How would you feel if a guy says this to you?

  • We must have an mutual agreement and understanding to call each other on our mistakes and faults and errors!! It is our duty as friends to correct each other and ourselves, with humility, when we are wrong!! To hold ourselves to less would be diminishing!! We would only be betraying ourselves, for we must behave in accordance with who we want to be!! In the words of Niall Ferguson,"Its NOT the fault of the mirror if it reflects our blemishes as clearly as our beauty"....WHAT IS HE SAYING??

    Im a Pisces

    He is a Cancer!

  • He's questioning you. Partly because he doesn't trust you, but also because he wants to get to know you better. He is seeking an open and honest relationship, but beware as the truth may scare him back into his shell. I think this will be him having to face his truth not yours.

    I get the feeling you'll be the one reminding him of his words.

    Love & light to you,


  • I have a slightly different take from my own experience.

    He is speaking of mutual trust. That you must trust in each other. That you both alawys speak from the heart and never from a place of wanting to harm. That when he says something it is always from the standpoint of keeping YOUR best interests at heart. No second quessing, no looking for hidden agendas. He only speaks the truth as he sees it and like a mirror there is no intent to change you or harm you just show you. What you do with the information is for you to say. He expects the same in return.

    I understand this, I can so easily see me saying this. BUT I also know that very few understand it or get it and that when in reverse; I probably do not either.

    It's supposed to work both ways but rarley does. I hope it does for you two. It must come first from the heart. But just in case do plese save his words on a piece of paper not to throw in his face but to show him the mirror.


  • to both of you: I really Like you think he may have feelings for me or no?

    I hadnt heard from him in 2 weeks then he texted me saying" Sorry you havent heard from me in a while...Being that I havent been around for so Long" people are too disengaged"...idk if he was indirectly to me. He's been asking to see me but Im in college and summer school and I wont be home till june, I think he feels neglected idk..but then he says " At the end of the day I have the utmost respect for what your doing?...your take on it?

  • Yeah, it does seem like he is interested. I'd say he is testing the waters, keen to move forward but doesn't want to rush anything.

  • He must have a Virgo ascendent. Pointing each other's mistakes and faults all the time sounds like heading for a trouble to me. It's an idealistic idea but it can easily turn into constant criticism and put downs. Doesn't sound like a very sensitive chatacter, in fact I'd watch out for abusive patterns there.

  • No Voply soply he is

    Sun sign: Cancer

    Moon sign:Sagg

    Rising:Aries...such a contradiction right?!

    Sun sign: Pisces

    Moon sign: Gemini

    Rising: Sagg...all 3 of our signs are compatible

    he is a great person but also he has some jealously and possesiveness in him...As a pisces I like that just a little bit but too much of it will make me swim at the bottom of the ocean.

    last month I told him Im free spirit but I'll NEVER go against my morals. Now anyone that knows me I speak those words wholeheartdly and with truth.. he replied back saying" DONT forget why Im there(college) in the first plac

  • continue: and dont have sex with alot of guys and said u have to try everything at least once and then said ''have I"?...I think he was just tgrying to analyze me, because everyone that knows me says that Im a mysterious by nature.

  • Just be careful with his jelousy and posessiveness. They tend to increase with time.

  • To be honest I think I picked up a bit on his jealousy when reading your first post - hence why I said he doesn't quite trust you. And which is why you need to be careful.

    Overall I think his questions are very probative, he's not really coming out and saying exactly what is on his mind. And he knows it as well. I want to call it mind games, but without the usual connotation of maliciousness or stigma usually associated with such things.

  • SO do you think Im dealing with a insecure person?

    I attend syracuse university a VERY popular school nationwide..I always tell him about the fun I have...BUT also make it clear Im a focus, grounded 3.4 gpa student.

    Also he said: I take major breaks because est Ive havent been around for so long I feel people are too disengeged?"...Do you guys think he was being indirect towards me? or am I overthinking that statement?

  • No, he is being indirect with you. What I label "mind games". You are wise to play it safe. To tell him that you are a free spirit and that you will never compromise on your morals. It may actually be why you intrigue him so much 🙂

  • lol okay thank you...I will keep you updated:)

  • This is the way I feel you could handle this.

    There is no way as of yet what it going through his mind. There could be a few different reasons why he all of a sudden asked and told you all those things.

    I would reply to him. I would be honest and say how I really felt about things. If he does just want to know you better then he will know where you stand on those important issues. Take things one step at a time. Things will reveal themselves in due time as to why he really wanted to know these things and then you can deal with them as they come. Don’t assume you know what he’s thinking and if you want, ask him if he could share what he thinks about those situations as well.

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