In what capacity does he see me - hex 14 unchanging

  • Hi everyone,

    Don't have much experience with Iching and did a reading, asking 'in what capacity does he see me fit into his life' and got hexagram 14, possession in great measure which says there's great progress and success. Can anyone tell me more about this hexagram and what it could be saying in this situation?

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  • I think as this hex follows o. From hex 13 which is fellowship usually meaning friends. Which you already have, um I think 14 is something usually very present the image now, as opposed to something we would like. Um I think I would even say that you have known this person a long time and have built on this.

    In my novice opinion I would say that he sees you as a valuable friend, he regards as your friendship as valuable asset. Which he wants to keep hold of. It's a positive reading.

    I am always nervous of offering of readings to people.

    It's always difficult with icing to ask questions about another, as sometimes the Iching mirrors back how we feel.

    So 14 could reflect how you feel about him and the esteem you hold for him ie you value his presence in your life and feel that he is very valuable to you.

    Umm perhaps a question more specific about you ie..... Given x's intentions towards me what is in my best interests.

    It'll hopefully I've you insight on how to behave towards him or what to have in mind purely from your perspective.

    X x

  • Thanks forevervirgo... This is exactly why i find iching tricky, not sure if it just mirrors my feelings. that's a good tip about the frasing of the question. i'll try it. i do feel it's a positive reading too. thanks again!

    x x

  • forevervirgo... do you know of a good source for getting to know more about iching? how long have you worked with it? some people find it's more precise than tarot...

  • Try online clarity do a search engine, not sure if I can mention it here but I find that a good website.

    I use the two coin method.

    So for each line I throw twice.

    First throw

    2 tails = 2

    2 tails = 3

    1 head and one tail = 3

    The second throw

    2 tails = 4

    2 tails= 6

    1 head and one tail = 5

    Adding the two numbers up

    6= changing yin line

    7= unchanging yang line

    8= unchanging yin line

    9 = changing yang line

    So for your hex 14 I would have perhaps drawn







    If I had of drawn day







    I would have read that as hex 14 changing line 6 transforming to Hex 34 as the yang turned into a yin.

    I would read the hanging line in this case to give me a bit more insight into my situation in this hypothetical example it says Fro heaven comes help, and the relating hex being applying to much force.

    So my reading from my understanding would be,

    This is possessing me great measure, I have something in great measure, don't apply too much force as it is the will of heaven to help me.

    But sometimes it can be. Gut feeling.

    I did a reading few months ago about my grandmothers illness....

    As in what do I need to know.....

    And the hex back came back was 18 [decay] with line 2 changing to 52 keeping still.

    It was spookily accurate.... Decay usually is associated with illness and words for word it described my grandmother and what panned out....the doctors decided they couldn't keep trying to make her better as she was suffering more as a result. 18.2 speaks about trying too hard to fixing things and the eventual outcome or the inside aspects of the situation that they would stop trying to fix things and keeping still I came to realise in her situation would be that she was laid to rest. At the time it didn't mKe sense,.....but sometimes with icing it has to sit with you for a while and it dawns on you what it meant.

    I have been using it for a year and I can say it has given me better handle on how I handle myself as situations can become so heavy.

    Predictions can be hard with any method....

    But settling your mind or understanding dynamics of a situation it definitely has worked for me.

    Sometimes it can actually work for others as the energy from yourself can cloud your own readings.

    I've done a few readings for my friend un beknownst to her as I was very worried about a man she was seeing and how it would affect her, my readings for her have actually been more accurate than those I have made for myself.

    Hoping you gain the insight that you are seeking x

  • Oops it should have read

    For the first throw 2 heads = 2

    2 tails = 3

    nd one head and one tail = 3

    There is also the token method using beads which is also good and mentioned on online clarity x

  • Lol I think it must be the time

    Same error with the second throws I have tails on the mind

    2 heads= 4

    2 tails= 6

    one head and one tail= 5

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