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  • I've know this guy Joe for two mnths nw we started off really good always textin & talking he was really sweet, well this guy I had been seeing before Joe, Andrew went and told Joe that we had been together. Joe got upset I told him i hadnt talked to Andrew in like weeks and we hadnt done anything in mnths. He asked me choose i told him there wasnt a choice to make. Me and Andrew where never anything serios and i really like him (Joe). Its been like a month Joe is still being weird always asking if i like him, if i want to go back to Andrew of whom i was never in a comitted relationship with. He doesnt text or act the same Joe went frm being this sweet guy to this ass. When i called him on it he said that the whole Andrew thing screwed with him and he'd go back to the way it was before but he hasnt and I dnt know if i should keep trying or let it go. Will he ever get over it???? HELP

  • are these guys working together? Maybe they don't want drama on the job, or maybe the guy you are interested in is interested in someone else? Maybe he does not want a relationship now? You can't force things to happen...things either will happen or they wont....Maybe you will begin to feel more settled soon...I know we Pisces love relationships, but sometimes we must wait.

  • Libra1984,

    This is one topic I know a lot about. First of all it takes a good long time to get to know someone fully. All there in's and out's, what they like and what they don't like, what triggers an argument, what issues really upset or make them happy. When I say a good long time, I mean sometimes over a year.

    So you just witnessed one of Joe's trigger's, the whole Andrew thing has pushed him way over the edge. He is obssessing about it to the point that he is driving both of you crazy. Once someone displays this particular behaivior (jealousy), you can pretty much, 99.9% of the time know that this will always be a source of contention for him.

    My advice it to get out of this relationship, these are the type of guys that sometimes start out with your broke my heart, boo hoo hoo attitude, and then go to anger, How could you not tell me this? I can't trust you! Blah, Blah, Blah. I can't say for sure this is a permanent charachteristic with Joe, but I can say it's not worth taking a chance. Cut your losses, there are millions of men out there who don't have these insecurities and mood swings. Believe me it will only get worse over time. It took me 7 years to figure that one out. He never hit me or anything like that, but we were constantly dealing with his insecurities, and mood swings. Sometimes he would be mad at me for days before I even knew why. It was a nightmare, the whole 7 years. The worst part was he could turn it on and off, if we had an event to attend, he would walk into a room and be the bell of the ball so, I figured okay he's over it now. But, as soon as we got in the car to go home, he would go right back to the *** he was prior to the party.

    When I finally did get rid of his dead weight I met my husband, we have been married for almost 7 years and together for 9, and let me tell you this is the best relationship I've ever had. I let him be him and he let's me be me. If I had not left the ***, I would of never met my husband.

    I hope I was helpfull

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