Captian, Blue Moon, any insight ?

  • hi , my birthday falls on june 1 st the same as the solar eclipse. can you give me any insight on what this could mean for me? my birth time is 11:10 am or 10:11 am i believe it is the 11:10

    on 6-1-61.. thanks so much !

  • If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows certainly will be quite eventful. You may experience a big change in lifestyle or in just one specific area of your life. Events that follow an eclipse have more weight than events brought on by a normal new or full moon. In fact, an eclipse is like a turbo-new or full moon, it packs much more energy and punch. An eclipse may even bring on an event that seems "fated". Eclipses always bring unexpected changes of direction. Most of the time, they act as brilliant illuminators, revealing a condition that you were unaware existed. They can also act as catalysts to a major life decision. Also under an eclipse, you may finally understand the true character of a person near you. Guard your health if you are having an eclipse on your birthday because you will be a bit more run down than usual.

  • thanks captain ! i thought it was really weird to have an eclipse in my sign on my birthday

  • run down ? nah lol my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 6 months back. my father passed away 2 months ago then my mother started loosing her memory at an incredible rate. she had a heart attack 1 month ago now she cant remember what happened 5 minutes ago.. we are moving her out of her apt into an assisted living while she is in rehab., almost there ! a few squabbles with siblings , my brother took too many pills and hit a transfer truck, now he is in lots of trouble. some how during all of this i managed to sneak away to the beach where i had a reservation already paid. it seems like the whole time i just wanted to sleep. my wife just wanted me to do what she wanted to do like lay on the beach with her everyday. she pitched a fit because i slept til noon because she couldn't go to the beach alone being so dependent. that crap is about to push me over the edge. anyway, i have been moving my mother and going thru things since the day i got back from the beach . a friday night out with my best friend and his wife for my birthday turned out to be a big drama with my friends wife and her ex so nothing could even go right there. once we are finally done, i feel like i want to disappear from my life and start over somewhere else. it seems self centered people have taken over the world. sorry for venting everything was going so crazy i thought maybe it had to do with this eclispe thing going on on my b day.. thanks so much for listening and any help.

  • Even though they are family, you are not responsible for any trouble your siblings get themselves into. They are adults now and you are not here to carry them through life. Same goes for your friends. I think you take on too many other people's problems. You have to look after yourself and your own health. Maybe you need some time alone.

  • thanks captain, i would luv sum time alone ! sometimes i get an afternoon and its great. i find myself staying up late to have alone time as well. i understand the part about taking on others problems but my brothers life has turned upside and he is down going thru a ruff time. i try not to let it effect me but it makes me sad for him. my friends nah, i can separate them from getting me down ..what i was referring earlier is that my friends wife ruined my only night i had to get away from it all and celebrate my bday because she is a spoiled brat !

    today is the luner part of my bday eclisp.. something is supposed to show itself now.... i would luv change ! lottery ticket bound ! lol

  • There is an old story about two pots of water on the stove--one is turned on and ready to boil and a very dry frog jumps in and immediatly jumps out. Later, still very dry, he jumps into the pot of water not on and gets very comfy---someone turns the flame on very very low and hour by hour the water creeps hotter and this time instead of jumping out the frog overheats and dies. That story comes to mind as I connected to your post. There is a universal shift going on that was indeed peaking at the new moon--rare---Gemini moon in Gemini sun as well as an eclipse. Also for those who study numbers the planets at that time also represented the numbers 11 11. Many of us have been seeing these numbers, I was so curious myself I looked up their meaning and there is more than a coincidence to this universal feeling of big changes. I have two Gemini friends who went through a bit of a shake-up in their lives that first week of June--also their birthdates. They were both tested by outside conflict that spilled onto them--yet underneath that came a turning point---something came to a head----the events were painfull and very unpleasant yet on the otherside came a new direction and it was as if priorities spoke up. Both these people are by nature "leaders". I pick that up from you--yet you are living a contradiction---closing your eyes to the little warnings and rumblings that keep you too close to dieing in hot water! Leadership is not for everyone. Many want the perks but few want the part that calls for courage. Leadership or taking charge in even times is comfy and the feedback is lovely. But what about when the leader must stand his ground with conviction and entitlement even when the others can not see his vision? When a leader compromises his inner king for the path of least resistance it manifests in many of the ways and feelings you describe. You are not meeting your needs---this has gone on so long that it is hard to see where it started and how by little ways it---the water got hotter. Somewhere, in your discomfort you withdrew---out of self preservation. Your mate feels this and has taken it personal. It is feeding her victim energy---her self doubt. Had you from day one been realistic about your needs and nurtured them it would have been less a problem as now there must be a big revolution or event that will shake you awake. What we avoid--life will just smack us with--hard--down the road. So those feelings of running away are a big symptom not to ignore. On the otherside of all this tension is a great opportunity to rebirth--that is the 11 11 energy--this really is a positive gift of support from the universe should you take it. On a spiritual level--your path has been crowded with victims so you can beef up your purpose as a leader. Victims are your nemesis---they test you. It has been your boot camp for the past seven year cycle---you are ready to move past this lesson. Sometimes you just can't afford to take the position of least resistance. Sometimes the leader must leave the castle---mount his horse--sword in hand---and lead--up front--alone-- and face the evil dragon. Prove the leader he is. You shy away from your true potential. You resist confrontation---waver with guilt instead of a kings firm belief in entitlement. You confuse kings with tyrants. Somewhere in your early life there was an abuse of power. But that is NOT YOU! Do not resist this urge to be alone with yourself---you need to hear your inner wisdom. This month calls for honesty. The key is no regret as that attracts the victim energy---just wise realistic truth about who you are---it is time to be able to be present but detached in a healthy way---not to let others truth cross the lines of YOUR truth. Pray to Saint Michael to help you through this transition. Like you--the biggest heart must carry the biggest sword. BLESSINGS!

  • Blue moon

    wow, thanks so much for taking time for me blue moon. i believe you hit the nail on the head. i have in my past been a leader actually doing what seemed impossible and even though it amazed me that i was pulling it off, i was beaten down due to the all that was involved to stay afloat . with that said i was also being sabotaged by jealous people. by the time i walked away from it, my adrenals were shot. Like you were saying I was never afraid to do what was right rather than what was popular or signing my name on the dotted line. going on my on for a few years low key style helped along with a regular work out each day. i took on a second business then that was exciting and seemed promising then my wife got cancer. dealing with the new business , old business, school baseball with a 14 yr old and my wife having 3 feet of her colon removed knocked me back down a little. i seemed to survive okay after surgery there was 6 months of chemo and all the side effects. 1-1/2 later cancer came back in the liver and this time it was an even worse surgery and chemo. after a year or so i was drained and never recovered.. i couldnt handle any kind of conflict what so ever.... im still recovering.....some how with prayers, my wife is now 7 years is about how long its been. You are right !

    it seems we were growing apart before all that then a intrusive sister in law made matters worse. Spending that last 2 yrs trying to trying to nip that has worked but

    we are still growing apart. I don’t think I’m the same and she has changed as well.. her mind is very sluggish too which is hard for me , we are on two different plains of thinking. things I see and want to get involved in are kinda over her head. She takes most things I say wrong .

    Can you tell me How do I take advantage of this 11 :11 energy you mentioned ?

    Also I have been seeing numbers like 11 :11 1:11 12:12 2:22 2:12 3:33 4:44 5:55

    a lot. Some days I see them every hour almost but it seems to run in cycles.

  • Spirit says PERSPECTIE is key. It's not so much that you and your wife are at odds---the differences have always been there but before she needed you you were more free to have your different needs met outside of her. During the fearfull time of her health issues--and they were dire you let go of your "other" life. And you just never got your foot back out of the door. This is that needy energy that at times pulls you off path. Your wife can not be all things--yet on a crises level she is everything. We all walk around loving someone with our all but do not live as if they may die---even though that can happen any moment to anyone. Cancer is scary stuff---even after beating the odds it is ALWAYS lurking in the shadows. Your wife is dependend on you and unfourtunetly to need someone that much often breeds resentment. It's a two edged sword so it is not healthy for her either. Insecurity breeds defensiveness. It is your job to have boundries and not gather guilt when her perspective is tainted. It is hard but your gift is a cool head--leadership quality--but it's hard to keep that when you are in a relationship that presses emotional buttons. This stage of your path is about healthy detachment. It also serves your leadership skills. As you know, in buisness drama and emotions are the hardest to manage and yes---leadership comes with jeoulousy---the king has to watch his back---but more important a wise leader surrounds himself with others who keep a united front and watch his back for him. A wise king is fair and only hires employees who do not have victim energy as they will attract drama and he never hires anyone that does not respect authority---there must be unity in any organization--one wrong person can destroy like a cancer. Interesting how cancer on all levels has challanged you. You are being urged to meet your needs. The universe is willig to back you up. You will be met with resistance on the home front as you do this but if you don't a life curcumstance will force it. Your wife will accuse you of abandoning her but really at present you are abandoning yourself. You are dieng inside and when the well goes dry you are no use for loved ones anyway so it is just the law of energy. To be there for family you must be whole---feed the well. Start small but keep putting that foot back out there. More alone time and prayer will guide you---the intention will bring opportunity. BLESSINGS!

  • blue moon, wow you are amazing ! you are so good at this... thanks bunches ! i figured out where i want to run away to ! will you adopt me ? : )

    i guess all my pain is all part of this ? they are traeting me for fybro myalgia but they are just guessing as to why i have unexplained fatigue and pain.

    thanks again

  • Pain and illness is very often a manifestation of unexpressed needs and trapped fellings and an unheard voice. You swallow your frustrations---bite your tongue for fear of upsetting someone---yes it has to go somewhere. ALSO--there is a secret emotion you have not dared indulge in and that is the most toxic--ANGER. Anger is a powerful energy that can not be ignored--one must chanel it properly. Anger is not all bad---it often can be used to drive great changes in one's life--or to committ to boundries--and enforcing them.

  • blue moon......yes i see the anger being a good thing sometimes and also the times when it was the bad kind and i have trouble shaking it.. its wild all these thing you say like holding my tongue and fear of upsetting certain people is like you are seeing into my head ! you are awesome !

    i keep wanting to stop bothering you but you have intrigued me with your accuracy ... how do you do this ? can you feel anything for my future, or is that it you pick up on my now vibes type of thing.

    i sometimes get a feeling and it happens but, its not consistent just some days . any way, thanks for all you have done for me.... hopefully i can return a favor to you . i'm like a kid, i question all the answers ! lol

  • thanks again blue moon for your insight. i think i got the jest of what you are saying.

    looking back at my last post it seems i was starting to get selfish with your kindness.

    blessings to you, i am truly grateful

  • You may stop feeling like you did not deserve guidance! When I'm not answering it is not personal. I hear a call I relay the message--it comes through me not from me. Also, sometimes the energy is high and I do several readings and then rest---a lot depends on my own busy life. I am responding to this because it is part of your time for change--that voice in your head that fears you are not entitled or deserving. I try to only serve where there is possability of healing. Some questions spirit does not answer and has a reason--we have free will to learn and grow--but we do have guidance to decide well. I am not offended by questions. In fact, I work hard to keep my own emotions and ego out of the way so what I pick up is a higher energy, not my interjection my own thoughts. I've been busy but I come back--and trust that if it is truly urgent--spirit will sit me down pronto to come here. Most of the people spirit comes through for are at a tipping point--a crossroads and often the info they get takes digesting before the next step. You can trust in that. You are watched over. You are loved! BLESSINGS!

  • awesome ! thanks !

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey bluemoon,, one thing i was hung on was the thing about there was an abuse of power in my past. was that me abusing my power or someone abusing me ? also my wife is havin bad pains shooting down in the pelvic area and nothing is showing up with the ultra sound her gynecologist preformed. given her history she is in a panic. the pain comes and goes and keeps her from walking normal steps. i was wondering where to look next... the dr.s can keep us running in circles for months as we had to experience before.

    i am getting my back looked at again to see if i can stop the spasms and hip pain. they are doing an mri monday on neck and low back. i think they are going to suggest surgery on my neck for fusing but i am scared of that. my low back looked okay on xray but lots of pain problems there. i dont know why im writing you about this, maybe you will have insite on some of this..... i will check back from time to time. if you dont have time thats okay. thanks for your kindness.

  • You are writing me because you feel in your gut you should not to be passive about your pain issues and you suspect that surgery would not solve your pain issues. You ae on the fence about doctors. On the one side you know they are important and seriouse things happen--like cancer. BUT you are also intuitive and spiritual minded and know that mostly illness is mostly not as dier as cancer and most aches and pains are bad habits--diet--emotional--spiritual manifestations. The body holds onto pain--the body often speaks up when we don't and if you are an empath you also absorb others pain and also give out healing energy which can leave you in poor health if you do not recharge. This happens to couples when one is a caretaker. First your question about abuse of power. I do not retain messages and did not reread that post but do not have to as I can still connect to that issue and the abuse of power was not intentual and it happened to you not from you. Somewhere in your childhood you loved someone very much--so much you felt guilty if you upset them or betrayed them in any way--so you bit your tongue--made excuses for events or hurtfull words or disagreements. This person was powerful--could hurt--yet this person was also very very fragile in your young mind and you felt protective---you began an energy of caretaker and it still manifests---it also contradicts your leadership role which is as well very much who you really are--you have a hard time balancing that but leaders often must use the sword and you can be passive---this passive holding back manifests in your body--first it is muscle bound--a tightness--heavyness and without release it leads to a ridgedness in the spine--often issues in the neck seem to feel better but really the spine begins rotating to accomadate that and then it manifests in the hip as the rotation ends in the lower spine. You have bad habits of tensing certain muscles according to irritation--rather than lash out or yell or argue or if you are stuck with someones presence who is tense you react by tensing certein muscles and it is so automatic you do not even think of it. It's all about energy--it has to go somewhere. I can not advise medically just validate your own gut feeling and you should trust your reluctance to surgery. Or at least be realistic--you will still have pain--you can research that on your own. I have had arthritis since my twenties--I know your pain and I rarely get personal when trying to be intuitive but sense you really would like to hear something like that. I am an empath and it wears me thin if not carefull and I have been through both medical help--chiropractic help--spiritual help. Medical help only offered me pain meds--no cures--it is their job to do SOMETHING so if you go in and push you will get something but it is not always the cure you think--specially since there is no real cure for inflamation issues and joint degeneration issues. I learned to be more of my own detective and tuned in to my lifestyle--diet--to really take note of when and why I had worse spells then other. I believe in diet triggers--they are personal and yours could be different. I gave up red meat 35 years ago---I also know I'm more effected by bad diet---soda is fine on occasion but mostly I will feel bad. I did a lot of library reasearch and read other people's hints and used a lot of trial and error. I have two drawers of supplements. Some are not everyday but several are a must or I will have inflamation. My musts are before bed--calcium and magnesium. Look up your vitamins that help bone and muscle. To test the magnesium theory but if you are afraid of taking by mouth --try an epsom salt bath--epsom salts are magnesium and a soak that all doctors recomend for sprains and healing. It is non toxic in a soaking form so forget the instructions on the box--fill the tub and dump in all you want---if you come out feeling calm and loose as a noodle then you need that in your diet. Another safe way to test the magnesium potasium effect in a safe way is to make a smoothie--no sugar--I add a packet of Stevia for sweet and use a hand blender to mix not from concentrate orange juice with pulp with strawberies--frozen or fresh--I add a scoop of vanila protien powder by Jillian--walmarts carries it but it will still work without that. Many people are afraid of magnesium and potasium in supplement form as they regulate the muscles including the heart. I have been taking them for years no problems but I went slow--found my needs and educated myself. I take vitamin C--specially a product called Emegenc--comes in packets. Do your research---and not just the sites that want to sell you something--go to real medical sites that do not sell anything and read open forums--other people have great suggestions. Also, know your body--this is a hard one for me--with aging--I was raised by a coach--no pain no gain and unfortunetly being a trooper is not always good. I learned which movements aggravate my spine and hips and neck. Sitting too long in a hard chair is bad and will cause several days of pain---always know that repetition of any movement can set off a bout of inflamation--so when working always switch movements. And injuries also will take longer to heal and will cause months of inflamation and once a joint starts calcifying there is no cure or fixing. I accept this and have several "lumpy" joints I know are not fixable but are useable though painfull at times. When younger I took the anti inflamatories--like ibuprofrin--aleve etc. but after 50 gave those up for only occasional use as they are hard on the heart and it just is what it is. I went to a health store and researched alternatives and found a great natural anti inflamatory--Ginger! It also will take away an upset stomach--it comes in capsules easily swallowed but drink plenty of water as it is pungent. It works--my other list of regulars are the omega oils--vitiman E and Garlic---Vitamin D is very much good for joint pain and many rheumatologests prescribe vitamin D. Your wife needs that--it is also proven as an ant cancer supplement--you can validate that direct from the cancer site--it is a proven. My husband is a cancer survivor ten years and I keep up on all cancer break throughs that prove anything preventitive. Also, I found out during a rough patch of pelvic pain and joint pain in hands and tailbone that I was sensitive to artificial sweetners--it came on after giving up sugar as there are many diabetics in my family and after 50 my doctor was concerned---I made the connection when spirit directed me to a forum on line and I found my symptoms were shared by many others! And they too had recently been on artificial sweetners--specially splenda--many women had all kinds of tests with no answers--doctors were stumped. I started using stevia --the one with the good housekeeping seal in the green packets--stopped eating sugar free stuff and my pelvic pain and joint pain subsided. I think what spirit is trying to validate for you is to follow your intuition and really look more inward and do not expect doctors to always have an answer as you know yourself best. Of course in your wife's case--once you have cancer any new ache or pain is an alarm. With my husband we always freak first. That is normal--I try and get calm and say ok--what has he been doing diferent and try to play detective before thinking the worst. Recently he had severe pain--shortness of breat and fluid in his lung--that is bad! I had to stop looking it up because the answers were so scary I was in a panic. Once calm I listened to my intuition--he had been using the excecise machine--had mowed the lawn when usually I do--also I know he has a history of when starting an excersise program he over does it. I suggested that to him but he said no way no way. But in the end after a few days of taking aleve and breathing deeper with pain gone a new xray showed fluid gone so he had pulled a muscle between the ribcage and lung that hurt so bad he took shallow breaths and fluid built up--in the end just a dumb simple thing but at first I was so scared I hyperventilated for five minutes! I do not see your wife's pain as cancer related--but it does have a reason--one she is blind to--diet--habit related. Something recent in her life style. You can solve this one so don't fear as it ends up causing you pain and tension. Both you and your wife could use a good epsom salt bath and add vitamin D to your wifes list and check her diet changes---anything recent in her habits--look there. BLESSINGS!

  • i did the rib cage muscle yrs ago, ouch ! short breaths for shure . it think it was 3 weeks to get over.

    i have been wearing out the vitamin store lately myself, i just bought a whole food vitamin and going to try. i had my d checked last december, it was very low. i started 50,000 a day for a month now, i am suppose to take 2000 a day. i have mag as well but i haven't taken it regular but read good things.

    ive noticed my wife eating more sweets lately, i wondered if it was added weight causing pressure on scar tussue or disk. she is not someone who tries to eat right or excercise, she would much rather pay someone to make it magically go away like weight watchers and spend hundreds of dollars on frozen meals for a month.

  • hit the wrong button sorry.... anyway i better get busy, i have so many projects started and wifey is gone for the day so i may make good progress.. i dont know why but her presence distracts me so much. its like she is constantly wanting me to be by her side when we are home, i keep feeling this pull in my brain, i try to ignore it

    but its really strong sometimes. i dont know if its all in my mind or she is really putting out that feeling.

    thanks agian so much for your time.

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