Page of wands anyones interpretations please

  • Hi all

    Im studying this Page and i find the i cant get into what he/she is all about , i would appreaicates anyones insight

    Love andLight Loap:)

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  • Thankyou princessmeri16 i really appreaciate your help

    love and light Loap:)

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  • Hi LivingonaPrayer

    Page of Wands Stands near pyraamids, a symbol of spiritual aspiration.He looks at his wand suggesting his willingness to bring forth ideas and insperations into the world. He represents the will to pay attention, be aware of his intentions and motivations.The page of wands is receptive to lessons he is learning. He is learning about aligning what he believes is his will, with the one divine will.

    In short lessons to be learned and lessons learned. The will to further ones knowledge of the universe and divine Spiritual knowledge. A Learning process of any kind of Knowledge.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Some thoughts I am thinking about as well with the Page of wands card.The page card repesents youth.

    I was thinking this: Messenger of information. Depending on what the question was. This card could represent some information that has been asked for and is waiting for its arrival. Depending on where the cards fall. If it is reversed it could be that there is some question about the information being saught after. It might not be what the asker of the question in regards to the message wants to here. Might not be as positive as one was hoping for. Right side up could be a message of information of the question and was answered in a timely manner with good results.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Hi Queen of wands

    Thankyou so much for your interpretations i am studying all the pages in sequence one card a day yesterday i done the page of cups today page of pentacles but i was feeling stuck with page of wands im trying to learn all trait and aspects of each one as court cards are usually where i gert stuck on all the time in a reading . I was wondering i am really eager to learn everything i can on the subjest of tarot and have been trying for the last 7 years as well as trying to look after children and it has been hard to try and focus all my energy on it do you have any tips that you could share with me ?i am using the rider waite deck, i have many others but i seem to click with that one the most . i would really appreaciate your insight .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    I too use the same deck and have for many years now. The past several years it has been hard for me as well to get a good understanding reading from my deck. I have been getting many negative readings that I put them away. I have a program called tarot magic that I bought from this site many moons ago. It is now an older program for the computer but it still works.

    Now as you have looked at each card. Each card has different symbols on them through out the cards. Each card as you know is an element of the universe. For example the wands are fire, swords is air cups is water pentacles is earth. Each one of the elements also have their own meaning such as the cups being water would mean emotion, The swords being air would be thoughts thinking mental. the wands being fire would be desires a yearning for, creations. Pentacles would be material things, money financial or a material gain.

    Depending on the lay out and depending on where each card falls in what section they all corospond with each other. Most people use the Celtic Cross 10 card spread. Some just use the three card past present and future for a quick question and answer. I mostly would use the Celtic cross.

    There is a lot more to this and I do not know everything. My suggestion is as you look at the cards that you are studying take a good look see what you see in the cards for example with the page he has pyramids in the back ground and salamanders on his close. He is studying his wand. Maybe thinking of ideas or is analyzing his plan. Maybe thinking about how to give his message that he has to tell. Now when you are looking at the cards see what you feel about them do you get a positive or negative feeling? When you are done studying the cards even if it is a few at a time take them and lay them out shuffle them first and then lay them out and see what feelings you get. Then once you have then all studied to the best of your ability try a spread and ask a question. Then see what you come up with. You might do better with medicine cards or animal cards. As what I feel from you it might be the healing type of cards instead of the Rider Waite might not be for you at this time. Funny thing is I have a deck of Angel cards and took them out not to long ago. I did not do a reading but I did get a really good vibe from those cards. Better then what I have had from my tarot deck these days.

    There are many books out there to read and lots of info on the net these days. When I started out I used a book. Then after awhile I know longer needed the book. These days I feel like I need to go back to the books so I know how you feel. I was trying this year to get back in to my metaphysical self and have be diverted as have other things come up that I did not four see.

    Tomorrow will be a busy day for me but when I get a chance I will come back to this thread and give you more information. Thank you so much I am really glad that I could help you out. I will be back here tomorrow. It is now very late in my neck of the woods and I will go for now. I will be intouch.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Hi livingonaPray,

    Pages are youth carefree and I look at them as single. They can be male or female. They can be like teen agers or young children. If you look at a deck of cards you will see that the Jack would cover the pages of the tarot suit. Some decks of tarot consider the page to be like a prince. He would be younger then the king and Queen. The king is authority and the ruler of all. The Queen would be the ruler of her house very much like we are the head of the home for domestic reasons etc. However the Queen does have her own agenda.

    Now back to the page. In the realm of the Court of Royalty. The page stands at the foot of the king and is ready to do as the king asks. The king could ask him to deliver a message to someone in the court or to the Queen. Therefore they are also messengers. In the tarot they represent information coming. By mail, email or a phone call etc. As well as the young minded or a person looking for knowledge.

    The page can also represent a youth that is eager to help and willing to learn new things from the authority. Like a grown up or teacher or parent.

    Each group also has their own meaning as I stated early the cups is water/ emotion. This would be to the heart something that is very touching and dear to the seeker. When there are many cups in the spread one would think that the seeker is emotional about their question and concerned of what is going on in their life thus far. This could be about a relationship or a matter that is touching them deeply at the time of the reading. It can also represent that they are just very emotional and cry at the drop of a hat. This can also be someone that feels others pain and can have great sympathy. Just think as the cups filling up with water.

    Cups also represent Psyche, Heart,

    As with the Swords Air movement: The mind observation self-Image ego. Think of the swords as movement slicing through the air.

    As with the wands Inspiration, desires passion. Identifying goals. Spiritual power, ambitions, creativity, knowledge, learning. Spirit, Divine Spark. Think of that as working and studying hard to achieve what one wants to learn.

    The Pentacles: finances, goals Material wellbeing rewards for achievements prosperous times. The home, Money, Health Think of them as getting what one wants.

    Each major arcana card also represents the seeker of the question for example the King and Queen of Pentacles would be someone with dark hair and eyes. When you are doing a reading look to their hair color and eye color to give you a good idea of what card to use as their significator card. That would be a card that you would pull from the deck to represent them. King for men Queen for women and page for teenager or single, or college age.

    When you mentioned the page of wands I though this, a message from a learning institute, waiting for a letter of acceptance to a college that one would really want to go to.

    With each suit, each card, each one has their own description. It can get a bit tedious and takes time to really get a good grasp of the cards. So I hope I have helped you out here a bit and gave you some good information. Just keep practicing and it will come. Try doing a reading for someone and see if first once the cards are laid out that you can guess the question of the seeker. Once you have that then all should fall into place.If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. I like to share what knowledge I have and if I can help out I will.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • QueenofWands, just wanted to say thank you. When I read your line about the animal/medicine cards, something resonated with me deep within. It also goes to explain why I chose the Crow's Magick Deck to work with - it has animals on almost every card. 🙂

    Love & light to you,


  • Your are very welcome PisceanHealer Marc. I am glad you liked what I mentioned. I find that sometimes even though we have been using a particular deck of cards for so long and even though they have worked well for us. That when the time comes to advance or move on to something new and different. I know with myself that when looking for something to purchase be it metaphysical or anything else it has to kind of pick me. My Angel cards pick me when I was using the tarots. I felt at that time it was time for a change and time to advance on to a higher place in the realm of the Metaphysical.

    During my thread about did you know you made a mention to me about seeing things in my dreams. That use to be a big part of my metaphysical being. Once upon a time I could connect with the loved ones passed on through my dreams. I know longer have that beautiful connection. It is something I really miss as that was my way of validating that they were all ok and still with me. I do not want to change the subject here. Just thought I would mention that to you because you were the only one who hit on it.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • You may not be able to "see" them any more, but what have you truly lost? You know they are safe, you don't need any validation any more 🙂

  • Ohhh my thank you PisceanHealer, How true, How true you are.

    Your friend in tarot

    The Queen of wands

  • Hello all.

    Thankyou so much Queen of wands for really taking the time to help me learn by sharing your insights with me it means so much . I have many diferent tarot decks i am reading a book now called The Authentic tarot discovering your inner self and so far the author goes on about how the rider waite is good but its best for readers to try and not rely on imagery but when i do try and use another deck like native american tarot or even the mythic tarot it really throws me out of wack the main tarot deck dominated in this book is tarot of the marselles ive have that deck as well but again i cant click with it either . Ive been in a bit of a slump this morning so i havent been able to study my page of swords as id like to im so glad that pisean healer Marc who also has been a great friend who has helped me alot with tarot has joined us here, i tried on this forum starting many threads about tarot and got very disheartned as noone was interested in the subject and my whole reason for joining this site was to chat with likeminded people on the subject . Thanks once again i would love to chat with you more on tarot .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hello Livingonapray,

    You are very welcome and I am glad I could help out.One thing is I do hope I have not worn you out by all of what I have mentioned. I tend to go on and pull out all the knowledge my brain has about a subject that I am familiar with. I know exactly what you mean about the decks. The Marselles deck throws me as well that is one deck I cannot use. I too find the Raider Waite much better to understand. I have never been drawn to the medicine or American Native decks myself. I suggested those decks because I for some reason can see you getting a handle on them. However not all decks are for everyone.

    As for your reasons of being here I too came here to this forum to really learn more about the tarot and things of prediction nature and metaphysical world.I am mainly trying to reconnect with my metaphysical self. It has been a long time for me to get back in tune with it.

    I mostly lurk around and look and see what others are talking about. Once in a while I will pop into a thread and give some insight or knowledge if I have anything to share. By typing out the information that I gave to you, it also helped me remember things about the tarot that I had long ago locked away in my memory.

    Here is a book that might be of interest.Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot

    Description: A top tarotist's secrets to personal growth, one card at a time. The two volumes of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot students. It has often been described by readers, booksellers, and teachers as the "Bible of tarot readers." It is also often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot. There is also a book written by Arthur Waite that comes with the deck of cards but it would be the book not the cards that might be of interest.

    I would think that the book for the actual cards that you are using might be what you would want to get.

    Oh yes PisceanHealer Marc seems like one to be friends with. I thought it was so nice that Marc popped in and left me a message. I enjoy reading some of the posts that he replies to and reading some of his threads that he has started. I too think he is one that is very knowledgeable. Marc posted lots in my Did you Know thread. I enjoyed what Marc had to offer in that thread.

    Thank you Loap for letting me mention something to Marc in your thread here. That had been mentioned in my Did you know thread. I could have mentioned more to him in my short reply back but I did not want to change the subject of this thread. I will just say this that I am the Queen of Wands. When I read his reply I became the Queen of Cups. Oh my what can I say.

    As you know there is more yet about this tarot business. It is late here now and I must be off. I will post tomorrow about the Scarey Major Arcana Cards if you would like that information. Might I suggest that you journal your findings about your studies of these cards. If the infomation I have given you here is of real value then just copy and past it and save it to your word document program and then take you time and give it a read at your leisure.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Mags, don't look too hard for a deck to connect with. Stick with RWS. Many professional Tarot readers use that deck predominantly their entire career. Mary Greer's book, Tarot for yourself, actually encourages us to rely on imagery. So again, go with what feels right to you.

    One exercise I have found but haven't tried yet is to pick a card to study, then sit down and just look at it for a few minutes. Then close your eyes and imagine the card you picked getting bigger and bigger until it is the size of a door.

    Step through that door and into the card. Imagine it as a real living world. What can you see? What elements of the card can you recall? What elements of the card do you now notice that you didn't before? If there's a person present (like a Page or The Empress), talk to them. What do they have to say to you?

    Also take note of what you see, smell, hear and feel.

    Oh and I totally agree with QueenofWands; keep a journal of all your Tarot work. I think I told you how some Tarot cards fall off the top of my deck after I shuffle them. Well I write them in my journal so I can reflect on what message they had for me on that day.

    Love & light,


  • Hello to you both,

    Oh what a great idea PHMarc has about looking at the card and then closing your eyes to see it larger and then go through the door of the card. That is awesome. That is the way to really get in touch with the cards.

    As for your deck of cards the Raider Waite more then likely picked you. I know for me when I started reading the tarot it was the deck that picked me. Same with all my medaphysical tools. Today I will touch on some of the Major Arcana cards. I will come back to this thread and post it later.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • The Scarey looking cards M. A. plus there are more in the Minor Arcana

    Remember depending on where, and how they come into the spread.

    The Tower: when this is drawn people think oh my goodness we are in for it now.

    Not necessarily. If you look at this card it is built on a small foundation. Flames abound and lightening strikes. From what I have read it states a card of doom for the household or home of the seeker. However it really could mean just a rebuilding of ones ideas and getting ones house in order. Sometimes we have to reconstruct what we have made and remake it to make it better and stronger.

    Going back to the drawing board to get the plans of our intentions correct.

    Death: O O here comes the grim reaper knocking at my door.What this card could mean is the passing of a situation or a situation or a matter leaving the seeker. Again depending on where it is placed in the spread. Mostly this card would mean is this too shall pass. As every situation generally fades away. A new beginning a passing of the matter.

    The Devil: Some might think oh no the devil has me now. If you look at the card it is the lovers with the chains around their necks. Are they lossening them or tightening them? It looks like they are lossening them. One could say it means that as these lovers are bound to each other they are both breaking away from their old bad habits, attitudes bad relations toward each other. A breaking away of the negative.

    The Hanged Man: Turned upside down from his right standing position. When we stand on our heads the perspective of our position changes. When you stand on your head as in doing a hand stand the room would look upside down from your righted position. This card could mean a new prespective on the situation or life in general.

    The Hierophant: Who is this wise figure in my life the one that knows all. This card could suggest that you should look to your higher power. This could mean to look into yourself and listen to your inner voice and take out your weighing scales and way the pros and the cons and analyze the situation and come to your own conclusion. After all shouldn't one know what is best for them?

    I will save the Minor Arcanas for another time. Those cards are the five of Pentacles,the three of swords, the eight of swords, the nine of swords, the ten of swords. at least when I see these cards in a spread I want to redo my reading.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Hi Guys ,

    The page of swords has got me agian this time ive discussed this with Marc b4 some books say this pages message is one of gossip, malice and slander others say good news is coming while some say this page is mistrustful .Im still not sure how to interpret it .

  • I think your problem Mags is that you are trying to find one size fits all. The Page of Swords can mean everything you listed above. Which is the right one? Depends on the question, the querent, the spread, and the surrounding cards. But above all else, it depends on your intuition.

    Don't look too hard. Less thinking, more feeling. Tomorrow you may find a meaning in the card you hadn't even thought of before.

    Maybe it will help you to put the cards into the context of a reading. Or better yet, instead of picking a card to learn, ask the cards themselves for your daily reflection. That way you can trust your higher self to pick the card you are ready to learn, or will benefit more from learning at this time.



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