• Hi Shee ,

    I have started the thread but please dont worry if you cant reply to me on a daily basis i will understand and i will also understand if your posts are short i hope you are having a beautiful sleep and you wake feeling refreshed in the best of health .

    Take care big sis sending an abundance of peace and light 2 u

    Lots of love lil sissy MAGS xx

  • Hi Mag's,

    Chopper 9 reporting in...Chopper 10

    I actually thought I would have seen aka Pedro "seehorse" responding" lol.

    I just wanted to let you know I have found your post, its good to have our chats back up and running.

    love and light

    Namaste Mag's


    hugs to you, D, and the children always.

  • Hi Shee,

    I hope all is well ive had a busy day running here and there i allowed myself an hour of me time to watch one of my favourite shows (A Haunting ) while the little one was at kinder . I hope all is well with you hope you are having a great sleep .

    Take Care Namaste love and light Mags xx

  • 🙂


    What did I tell you Mag's ROTF LMAO

  • Hi Mag's.

    I have spent a quiet day, not too much on the threads today..But i did want to check in on you and see how M as been doing? Still liking her new school? Has puberty kicked in like K's...not knowing where our little girls went hehe.Is hubby still looking for another Job? OK no more questions haha.OK one more :).Has he taken any further action with his other job?

    Hope your day has started off great, I'll be on for another hour or so...

    Love ya Sissy Mag's


  • oops picture did not go through, i'll try again.

  • Hi Shee,

    M is doing ok i havent had many issues lately i think alot of it had to do with starting a new school and all now she is settled in she seems much happier i thought about little K the other day Delila song was on tv is she still singing? as she has a lovley voice . I ve been trying to study my cards in the little free time that i have D has gone to work at his new job but hes not happy he keeps waking up during the night with sore arms ive told him to leave as its only casual anyway but he wont hes a working class man he wont give up no matter how hard anything is he reminds me of the penatcle court cards in the tarot hard working my mum has often said that she thinks hes a work a holic . I hope that you are feeling ok have you looked into high school for K yet? Where has the time gone it seems like the year 2000 was only yesterday..

    Yes Seehorse lmao you my friend are a breath of fresh air to these stifled forums of late .

    I hope you are having a nice evening Shee

    Take care love and light


    lil sissy Mags xx

  • 1 day and no reply?! Sister Nun Shee are you Ok? I'm worried....

  • Hey Bro,lol

    hi mags, noway! thinking about k going to high school puts my head spinning and i do that

    no! see horsey go to your room lol

    i think if i had the finances, which one day it could happen, i would put k into a private HS, our high schools here are not much to choose from, mind you i think its all over not just here where i live,,,there are so many bullies out there that now they are in our elementary schools...Yes, K is singing she lives for it, she sings everything and anything, she writes her own songs...Today was sports day, do you have that in Australia? it poured rain here AGAIN!!!! so they had it inside the school...Is it still summer there Mags. and when do the kids get out again for vacation..Krista's summer holidays start near the end of June then they go back I think around the 7th of September.

    Hopefully D will find another job soon...and all will be well again..just got to beleive...

    I'm still looking for my Angel cards, since we moved here last July, i have no idea where they disappeared to...thats it mags, I've had a quiet day doing some journaling...krista is off tomorrow for teachers conference or what ever the teachers do on these days off lol.

    talk to you soon k, sissy

    love and light today and always.



    PS my new chopper attatched

  • Hi Shee,

    I just typed you a post and when i about to press submit when E (my eldest son )pressed escape and it deleted the whole thing off i was fuming as you know that i only have limited time on the computer as it is i hope all is well i understand what you mean about high school i feel exactly the same but the school i have them in now has a high school next to it which has a great reputation and i can drop them and pick them up all in the one place which will make life easier . Is little K on superclubs ? maybe her and M could meet up on there it is run through the schools and teahers are moderaters . Im sorry Shee i must go i pray that you are feeling great and in the best of health . oh and we are in winter now just started .

    Take care lots of peace , love and light Namaste Lil sissy Mags xx

  • Hi Mags, I'll find out if k is on that site, you never know 🙂

    I've had another quite day, head aches have been back now one too many weeks, i am going to Dr's. see if they can speed up an appointment. Gosh its been since December i can't believe they can't even book an appointment...Don't worry though the pain hasn't caused a trip to the emergency room thank God...I'm just not feeling my self sissy...

    Take good care of yourself ok...protect yourself, love and light to you D and the children..

    Namaste Mags


  • Hi Shee,

    Take care i hope you are feeling better soon feeling a bit down at the moment the kids are driving me crazy , have a great weekend

    L&L Mags

  • Hey Shee! You spread so much love and sunshine around the forums with your lovely, inspiring pictures and cheery demeanor, don't forget to give some of that love and devotion to yourself too, sweetie! You keep me going with your love and caring. I am sending you some positive energy and you take care of you too!!

    Love you,


  • Hi Big Siss Shee

    Chopper 10 just checking in to see if chopper 9 is ok i pray that you are in the best of health and happiness .

    Lot of love and hugs lil sissy MAGS xx

  • Hi Sunshine ,

    I hope all is well .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • 🙂

  • Aweeeeee

    Hi Sunshine,

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu...what a beautiful comment:) Thinking of you and the L's, praying that your home is just around the corner...Keep your spirits up also, OK.:)

    Love and Light



    I LOVE IT WHEN I SEE YOUR LITTLE Smilies around the threads, love you to siesta!

    @MAGS, LITTLE SISSY, damn caps follow me everywhere lol...i'm hanging in, but the saw is ready to unleash the pressure in my head...Talk to my Dr. yesterday and the appointment for the neurologist has not even been booked, i am so frustrated that this has been over 6 months soon. But of course I am relieved because of the CT scan I received months ago was clear, just a few cob webs ROTFLMAO!

    Peter came by last night, he needed some "shee" time, his mothers cancer has spread now to her brain, after all her other cancers shrunk, even the one in her brain that was first diagnosed but others are forming rapidly:( All i can do is be there for him right now, but I'm also feeling helpless:(

    give me a call if you want, I'm hooked up to skype now but not camera, just instant messaging:) we can figure out a time, with our crazy time zones.

    Hang in there Mags, everything is the way it is suppose to be right now, though it may not be what you are wanting or needing at this time, but big sis promises you that your life will settle down, but you have to stop fighting it:) !!!!!!! Now what are big sisters for...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, when do I get to be a little sister? lol..."I feel a SeeHorse comment coming my way lol!"

    Namaste to all

    Love, light,blessings,peace,healing and laughter, being sent to all of you attached with a gigantic Universe Hug!


  • Now why people always expect me to post stoopid pictures ? Do people think i can't be serious ? That i have feelings too ? That i cannot post something like this ? If people think i'm just a joking fool...

  • WELL ,THEY ARE RIGHT !!! buahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaahahahaha

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