May i HAVE a reading please?

  • My heart is breaking everyday that my husband is gone. He seems to be reaching out for me...but there is also another woman. IS he going to stay with her, or come back home?

  • You should never wait around for anyone or anything to make you happy. Putting your life on hold is never a good idea. You need to do what's right for you and don't wait around for your husband to get his head straight. You are not his entire focus at the moment so I'm sure you have many other things in life you too can be focusing on. When you move your attention away from your husband onto other things, you may find he is not as important in your life as you seem to think. Try getting interested in something new or different - take a class, start a new hobby, go out more with friends, have a makeover, etc.

  • THank you.

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