New to tarot - general q's and help with a specific reading. <3 Thanks

  • Hi.

    I've read about Tarot and studied it for a while, but I'm still relatively new to readings. I'm wondering if you can help to answer a few questions I have about the Celtic Cross, and about a specific Celtic Cross reading that I did.

    I did a Celtic Cross that had the positions as follows:

    Past/Present; Immediate Challenges; Distant Past; Recent Past; Best Outcome; Immediate Future; Factors; External Influences; Hopes and Fears; Final Outcome

    However, upon researching my cards and their relationships, I read that these are not actually the positions of the celtic cross, traditionally! If they were in my mind when I did the reading, however, are they still valid to read like this? Or must I adhere to the Crowning Matter, the Root Cause, etc?

    Then, here is the reading itself:

    Past/Present: Four of Wands (Reversed)

    Immediate Challenges: The World

    Distant Past: The Devil

    Recent Past: Strength

    Best Outcome: Empress (Reversed)

    Immediate Future: Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

    Factors: 8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

    External Influences: 5 of Swords

    Hopes and Fears: High Priestess

    Final Outcome: Two of Wands

    The matter on which I was meditating was my relationship with a friend, with whom I'm in love. I'm not sure how they feel, exactly. I'm not sure what will happen, exactly. I'm feeling a bit adrift over the whole thing, really. We had dated, and then decided we would be better as friends than as a couple. We both admitted feelings for each other, but Friend said that it was weird the way that I had not shown my feelings, and that Friend's feelings were edging closer to friendship... so I missed the boat. We continue to be close, to talk, to hang out. I feel like we're both trying to make up our minds. I'm looking for guidance - insight on our relationship (be it platonic or otherwise), and what I should do next.

    I've read that the Celtic Cross gives a snapshot of what will happen if the querrent does not change anything that they are doing. The outcome cards that I received were the Empress Reversed and the Two of Wands, and I'm not sure how to read either one in the context of the other cards, and the fact that the reading was a relationship reading.

    Further, I'm not sure what advice the cards are giving me.

    Can anyone give me a hand or suggest a better approach than the one that i've taken?

    I'm sorry to jump into the forum as a newbie and start off with such a hefty question! 🙂 I'm certainly here to chat with anyone who is interested in doing so or to give what little help and much encouragement I can with anyone else's concerns.

    Take care, and I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend.

    <3. E.

  • Reread and realized that I sound like a smitten little girl! If only. I'm near 30, Aries.

  • In my opinion, the spread is telling you that you two are meant to be platonic friends. I could go into each card, but in a nutshell, the Empress reversed suggests that this is not a physical or passionate relationship. The Two of Wands is about a business partnership or friendship.

  • Thanks, Watergirl. 🙂

  • Can anyone else give me some insight on how to do readings, or on this reading?

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