Hi Captain I Need Some Advice Please!!!

  • Hi Captain, you previously gave me a reading regarding my relationship with this Cancer man. My DOB March 12 1985, his DOB July 10 1980. Even though the reading wasn't promising I still continued a relationship with him. He is now away for training for a few months, we had decided to just be friends while he's away and see how we feel about each other when he gets back. However, we still talk everyday. Last night we had a huge argument because he thinks I slept with a guy the night before at my friends bday party. I did not sleep with anyone and he has no evidence to support his claim. and even if I did we are not in a committed relationship. He got so mad that be blocked me off facebook and will not return any of my calls. My question is, is he gone for good? Should I finally let this go even though I had thought he could possibly be the one? Do you see any possible future for us? Thanks!

  • My advice still stands - this relationship is not good for love, as you have found out. He is not 'the one' and you cannot make him into it.

  • Do you see anything in the near future for me when it comes to relationships?

  • Not until you let go of your desire for this man. No one new can come in while you are still attached to the old.

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