Scorpio man confusing me so much

  • I have known this Scorpio man for 35 years. We had a little 'thing' one night years ago, just a bit of messing around but that was it. I moved away we both got into relationships. 12 months ago, we found each other on Facebook, He couldn't believe it, he told me how he had felt about me all those years ago and he remembered every little thing about me. I too had liked him all those years ago. This online relationship lasted 6 weeks, we spoke day and night most times til the early hours. He told me he was totally in love with me and adored me. It was a very deep, intense relationship and we arranged to meet up. We met, it was a lovely day. I had just ended my 25 year relationship with my partner , it was coming anyway but this spurred it on. After a few weeks of seeing each other, he went cold on me, still keeping in touch but he told me he was confused because of his past relationship where he got badly burned as he put it. There was a child involved which his ex caused him so much pain over because he left her, and has never let him see his child. After a few weeks of limited contact he came back and we saw each other once a week. Not dating as such but he made excuses to come over and help me do things. He has never actually asked me to go anywhere with him, almost like it's a weakness to do so. 12 months ago we were lovers but since the 2 month break where he was confused, we have only kissed briefly and never slept together. I don't know whether he still feels the same way about me or not. In the early days it was me who instigated sex, he said I was far too important to him for it to be just about sex. However, the few times we had sex, as much as we wanted it and were attracted to each other, it never really went well. I am wondering if he is afraid of failing in this area. We still see each other, but he still only comes over when it's to 'help me' with something. He knows I love him because I have told him last year and again the other day on a message. He stays here all day and into the early hours but will never stay over. He finds it really hard to show any affection at all. I don't know what he is thinking or how he feels about me. I know he cares about me but I don't want to just be friends. I don't know whether to just give up or be patient in case he is taking his time to trust me. I haven't seen him or heard from him for over a week, after he spent a nice day here last week.. It's like he gets closer and closer and then backs off again. It's driving me mad.

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