Care to interpret my spread?

  • Hey guys!

    I just did a celtic spread earlier today and was wondering if anyone here would like to critique my interpretation.

    If it helps, I used the cosmic deck.

    This spread was done for a current (non-romantic, fun platonic relationship) where there are mixed signals; innuendo, hot/cold, tension . I'm pretty certain the prince of cups, emperor, king of cups and king of swords are all indicative of the guy. I'm getting that I'm more of a conquest here (mainly based on outcome and the three clarifiers - see below)...thoughts?



    1 - justice (I love this card in the Cosmic deck - eyes wide open, she sees everything - hey, I try!)

    2- the chariot (This...whatever it is between us, is heading somewhere...perhaps negative)

    3 (attitudes and beliefs) - page of pentacles (This is me, someone under him in a professional setting...but bringing energy and enthusiasm into his life) ( note: princess of pentacles with cosmic deck; sensual card)

    4 (root cause) - Prince of Cups (in Cosmic...very romantic guy...with a snake on a scepter) Knight of Cups - the beginning of the emotional connection I feel...flirtation

    5 - the emperor (past, receding influence) - his position of authority will not exist in the near future...or perhaps he doesn't he it is as much of an issue now (I couldn't imagine that, though).

    6 - king of cups (approaching influence) ...I was getting friendship from this, but the clarifiers for King of Swords make me think that King of Cups is relating to seduction here...he's quite smooth yet appears honorable. 😉

    7 - ace of swords (me right now) - I'm wanting to move forward with action... (but in reality, I can't!)

    8- two of cups (how others see this) - how he sees us

    9 - the star (hopes, fears, desires) - ?? clarifier for the star: queen of pents, ace of cups, queen of swords (i'm having trouble understanding this position here...)

    10 - Outcome - King of Swords (Original thought - he's trying to use logic here...weighing the pros and cons (fun v reputation...etc)...but what about the King of Cups as an increasing influence? I think a little bit more is going on than a friendship here...but will he move forward? He's practical and a realist.

    Clarifiers for outcome/King of Swords:

    Six of Wands - Victory - of what? "being good/restraint" or a pursuit?

    Two of Pentacles - Balance

    King of Wands - He has to take the lead here.

    My interpretation of outcome. If this is what he eventually decides, he will pursue this.

    Clarifier for timing of relationship: Hierophant

    So...he wants this to happen but it isn't going to right now because of his authority over me. We'll see what happens later.


  • um not sure why the forums re-edited with **** after fun under #10! something like /his reputation is what I probably wrote. I can't remember exactly but it definitely wasn't what you may!

  • Hello ashley685,

    As with your 3 card spread, my first impression is to tell you to be careful. I don't feel like you are looking at this objectively. It seems you are seeing what you want to see, not what is actually there. I feel a predominantly authoritative relationship here, a business one. Not so much an emotional one.

    You didn't list the positional meaning of cards 1 and 2, I'll assume it's the standard Celtic Cross meanings. Card 1 represents the present situation. The Justice card is "ruled" by Libra, the cosmic scales of balance. Are you looking at this situation with detachment? Looking at things coldly and objectively?

    Card 2: Immediate challenge or what's crossing you. Note in the Celtic Cross, this card is placed horizontally over the first one. It indicates a crossroads, a decision, a choice. In this layout the card is neither positive or negative, but should be seen as a whole. Your challenge is to realise that you are in control of your life. You hold the reins, you steer your "chariot". Take responsibility for your life. Consider your destination, is it really where you want to go?

    Card 3: You identified yourself with this card.

    Card 4: Root of the matter. Also the foundation. The page of cups can represent naivety. It speaks of crushes and puppy love. As a person he or she is a daydreamer, someone who lets their imaginations run away with them.

    The Knight of Cups is much the same. A person that is dreamy, sensitive, moody. It can also signify emotional confusion. A period of ups and downs.

    Card 5: The Emperor is indeed his position of authority, but it bears no relation to his past, present or future. This is what influenced you and resulted in this current situation. You were drawn to his authority. Attracted to it.

    Card 6: Someone has (or will in the next few days or weeks) come forward to offer you "fatherly" advice. Listen to what this person has to say to you, even if you disagree. This person only wants what's best for you.

    Card 7: Again, this is you as you saw it 🙂

    Card 8: Others see that you two have a "connection". Rightly or wrongly, they are noticing what's going on. If this is a problem for either of you... well you're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes.

    Card 9: The Star shows you what is possible. But at this time what you want is out of reach. With your clarifiers I am getting the feeling of another person. Not sure if he is actually involved with someone, but this person is present in his life. He has noticed them and considers them to be his equal.

    Card 10: You are on the right track here. A practical person and a realist. He can be loving and friendly, but is distant. This could sum up your relationship. Above all else, this person is "fair". He will weigh up the pros and cons, and coupled with his strong sense of beliefs, he will do what is right for everyone involved.

    Your clarifiers reinforce this notion. He is the archetype I described above (6 of wands). He will strive for what's right (balance, 2 of coins) and he is very much in charge of the situation (King of Wands).

    And finally, the timing of the relationship: You need to take a long, hard, and objective look at all of this. And you can only do that by stepping back, retreating from it. You're somewhat caught up in your fantasies and daydreams. You're not seeing the whole picture. Not asking yourself the right questions.

    Much love & light to you ashley685,


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