Here I am again - with another question... please help

  • Hi,

    It just happens to be so many things happening. My life seems so colorful.

    Recently, I got good news with my career. It's just too good to be true that make me keep saying "thank you, God" every night before go to bed.

    And here is another thing. I've just met a guy. Yes, He's just too good to be true too. He's exactly what my charming prince is (yes, I'm silly).

    I never got lucky with my love life before. And when I met him, I were so frustrated. I'm just too scare that it's just a dream. And maybe, I'm living in my dream right now. I know, it's just too soon to say anything, but deep down, I still hope this is real. I don't know if he likes me or not. We've just met and had few small talk.

    I'm 26 years old. And this age, I can't be sitting and waiting. I have to do the action. But, when I'm thinking of him, I feel like I'm just a dust in this world.

    I'm sorry. I don't know his birthday (too afraid to ask him). I just know that he was born in July, 1983

    (I guess he's Cancer, since he's shy, sensitive). His place of birth is Seoul, Korean

    My DOB is March 26,1985 - Tay Ninh, Vietnam

    Thank you in advance.

  • Having low faith and doubt will not help. By using " ambiguos readings" will not exalt integrity and believing. Astro will tell you ambigous qualities but does it tell you compatibility? NO. Does astro tell you he has doubs about you, or blockages, or you have doubt, does it tell about someonesd willingness and preparedness for a relationship? Dont think so. No he is not a cancer because he is shy and sensisitive.....he is shy and senssitive. I have met many men that are shy and sensitive..shy and sensitive says soemthing..shy being a bit afraid or insecure.....not as social...Never jumo to just met, hoe do you kniw other than one dymensional that he is the "prince" sounds child like...go with the flow and take it for what it is in the now. You just met and are already this attached to the idea of him as the one......patience and perseverence.

  • This is Premature. Again I would not jump to a conclusion. This energy can push people away and no zodiac will tell you about this. many men dont like when thye find out that woman refer to them as a standardized zodiac that is in no way giving Justice to their astute years and real person they are.

  • Hello ut_it,

    Things are looking good for you. You don't have anything to fear here. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. 🙂

  • I feel you should take a step back and take things as they come. Don't don't get ahead of the situation and let things come to you at their own time. See what develops.

  • hi,

    Thank you for your answers. I really appreciated

    We are network friend for about 2-3 months. Then, we met up in person (just last Saturday).

    We didn't see each other via webcam. Just simply few pictures.

    I actually like him before meeting up in person.

    I don't do anything to be too approach to him. I don't want to scare him away as a friend.

    I want to take a step back. But the feeling is already there. I don't know how to do that. I work for 16 hours a day and I still think of him.

    I'll try to make myself more busy..

    If he's the one, he'll come around.

    I don't like to hope, because if I hope someone will take it away..

    Thank you

  • What is yours cannot be taken away.

  • PisceanHealer is right. No one can take away your hope.

    And it's okay to hope. Just remember to always be prepared if things don't work out the way you want.

    But again, take things slowly. Don't rush ahead of things because he may not be the type to move as fast. It's okay to hope for something with him but live in the moment and don't try to push for something unless you both are ready for it.

  • yep. I could understand. I shouldn't jump for conclusion too soon.

    And I deserve for good things.

    🙂 just let see what happen in next few months...

    I wish I could share my luck with others..

  • Yes ut_it....affirm........I am open and deserving to a divine relationship and I share this energy with otheres.

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