Past Life Tarot Spread Interpretation Help

  • I recently did the Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread on the relationship between me and my current love interest. I think I understand what the cards are trying to tell me, but I believe insight from other people might reinforce my interpretation or provide additional insight. Here were the cards and their positions:

    Card #1 - What is the overall karmic meaning of this relationship, why have you met again, and what are you the two of you supposed to be working out?

    Eight of Cups

    Card #2 - What is the Querent's karmic inheritance, i.e., what do you bring to this re-meet?

    King of Swords

    Card #3 - What is the Karmic Partner's inheritance, i.e., what does he/she bring to this re-meet?

    Two of Swords Reversed

    Card #4 - What is the past of this karmic relationship (the past life)?

    Ten of Cups

    Card #5 - What are the Querent's past burdens, hopes or fears?

    The Empress

    Card #6 - What are the Karmic Partner's past burdens, hopes or fears?

    Ace of Wands Reversed

    Card #7 - What does the Karmic Partner mean to the Querent at this time?

    The Hanged Man Reversed

    Card #8 -What does the Querent mean to the Karmic Partner?

    Five of Swords

    Card #9 - What can the Querent do for this re-meet/relationship now?

    Ten of Cups Reversed

    Card #10 -What can the Karmic Partner do for this re-meet/relationship now?

    Two of Wands

    Card #11 - What is the FINAL OUTCOME (the axis) of this reading?

    Ace of Wands Reversed

    I've also attached a picture of the spread layout.

  • I used the traditional rider-waite deck to perform this reading. Here is my personal interpretation of the reading:

    1. The eight of cups is the reason for our re-meet. I think we were meant to re-meet in this lifetime in order to address both of our fears of rejection. Essentially, we are being challenged to overcome our fears, which are highly emotional yet not based in reality. We also are being challenged to overcome our timidity in order to receive wish fulfillment. However, since the key word of this card is "walking away," I'm sure there's more I need to know, but am unsure of what it is actually trying to tell me. Maybe we are being challenged not to walk away from each spite of our fears.

    2. With the king of swords in this position, I am bringing logic and reasoning into this karmic re-meet.

    3. With the two of swords in this position, he is the cause of the "stalemate." He is immobilized by fear and he is afraid due to his uncertainty about the future (our future together).

    4. With the ten of cups in this position, it is obvious that we were married, had a family, and lived a life filled with abundance, happiness, and success in our past life.

    5. My hopes, fears, or burdens are represented by the Empress so I think I hoped for children, but received them which was noted by the ten of cups.

    6. His hopes, fears, or burdens are represented by the Ace of Wands reversed. Because this card is located directly across from the Empress I think he hoped for children too.

    7. The hanged man appearing in this position shows that he currently represents delay, stagnation, and frustration for me, but also at the same time it shows that he means so much to me that I am willing to do what I have to in order to be with him. It also shows that I have faith, and that I am trying to open up my heart to him despite the suspension. In addition, it shows that my relationship with him is influencing my spiritual life heavily.

    8. The five of swords appearing in this position shows that I currently represent failure and defeat for him. This card also demonstrates his fear. Also this card shows that he may not trust me and/or he has mixed emotions about me. Also it could be representative of him thinking about our current geographical separation.

    9. The ten of cups reversed is the advice the tarot is giving for me to do for this relationship now. I do not understand this card in this place at all.

    10. The two of wands in this position is the card of impending success. This card is straightforward and is advising him to be patient and wait because things will work out in the end.

    11. The ace of wands reversed in the final outcome position shows that a new, passionate relationship could be the overall outcome but because it is reversed, there may be some delay or some obstacles in the way before this can occur.

    What does everyone else think? Feel free to challenge any of my interpretations or add anything you think I missed! Thank You šŸ™‚

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