just wondering if anyone has found out what the stars are saying about me financial wise until 2010? I have been recently laid off after 8 yrs in the mortgage industry, will I have any luck B 4 this yr ends? Thanks !!

  • Hello - I don't have insight regarding your question, however, I noticed your title:

    FEBRUARY 22 - and that you were recently laid from the mortgage industry....

    My birthday is also February 22 and I was a banking VP and laid off this year after 20+ years....

    I am a novice as well in the Tarot field....... what I do know is that the number 22 is a Master number - which means we kind of get a "double dose" of everything - good or bad........

    Good luck 2 22

  • wow thank u for summing up my last few months of odd happenings my birthday is 2 22 also I'm prayn the rest of my year is much better than thus far. Even though thru it all I have truly been blessed and I know the rest of u born on 2 22 are blessed also it's mainly for u to take a break and reexamine your goals for your life. Sometimes we miss little things that down the road when we look back we tend to regret not taking advantage of it so if u have unfinished business now is the time.

  • Um idk what my planet in and im a pisces and 2 b honest idk anything about a pisces can anyone out there that can tell me?

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