The Light of the New Creation Flows Forth

  • a message from Naeshira channeled by Meredith Murphy

    Springing into newness, the light of source creation flows into new forms; forms just emerging from the womb of creation and splendid in their clarity and radiance. The new human is birthing itself, as the templates and traditions of the Earth civilization are released and transformed in quantum shifts of liberation.

    The vortex of divine light flows into these new forms and the spinning, diamond shaped quality of this new energy form is platinum in light and tinged with a blue-green dimensionality to it and sometimes a violet lens appears to color this energy. This lens is created by the willingness and submission to divine will that more and more human beings have come to from an open-heart center. It is in this spiraling return to the expanding heart and love that the human being shifts onto the new earth timeline.

    The ordination of the new human is happening from within. There is no one to tell you, “You are there,” “You are ready,” to give you permission, to let you know you are good enough or you are now there as much as you can be. It is something which must be claimed and embraced with inner authority and this alone is the essential component that liberates initiates to the pathways of light to expanded knowing and vast access to the annals of time. Once christened in this way, one apprentice with their own I AM Presence; gradually merging and integrating this, making an effort to maintain this merged state during meditation and even beyond. One learns to live in the culture of the existing Earth and to operate with a knowledge that goes far beyond what is typically acknowledged by the five senses. Skillful oracles and initiates reveal their own paths, energize and cleanse their surroundings, create the quality and form of their own energy system and maintain this system with love, reverence and devotion. The birthing of synchronization with Source Creation is transformative indeed. And it is this grand synchronization that is on the horizon of this procession and for some, being felt already.

    Waves of energy are entering the planetary sphere which allow for a synchronization and harmonization with Source Creation. The pulse of the divine is alluring! Bliss permeates all cells and points of awareness of those who dance to the rhythm of the Great Central Sun! The galactic implications of this new orchestration are profound! The Earth will no longer exist as a sectioned off /portioned off aspect of the galaxy. The biosphere will dynamically transform to sustain and allow life forms from distant stars to be fully present here and participate in a learning/growing process of collaborative co-creation and to experience from and through you that which is uniquely human and divine! The anticipation for all of this is profound.

    There is a shifting upwards of the whole galaxy emerging. You live in one world which is dissolving and visible and in one world which is forming and as yet largely unseen. Like the gestation of a new human, you must feel the impulses and quickening of your own being, and trust that life within you is eclipsing all you have ever known to be.

    Without sentimentality, but with love and reverence, now would be a good time to love all that you experience! Realize that there will soon be nothing like this ever again! Except in time travel, none will return to a place that has the qualities that have created such contrast within the growing of light. When difficult moments arise, realize you are being released from them--if you allow them to leave without identifying with them—and look with awe at what is disappearing on the horizon like the setting sun: your old life.

    Then turn toward the sunrise. You who are called, “Bringers of the Dawn,” you are that which creates the sunrise daily and the experience of life on your planet. You are a fundamental aspect co-creating this experience.

    Stillness requires you to go within knowing that you will not return to life as you knew it. Yet you are not afraid. You are remembering more and more what you came here for and why this whole world and all that is taking place on this Earth-stage, was something you would not miss! The epic proportions of this moment in time cannot be overstated!

    A light within.

    A doorway opens as you turn toward it.

    Shedding what you thought you were without resistance, you are enfolded in ease and joy.

    A light begins to glow within you!

    Now you are orientating others with the coherence of your own energy.

    The magic and simplicity of it all is lyrical and poetic.

    Bliss spreads…

    You, as a channel of love, are co-creating with the Universe.

    Allow the Oneness to flow into the field which you are, and alter the very nature of existence!

    I AM Naeshira

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