Is it Virtual- Reality -or anNothing love connection ? Need insight ;)

  • met a guy a few months ago . long distance we have been speaking and skyping everyday since we meet .it was really starting to develop into something . it felt really good and right and totally connected . i was thinking WOW a really cool modern love affair via virtual world 😉 it could happen right ??

    but now im thinking perhaps its nothing 😞 ....but maybe it is something . the last week he has been not so available . and i do feel somewhat disconnected from him right now . question is he is not so interested anymore ...or am i wrong on this , and should i give it a breather and more time and let things unfold and blossom into reality?.

    we had a plan that i go meet him . to make it official . ( 5 hour flight ) and we would work on some very interesting projects together traveling along with all the other love relationship stuff .

    one part still feels this is going to turn into something really great . the other part of me is saying..hah ! wasting time and this is nothing forget it and move on ! im a bit confused . advice needed and so appreciated . blessings

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