June 2011: The Rising

  • a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

    Coiled within you has been All That You Are. Waiting. Hiding, perhaps. Resting. Growing stronger and more powerful. This All That You Are is now ready, nearly ready, to begin to make its way upward and outward into the light. Thus begins The Rising.

    You may think of this as kundalini. Do you know it? Kundalini is the sleeping serpent that lies within you — your potential, your corporeal life force. Sri Ramana Maharshi said that the kundalini is the natural energy of the Self, the Self being the universal consciousness that lies within every human being. And that is so. The way to expose the kundalini is self-realization, knowledge of one's True Self, awakening of inner knowledge.

    Can you not feel this within you? As what was not needed within you was burned away in the inner fires of May, now your True Self lies exposed, vulnerable perhaps, but ready to begin to emerge upward and outward into being and into the light you shine upon it. This process is not happening TO you; you are creating it by inviting your own awareness of Self, awareness of your joys, desires, faults and shortcomings, and welcoming all of that exquisitely human panoply into awareness and being. You are You. That is enough.

    How any of us truly know that we are enough, right now, in this moment, as we are? You may notice a tightening, a contraction, as you read these words. Enough? you say to yourself? Why, no. I must be More. I must try harder. I must be a better person.

    Those are all worthwhile goals, but in order to fully accept All That You Are you must first know yourself intimately. Your deepest desires and fears. Your joys, your warts, your inner tremblings. Know yourself and allow all that you know to rest in a space of love. You do not have to actively love all those things within you in order to allow them to be bathed in love and therefore made ready for your inner and conscious acceptance.

    Here is a practice that will assist you in allowing All That You Are to be bathed in a space of love, to assist you in becoming ready for The Rising, the emergence of your inner power.

    Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose. Part your lips slightly and breathe out through your mouth. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Rest in this breath for a moment before going on.

    Next, relax your hands and focus your awareness on your fingertips. Whatever position your hands are in now, simply allow them to rest where they are and become aware of your fingertips. Ten fingers, each at the tip of the energy flow that begins in your heart, or your hara, deep in the center, the core, of your Being. Imagine then that from deep within you, in each breath arises some of the Truth of who you are. It bubbles up naturally. You do not have to force it. It bubbles up and travels down your arms, through your hands, and into your fingertips. Allow this energy to gather there in your fingertips for a few breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Now that you are acutely aware of your fingertips, connect them together, one hand to the other through the tips of the fingers and thumb, as if you hold a grapefruit between your hands. Look at the sphere inside your hands now, as this connection is made from fingertip to fingertip. Imagine that All That You Are is contained within that sphere inside your hands and that as you breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth, you rest in the Love that is contained within the infinite space inside your heart. Each breath bathes you yet again in the infinite Love.

    A few more breaths and you are complete. You may practice this daily during the month, and doing so will assist you in allowing your True Self to emerge with grace and ease.

    By month's end, you will have a clearer picture of All That You Are, and you will have made yourself ready to begin to shine a light upon your True Self so as to be able to offer it as a gift to the world around you. How this looks will vary from person to person and depends on your unique strengths and gifts, but rest assured that by month's end you will know more about those gifts and will be acting more from your power, incorporating All That You Are into each breath, each gesture, and each word. Know too that as you shine light upon your inner True Self your fears will dissipate, much like shining a light on the scary nighttime shapes you once saw in your bedroom as a child changed those shapes into things that were tangible and friendly. So, too, will your inner fears and tremblings become your friends, the more light and breath you give them. By month's end you will breathe in a way that connects you to your heart, to the hearts of those around you, and to the heartbeat of the planet.

    What to Expect This Month


    Just as in the last two months you unearthed long-hidden parts of yourself, this month you practice bringing them out into the light. That's right, now comes the test: you may choose to show yourself, your True Self, to others. Never fear, it will not be as if your drawers are suddenly dropped and you are standing in the spotlight, pants around your ankles, naked and vulnerable. No, if you continue to connect to your heart and to your breath, all will be well. Your hidden True Self will emerge slowly, softly, a bit shyly perhaps, but gently. And be welcomed warmly. Yes, this is the month to begin to believe that who you are inside – your True Self, All That You Are – is as wonderful as the True Self that you see in others.

    Affirmation: I AM the miracle I see around me.


    What happens when two scared children confront each other, each too afraid to admit he is scared, each too proud to admit his vulnerability? That's right: they fight. Beware the effects that the fears of those closest to you may have on you this month. Remember, too, that as challenging, uncomfortable, or joyful your own rising-into-the-light process may be for you, so it is as well for the people you love most. Be kind. Give space. Taste your reactions before you speak them: are they bitter? Sweet? Speak sweetly and with kindness. Speak to others as if you are speaking to the scared child within yourself.

    Relationships that weather this time of potential tension become much deeper, stronger, and passionate than they were before. How could they not, now that the breath of life, of True Self, of the coiled serpent within has been breathed into them? More of You interacts with more of the people around you, giving you far more juice and life than you ever felt possible. And this is only a start. What comes after this month is an exponential increase of what you move through now. Remember that and allow it to give you something to hold onto when you are afraid and are confronted with the fears of those you love.

    Affirmation: I AM showing my heart to those I love.


    A big part of the 2012 changes and all that comes afterward will be changes to how we interact with one another in community. The old models are failing. Some of us hold onto them more tightly and some let go, but together we all are creating change. Try to remember that this is a dance we dance together, in global partnership, and that each of us plays a part in the overall growth we experience as a species. Not one of us is more important than another, and we are all connected in some way. We all breathe the same air. We all drink the same water. We all walk the same earth.

    And as the month progresses we find that the first glimmerings of change in how we commune are occurring. What does this look like? Since we are still a very political people with a strong sense of boundaries and rules, then we begin by working within that framework. Again, the old models are failing and new ones will be built and tried on. This month shows some of the spectrum of this type of change. Cities and towns are becoming disillusioned with governmental process. Big political change begins at a local level, so local politics – perhaps in your community – is the first to change significantly. Local elections bring surprises. Other types of communities are also experimenting with newer models of interaction, so look for significant change in rules, structure, and hierarchy in all types of communities.

    Affirmation: I AM breathing in harmony with everyone around me.

    Global Politics

    Here is where things begin to become interesting this month. Expect some serious upheavals in some major governments, things like scandal, assassination, and military coup. Likely countries experiencing these kinds of shakeups are: Thailand, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, the U.K., Germany, Poland, and Russia.

    As ripples spread outward from inner change becoming external this month, you may expect conflicts and misunderstandings to occur. Today's culture spreads such conflict easily through the media, often exposing things and exploding them into a far larger situation than might have occurred without media attention and overexposure. Be vigilant, then, in listening to your heart when it comes to political news, and attempt to feel with your heart rather than blindly trusting what you read or hear. You may find it necessary to tune out and turn off the news this month as a result, allowing you to feel with your inner sense and to remain connected to your True Self, your All That You Are, rather than to your old, burned-away patterns of fear.

    Affirmation: I AM dreaming change into being.

    Earth Changes

    Wind and storms involving wind, whether they are tornadoes, hurricanes, or wind-fanned wildfires, will figure prominently this month. All that has been burned away must now be swept clean. Gaia is cleaning house this month.

    This is the month, then, to be a willow. The oak tree stands firm but falls in the face of strong winds, whereas the supple willow bends and dances with the wind but does not break. Use this in your own life this month as you learn to dance and sway with the winds that swirl around you.

    Other earth changes this month involve new scientific discoveries about the nature of man's impact on the planet as well as a renewed focused interest on the future of the species as relates to the planet. Man is reviewing his impact on the planet and relationship with not only the other inhabitants of the planet but with the system as a whole. What impacts whom? If I breathe out in Taiwan, what does that do in Belgium? Impact from ripples sent ever outward are examined this month and governments and other communities begin to bring structure to a plan that might well serve us into the future.

    Affirmation: I AM listening to the heartbeat of the planet.

    Global Spiritual Changes

    As 2011 moves toward its second half, the focus begins to shift to the What Comes Next for all of us. So, not only will many of us be bringing our Inner Selves out into the light we shine upon them, but we will also be looking ahead and outward into our collective What Comes Next. For some, this looks like increased inner awareness. For others, it brings messages of hope and inspiration from many sources. For still others, it looks like connection to a calm, centered place that arises from the center, the core, of the planet.

    Remember that the work you do with yourself to bring your All That You Are out into the light you shine upon it impacts everything around you and assists others in shining their own light. The more work you do for yourself and the more joy within which you rest, the more you give of yourself to the planet.

    Affirmation: I AM courageous enough to live the life I dream.

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