How should I interpret my tarot card reading? It's an interesting one.

  • I said "I'm going to do a Past, Present, and Future reading. It's a three card reading. What are ____'s feelings towards me?"

    The person in the blank is a boyfriend from my past.

    Past card - The Heirophant

    Present card - The Devil

    Future card - The High Priestess

    I thought "Oh God," when I saw The Devil because it shows up in a lot of my readings.

    I thought it was unusual that I got The Heirophant in the Past position and The High Priestess in the Future position. I can't believe that all of the cards I got are from the major arcana, that never happens in my readings.

  • Heirophant - He looked up to you in some way or liked your values and upbringing

    Devil - He does not want to be chained in a relationship with you

    The High Priestess - He will not get to know you too well and there will always be a sense of mystery or awe about you for him. Relationship-wise he probably does not see it going anywhere with you in the future.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit negative, but its just my view and I maybe wrong here.

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