Need help interpreting a reading.

  • I am somewhat new to Tarot cards and could use some help intrepreting a reading I just did. I used a Celtic Cross spread and the Llewellyn Tarot Deck. I focused on a relationship between myself and a guy friend, nothing specific, just wanted some extra insight into our friendship. I feel I am a bit too close to correctly interpret the spread and any help will be greatly appreciated. The cards in order are:

    1)Judgement, 2)Temperance, 3)Ace of Wands, 4)The Chariot, 5)Wheel of Fortune, 6)Two of Cups, 7)Ace of Cups, 8)The World, 9)Queen of Pentacles, and 10)Nine of Wands.

    From so many Major Arcana cards, I feel that this is an extremely important relationship to me. I have some ideas on some of the positions of the cards, but because I am so new, I am feeling some self-doubt. Hoping someone can give me some clarity on this topic.

    Love and Blessings.

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