• Hi, I had a question. It seems that there are two men in my life who are both in love with me. I know that a reading is only a little glimpse of a person's character and personality, but I was wondering which one is more compatible with me according to astrology. 1st one: 11/10/1990 11:45 a.m. (scorpio) and the 2nd one: 06/26/1993 11:10 p.m. (cancer)....and my birthday is 10/22/1994 1:54 a.m......please let me know, thank you

  • You and the Scorpion: this works best as a sexual matchup and is difficult for anything deeper or even just for friendship. There is a gradual buildup of intensity here that is both its strength and its weakness. The relationship can focus on developing deeply nurturing bonds of trust and honour but, once these things begin to materialize, the stakes go up. You will both expect more, judge more, and forgive less, so that the relationship doesn't always last long enough for such bonds to fully emerge. Although you two can have great times together, you will eventually get on each other's nerves or become frustrated with each other, necessitating time apart. Your Scorpion will often make demands that you will find hard to meet. A love affair will have strong sexual expression that can continue unabated throughout your time together. Thus the difficulties that will drive you apart are not physical but emotional - what begins as a simple argument or disagreement can escalate to a terrifying crescendo. Often these scenes will end in mutual rejection. Bitterness and vilification can be the unhappy accompaniment of a breakup here.

    You and the Cancerian: the two of you may see a possible love affair and/or marriage as blessed and consecrated. This relationship is highly spiritual, no matter how physical it seems. You two often share religious, ethical or spiritual beliefs, but not necessarily formal ones. No matter what you do, you both put your whole hearts into it. You are well-matched and fairness is usually an important issue here as friends or lovers. A friendship may even have a rather light competitive edge to it. Neither of you will be selfish here; you are more interested in a precious kind of intimacy, which you know you must never take for granted or betray. This attitude can make things difficult if you break up - you both are usually incapable of the sort of unserious, realistic or cynical stance that would make separating easier. A period of grieving will be needed before new romantic connections with others can be undertaken.

    You know, you are young so this probably won't be your last relationship in life - you should keep your options open. Neither guy may be your ultimate partner so just have fun and don't get too serious too quickly. There are plenty more men out there waiting to meet you and you need to really live life before you settle down with one person. You wouldn't buy a house or car after only looking at just two kinds, would you?

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