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  • Hey mark i am asking a favor would you see if i have a animal spirit guide and what it is ,i will say i feel guided by all of them at times or like i am them kinda weird but that's the only way i can explain it ,but my birth is August-19-1951-9:35 am Thanks my Friend and if you want to know why your getting upset with the way others act or do or the little things that irritate you ,it is releasing the old part of self and our ego that causes conflict with others so let it out and be rid of it if we hang on to it we stay sick or irritated by it .But when we confront it by writing about it and saying it we are exposing it to Truth and it cannot live in truth and it loses its power over us .

    One thing i try to remember is the height of self centerness for me is thinking i know whats best for someone cause i dont only Father knows that and my guides and higher self because they are in and living in total truth. Love Ya Tooter

  • Thanks Tooter. I do feel better for writing it all out. I will ask your animal guide to show itself to me through my cards. But I agree, I think you have a whole zoo of them lol. They support you everyday.

    It may be your avatar and/or your star sign, but I feel there is a great Lion at your side. He is your protector and your guide. A source of strength and inspiration to you. You may be able to hear or feel his roar or somehow "know" when he does.

    Lion's medicine is about leadership, truth, nobility and power. Lion can be both playful and calm, or serene. This quiet demeanour is balanced with a fierceness. Woe unto anyone who dares cross a Lion! Especially when it comes to family. Lions also demonstrate a willingness and a responsible attitude towards society. Also, Lion knows the art of timing. He knows when it is time to stop to rest and when it is time to continue. It may look like Lion is slow, laid back, almost lazy, but when it is time to pounce, this great cat will always be first to the mark.

    Tooter, I asked the cards and Coyote, Skunk and Whale have come forward for you. I don't think these are your power animals, that would be Lion, but these animals have played (and may continue to play) a significant part in your life. In many ways they have shaped you into the person you are. Especially the later part of your life.

    Coyote's medicine is about not taking anything too seriously. It's learning to laugh at our mistakes, to see the funny side of things and to remember that laughter is truly the best medicine. Coyote also teaches how to be resourceful and to adapt to new situations as they arise. Again there is a strong sense of family, particularly children. There is also a trust and connection with Spirit to find the answers you seek.

    I don't think Coyote has been with you all your life, but he has been walking by your side for a long time now.

    Skunk has a reputation. One that many people fear, but everyone respects. In fact this little animal positively commands respect but to those that truly understand its nature, that respect is well earned. Even deserved for all the right reasons. You are much the same way Tooter, like your Skunk guide you command respect and it is given, but when people get to know the real you, they truly respect you for all the right reasons. They realise they have nothing to be wary of or to fear.

    You probably find you are able to attract certain types of people into your life. Sometimes they are good people, sometimes they are "bad", but they all have one thing in common if you look hard enough.

    Will power, self-confidence, self-respect, you have these in bucket loads. Even when you are feeling at your lowest point, Skunk comes along and shows you how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back in to the thick of things. Nothing will keep you down for too long.

    Again, as with Lion and Coyote there is a playfulness about Skunk. Above all else however, Skunk teaches fearlessness with peacefulness and a balance in the ebb and flow of life. What you do emanates outward.

    Skunk has been with you a long time as well my friend.

    (On a side note, are you sensitive to smells, have you ever investigated aromatherapy? It may be beneficial to you and others in your life).

    I have to admit, Whale is something of an enigma for me. I still haven't reached the same level of understanding her as I have with other animals. So this may be a bit short.

    There is a lot of ancient wisdom within Whale. You could spend a lifetime learning her medicine and still not learn everything. Indeed the same could be said for all animals, but with Whale, the medicine is profoundly deep.

    On the surface, again we see a strong connection to family. The main thing however, is the ability to dive deep, to go within (or without) to find the answers you seek. Depending on your personal beliefs, you have the ability to connect with this Source either within you or outside of you (or both) and find the answers you need.

    Whale's song is also very important to her. It is unique, distinct and is the gateway to power. In much the same way Tooter, your voice is important to you. You understand the power of words, and you respect that power. You wield it responsibly. What is it that you say? If you haven't got anything constructive to say, don't say anything.

    I could go on all night, all week, with your animal guides. You do have many. But that is because you know better than many others that the Truth is within all of God's creatures.

    I am interested in hearing your feedback Tooter my friend. Does any of this resonate with you? Also interested in Seehorse's insight, particularly with whale. What can you pick up on SH?

  • 🙂

  • Thanks mark that was neat i have always felt a closeness to most animals the last dogs i had i was very close to and i could read them very well and they where my very good friends and i sure miss them . Watergirl i sure like the whale picture like so many others they get a bad rap like sharks and they just do what is natural for them to do just like snakes and spiders ,you can learn a lot from animals and birds all of Fathers creatures or should i say Mothers LOL one of the neatest things i have seen is when a male and female red bird where own the ground i always feed the birds and the male wood get a sunflower seed and go and put it into the females beak and then she would do the same then they would kiss it was so neat watching that some say that is just instinct but i think it goes way beyond that just by them actions .

    As far as what about SH i wouldn't say unless he ask but i will say this he has grown a lot just as you have since you came here and are continuing to grow very fast, we have to we have a big job in front of us and Mark Father didn't just go to anyone he chose you for this purpose and you made that choice a long time ago to just like me ,to live in truth is not easy and sometimes the price we pay is high but i would not chose for it to be any diffrent they are all learning experiences for the coming times ,you dont know what kinda of power you will have it will blow you away but it is only to be used for good or it will backfire on you just like the night Michael trowed me that sword it was almost blinding the power that was in it ,you know that sound in star wars when they used the light sabers it feels like that sound you can just feel all that energy and i didn't have to say any thing i knew their thoughts and they knew mine and i knew their next action and them mine .

    Your calling is on the same level as Micheal's is in the spiritual realm but ours will be here on Earth as we know it and i hope ,i know you will get to experience the things or a lot of the things i have and it will blow you away and our job is to keep the path clear of resistance to it and your job as the gate keeper is to make sure that keeps the gate open and only truth can pass threw the gate and it is you heart that will guide you stay close to Mother you have a strong connection to her and her to you and its all about your Heart there is where the truth of Mark is .

    Thanks again my Friend i have got to get in bed i got a swing set to put together for my grand son he had a birthday this week remember you can email me also if you want or need to SH has my email later Tooter

  • Thanks Tooter. I find a lot, A LOT, of what you say to be true. And I completely agree about wielding the power for others and not yourself. In fact whenever I have tried to look at the Animal Cards or Tarot cards for something personal, for answers I should not be trying to find, I ALWAYS get blocked.

    So I don't even try now. I trust that the answers I need from Spirit will come from other sources such as yourself and the other great folk on these forums; Sheelagh, Mags, Seehorse, Miss Beth, Blmoon, watergirl... the list goes on and on.

    And since accepting this "truth". I find that my cards do provide me with answers, when I least expect them to.

    Oh, and you are not the first to tell me about my very strong connection with Mother Earth (Nature). So once again, you are absolutely right my friend 🙂

  • "Also interested in Seehorse's insight, particularly with whale"

    The wheels are turning indeed....

    Out of curiosity i read this thread and the minute i read about Lefty's wondering about the whale i felt the same pressure in my head like yesterday, a little less this time.

    Whales make a long journey through the ocean. The same thing our souls do during the many reincarnations, from Father back to Father again. Whales dive deep and sing, the same thing the S.O.U.L members do every sunday. Whales are serene, slow moving, graceful and happy just like the Spirits of people on their last reincarnation on this Earth. Whale represents ancient wisdom, the one encoded to us by Father as i mentined in another post.

    These are just thoughts coming to my mind as i type, live feed or something. I don't know if they are true or not.

    Two days ago i remembered an animal that fascinated, inspired even frightened me ever since i can remember myself. Funny thing is i tried many things to find the inner or totem or whatever animal nothing worked and suddendly this memory buried for many years resurfaced out of the blue : OWL .

    Very curious to hear your insight now about this PH....

  • Love the white owl...maybe because I'm a Harry Potter fan 🙂

  • I had very much the same thoughts about Whale. As I wrote it out I knew I had to ask Seehorse for his input 🙂

    Many people fear the Owl. Not me, I love Owl. But that is because the Owl can see past our deceptions. Owl is the symbol for knowledge and wisdom. Two related, but otherwise distinct terms. Owl sees the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    What I found on the Interwebs:

    "Owl is the Mystery of silent wisdom, heightened vision and hearing and the ability to pinpoint subtleties of motives, actions and people. He teaches the power of silence and contemplation and the balance of waiting and acting. When action is taken it is swift and exacting. Owl teaches the ability to extract secrets from within, so listen carefully. He also aids in clearing deceptions - within and without. Are you trusting your instincts about people? Are you listening to your surroundings? Do you have patience? Owl has much wisdom in teaching how to see and sense the world around you along with determination and patience in waiting for the opportune moment."

    Seehorse, since you have made a lot of personal discoveries within yourself, realised how you were deceiving yourself, you should find that Owl no longer scares you the way he used to.

    Watergirl, Owl is the medicine of clairvoyants 🙂

  • Mark one of the things i can depend on with the owl is if there is someone fixing to pass they let me know so i can prepare they come to me at 12pm and i know for sure that there is someone i know is passing the why for this i do not know but they are true and graceful they are like the true knowledge of all sometimes we need to be like a owl and just be silent and observant and let nature talk to us and they will if they can get threw it is very neat when you can hear and understand the animals they talk to us every day but in our daily rush of life we dont hear them they will guide you and protect you if you let them and they will warn you of impending dangers you just have to learn to talk to them they will teach you if you let them just listen and be still and watch got to go grandson waiting Love Ya Tooter OH Watergirle tell me something you are here for a reason what draws you tell me what you are thinking something is pushing you and guiding you to a direction your not sure of ,it is ok

  • Ah, PH, the clairvoyant thing again! Not sure why that keeps coming up for me...

    The Owl has been a fairly recent addition to my life, although I suspect he may have been there all along waiting to be noticed 🙂 My good friend the dolphin has been with me since childhood along with the horse. Recently, the sea lion has come out to play with the dolphin, I think. Yes, I have been too serious and need to bring back the playful, childlike qualities to my life.

    Hey Toots - I'm not sure! You may have picked up on my resistance to the clairvoyant thing. But I am also at a crossroads in life and really not sure what direction to head. I would love to feel the "push" or guidance from above on which way to go.

  • "Sea Lions... hearing and balance of paying attention to the inner voice. Association with water which is the creative, feminine, imaginative. Helps the inner creative imagination and inspiration balance with outer realities. Movement, playful, busy, one needs balance."

    Are you on the verge of taking your psychic gifts, your connection to Spirit to the next level? Does this fear you? Listen to Dolphin. She teaches you about mana, the breath of life, the essence of our connection to Great Spirit. Learn to breathe. Swim with Dolphin and be playful. Go with the flow. 🙂

  • Dolphin:

    "Open new creative dimensions, curiosity, trust playfulness, breath and water needed for life, teaches how to be free, maneuverability, wisdom, harmony with surroundings, needs balancing, shows proper use of sounds and prayers, communication abilities, teaches trust and shows the power of rhythm and emotions may need some fresh air to release tensions, newness and joy. Are you calling to bring forth your wants and desires? Are you voicing and expressing your creative self? What are your words, thoughts and actions creating? Dolphin reminds us to balance work and play and let loose of tensions."


  • Oh, Marky-Mark! Not so long ago I thought that's what Spirit was trying to tell me (taking my "gift" to a new level), but I still really don't believe I have any gift outside of intuition - the same intuition we can ALL tap into. I do think that I need to be more playful and joyful as the disappointments in my life have taken their toll on me. Hence, the dolphin and sea lion presence. And balance - yes - I need to get out of the house more and breathe in that fresh air. I don't have much reason to leave the house at the moment so I have become stagnant - Spirit is urging me to not only get outside but to exercise!

  • This exercise doesn't just apply to your physical self (which is extremely important to you at this time), but it also means to exercise your psychic gift, your intuition. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. And just as physical exercise lets your body do more, so too will your "intuition" open up new doors for you.

    If you are interested in the "science" of it all, research pineal gland.

  • Oh I know all about that little "pea" in my brain! While obtaining my psych degree, I became enthralled with the anatomy of the brain. I also have hypothyroidism and the thyroid function originates in the pineal gland. I did get outside a bit today, but all the time I spent on everyone's lunar nodes derailed my goal to get to the gym. 🙂

  • Best. Excuse. Ever.

    I couldn't go to the gym, pesky lunar nodes got in the way. LOL

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