Anyone care to offer some insight in to a spread?

  • Hi there,

    Piscean Healer did a spread for me. This was his question: "For Sheelagh's greater good and for her husband's and everyone involved, what does she need to know regarding her husband, her situation and her husband's career"

    And these are the cards he drew with his interpretation:

    I do have to say I didn't see your husband in the spread at all. And the career I felt coming through was something you are personally involved and interested in. I would say this is your Reiki career. Overall, you seem to have some difficult decisions to make regarding your relationship. It feels like there is a lot of potential for your Reiki career, but your husband won't be a part of it.

    Anyway the cards:

    1. The current situation. Ace of Coins. I feel as if there is a potential for making money here, a new career.

    2. What crosses you. 7 of Swords. Your current challenge is deciding which direction to go, which path to take. You have to decide what you want to cultivate and what you need to leave behind. This is actually a tricky and difficult position for you to be in. There is a sense of loss. Possibly significant loss involved with the decision, but what you are left with is a better, easier, more clear cut choice or set of options. Take special care that you identify what you value the most so that it's not inadvertently lost along the way.

    3. The basis of this situation. 8 of Wands. The position you find yourself in has arisen because of a need to better yourself and your situation. You want to exceed or surpass what you currently have. This is not greed. This is the yearning for better. You'll happily take or settle for "less" (less money, or some other material item like a smaller house) as long as it is "better". There is also a desire to integrate what you have learnt into your life, again for the purposes of bettering it.

    4. Past influences, no longer bearing influence. 2 of Swords reversed. A partnership has failed. It is no longer in balance. It is out of harmony and not serving the greater whole. You will have realised this a long time ago. Basically instead of fighting for a common cause, you and your partner have taken up arms against each other. Neither are truly willing to compromise, or compromise is not possible at this point.

    5. Your goals, your aims, your ideals. The Fool, reversed. There is an uncertainty and an unwillingness to move forward. To experience new things. There is also a great dissatisfaction with illusions and fantasies. You are no longer interested in what you have learned is false. You realise that your happiness is based on an illusion and you can no longer ignore it.

    6. The near future. 6 of Coins. You will be given a gift or some sort of assistance. It will be very practical assistance; financial aid, sound advice. Whatever it is, you will feel as if you have been gifted with something which will be of great benefit to you in your current situation. Something much needed, something that will see you through.

    7. You, how you see yourself. 5 of Wands. You are in turmoil. You are fighting an inner battle and even if you feel like you have won, since you are fighting yourself, a part of you will feel as if it has lost. Your inner doubts and fears are on one side, your intuition and your higher self is on the other.

    8. Your environment, outside influences. 4 of Wands. You have a lot of support available to you. This is both in the physical world and the spiritual one. These allies, these guides are lining up behind you, lending you their strength and lifting you up. Giving you stamina to see yourself through this situation. Like the wolf howling at the moon, connect to whatever empowers you. Something that is outside of you.

    9. Your hopes and fears. King of Swords reversed. You realise that the choice is yours to make, but you are afraid of making the wrong decision. You are worried about making a poor judgement call. At the same time, knowing that you are in control, that it is you that gets to make the judgement call, gives you strength and hope. Turn your situation around. Are you really cursed, or are you truly blessed?

    10. Outcome. 3 of Swords. I am sorry Sheelagh, but this is the card of pain, grief, and heartache. It can signify the end of a relationship, a break up. In some ways this is the card that says "the truth will out", but you will already have sensed this "truth". It won't be a bolt out of the blue for you. Conversely, it may come with a sense of relief. Tension will break and "hearts" will be allowed to heal and move on. I am also inclined to point out that this heartache could be what results if you give up on your ideas, your dreams, your career.

    Does anyone want to add anything/ does anyone have any insight?

    Blessings to you all and once again thanks to Marc,


  • Marc added this:

    Anyway, I asked the cards "For Sheelagh and her husband's higher selves, and the good for all involved, what does she need to know about her relationship with her husband"

    I drew the following:

    Knight of Cups reversed, 6 of Cups, 8 of Wands reversed.

    The Knight of Cups is actually about emotional ups and downs. The fact that it is reversed indicates that emotions are very much down right now. Unsurprisingly. But it also indicates that there is not much love felt here at the moment, or that it isn't as deep as it once was. It could also indicate that there are one or more blockages to feeling deeply in love again.

    The 6 of cups is reminiscing about the past, nostalgia. There is very much the sense of looking back going on here. Back to how things used to be.

    The 8 of wands reversed signals that things are moving very slowly if at all. In fact the situation may have become stagnant and/or stale.

    I did feel drawn to turning three more cards over, they were:

    Knight of Coins, 2 of Swords, King of Swords

    Think of this as further information, or clarification on the cards above.

    The Knight of Coins signals that things will start moving forward, but at a very slow pace. Nowhere near as quickly as they should be. I do feel that this represents your husband. Slow, sluggish, disinclined or just plain slow to put up a fight. (As in doing what he should be doing. What you feel he should be doing).

    The 2 of Swords shows that balance can potentially be restored. It looks like two people are prepared to sort things out and they have lowered their swords. Or at least pointed them in a downward position, even if they haven't actually put them down.

    The King of Swords could very well be you. The head of the family, the one responsible for making good and sound judgements. You will be the source for motivation to solve problems and generally find better ways of doing things.

    I just went back to the cards and asked for the outcome. I turned over:

    The Lovers, The Fool, 7 of Swords

    I feel that there is definitely a difficult choice to be made here, but it has the potential for a new beginning for you. You will however, experience significant loss. You will feel as if something has been taken from you, that you have been robbed.

    Despite my shuffling and cutting of the deck, a lot of the cards that turned up in the Celtic Cross are turning up again. There is a connection between the two readings here. They are not separate issues.

  • A celtic spread states the obvious. So look at your sitruation with logical and practicality there is th bulk of the spread. If you do not understand Tarot even with it interpreted you should not be applying it to situations that are complex. You have to have your own hold on it confidently. You cannot ask tarot about two other peoples problems for another reader to do.....that is not very ethical either..Do not expect acuracy. A higher self is a spirit self...that is the will of those people to address. That information comes from meditation. This spread and reading is pointless. Tarot also only captures the advice for the energy based of what is carried at that moment.

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  • Thank you for the feedback rapunzle444. The intention of the question was very clear, not as important as the wording. The seeking of answers, the reaching for help in the first place also came from a place of love. To belittle someone's problems and label their reading as pointless shows a considerable lack of compassion and tact.

  • I was asking about my own problems not about other peoples and seeing as this website is called tarot dot com I kind of imagined there would be a lot of forum members who are interested in tarot and would be interested in reading a spread and maybe adding their own view on it.

  • Archangel Michael, please protect those seeking guidance and help on this thread. Please also protect those who seek to assist with their healing messages and who come from a place of love.

    Archangel Raphael, please help those in need of medical assistance to seek it and to understand that there is no shame in doing so.

  • Raphael...

  • me likey. 🙂

  • actually I could interpret WG' s message

    message in a way that the last bit makes me roflmao.

    Hugs to you WG for putting a smile on my face and love the pics.

  • I think it was a great reading Marc and i totally agree with you Sheelagh i myself am very dissapointed with the lack of people on here who are actually interested in tarot or learning it for that matter .

    Love and Light Loap:)

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