• Hi ,

    i need reading for life path number 3 to understand more abt myself ....

    Is life path 3 and 6 compatible ... my DOB : 19/11/71 and his 03/12/71 ...

    thank you ... hope to receive some advise ...

  • Chantel2011,

    The 3 life path is the number of expression and overall joy.

    GENERALLY, the 3 is funny, fun, self expressive, and likes to bring happiness into the lives of others.

    It is the number of the artist, comedian, or bringer of enthusiasm.

    You'll find that 3's like to day dream. Dreaming about a crush, dreaming about success, dreaming about what could be. Sometimes they tend to dream a lot, and need to come back down to earth to fully complete and work through their dreams to make them become reality.

    The 3 needs to be the center of attention, or likes to be in the limelight.

    In relationships it serves for the 3 to be with someone that can understand this, and will give the 3 what it needs and wants.

    The 6 is compatible with the 3 as it falls in the same concord.

    The 6 will love, protect, and provide for the 3 that is IF the 6 feels the love and respect from the 3.

    Keep in mind 6's usually like things their way, if you encounter a 6 who is not living on the positive side and is a "player", then it's best you stay away. The 6 needs is quite charming, but can sometimes get wrapped up in the idea of love, that it cannot settle down.

    Looking at your birth chart it looks as if you are looking for someone to take care of you, and provide for you possibly financially. A 6 would be a good match to give you a satisfactory comfortable life. If the 6 pushes itself and utilizes the positive aspects of its chart, it can achieve extreme amounts of wealth.

    Keep in mind this is general as there are far more aspects in one's chart to analyze.

    However, consider this a starting point.

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  • Thanks Markie ...

  • No problem

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  • Aquarium,

    Generally the 3 and 7 in Numerology are "foe" numbers.

    This doesn't mean that they will hate one another or never get along, it just means there is always a misunderstanding, or a "lack" of communication if you will.

    Normally, the 3 is more social, outgoing, and has a need to be around people or in front of the crowd.

    You have the 7 on the opposite end. The 7 is introverted, wise, kept, and sometimes shy. No doubt that the 7 when it wants to be can be quite charming, and do well in social situations, but it always has a need to retreat to rejuvenate.

    The 3 is the extrovert, and the 7 is the introvert.

    If the 3 can handle the 7's need to be left alone, and can handle more mental stimulation rather than physical stimulation, then it can work. This is not to say that the 7 is not passionate or intimate, it's just that it is a mind number, and lives in its mind.

    They don't fall in the same concord, so there will be a thread of confusion all the time, and separate interest.

    Of course, you must ALWAYS consider the other numbers in the chart.

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  • No problem Aquarium!

    Take care!

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  • Hi Markie ,

    Recently my lover ( life path 6 ... date of birth 03/12/71 ) need a break in our relationship

    ( i am life path 3 .. date of birth 19/11/71 ) ...

    I am cold towards him past few meeting and attitude to him not so gd also ...i get a bit angry as he wants privacy ( he's afraid of me seeing him texting his friend ) i feel something fishy and that's the break he shoot to me one week later ...

    are we compatible to be together ? Is there chances he will want me back ?

    he told me he need time to sought out his thoughts .... he will reply my text if i text him but not so loving as he is before i get torture by this ....

    i hv an unexplain bonding and trust with him to let him go though he is not my marriage material ?

    Hope to hear from u ...

    Thank You ...

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