this drinking! " blah blah blah but yet turns around that same day and brings him beer!! And his dad does it daily!!! So Taurus isn't going to change until his parents die. I know that may sound cruel but truth. His mother has OCD with shopping. His parents have a nice house, from what i've seen from the outside, but it is jammed packed with junk that she's bought! For example, she has like 15 xmas trees that she doesn't even put up one!!! I've never even been in the house in the 10 months that we've been together cause his dad is ashamed. So I don't know who is more messed up, him or his parents!

  • Me either lol...I think they are hurt because they see how messed up he is and how he is going in a downward spiral.

  • They all need to have an intervention!!!! lol His brother has issues too!!! He's sweet and nice to me though..tells me I'm the best woman with the kindest heart he's ever seen,,,yea his brother not taurus dude! lol It's funny though, out of all of his gf's I'm the longest one. All of his other ones only lasted at the most 5-6 months. We've been together 10 months. Plus, he never had them around his family. His parents treat me as a daughter and his brother treats me like sister. So I have no idea what the meaning of that is....

  • Well it shows your probably very special and dear to him. And so if all goes well with his family you could possibly be the one to convince him and his family that he needs intervention. Run that idea through to them ASAP lmao!

  • Oh, I've mentioned it to them several times! They just kind of laugh it off. To be honest, and I'm a really good judge of character, i believe his dad deep down likes having his son depend on him. His dad, for some reason, likes to have control over everyone in some way. It's like he views, in some distorted way, by buying taurus beer, cigs,food, and paying his bills that he has that control over him. Dad likes having the oldest son living at home cause he's dependent upon the parents as well. Dad likes his wife, their mom, being an OC shopper/spender because it's his money that she's spending. Of course, he will never openly admit to this, just complain about it. I love psychology and delving deep into the human psychy, but this is so out of my realm!!! lol

    ps. i will post soon on the other forum. i need to read everyone's postings first.

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