Hanswolfgang...I would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are if you have a moment.

  • Greenii74,

    ...if I send this letter...will it help me? No.

    Will it be good for him to hear this from me? Yes.

    Will it marinate: yes

    and possibly help our friendship in the future? no.

    how could it help? by indicating that you are faced with a time of decision, that the images in your minds must be dealt with not only in your dreams but in the world of reality.

    Do you think they will be OK while I am away? Yes.

    Do you think this trip will be successful for my research? No.

    Will I be productive? No.

    Will this trip change things for me? Yes.

    Do you think I will get my project done this winter and will it be approved? No.

    Will I have to go back in December: yes

    or the winter? no.

    Will I have fun? No 😞

    Anything else you see or can tell me about this trip to Europe? I see at your feet and all around you are vines, flowers, and plants of all sorts, representing the highest attainment of material success. In your right hand you hold the sceptre of your power and in your left you hold a golden coin, symbolic of your material influence.

    Finally about my friend- does he watch my posts on FB-: no.

    does he know when I am online on yahoo? yes.

    Do you use cards? Yes, but only Rider-Waite-Tarot-Cards.

    Intuitive? No.

    Runes? No, but I Ching.

    Have you done this for a long time? Yes.

    What philosophies do you follow/ read about? Taoism and Osho.

    I am reminded of a great follower of Buddha, Nagarjuna. He lived naked. Perhaps Nagarjuna is the greatest logician that has walked on the earth. Aristotle is no comparison to him, neither is Shankara; Nagarjuna's argumentation is the most refined. But he used to live naked -- a beautiful man -- and even kings and queens were disciples to him. In a certain capital the queen was his disciple. She asked him, "You will have to give me a favor. I want to take away your begging bowl."

    He said, "That is not a problem. You can have it."

    She said, "That is only half of it. I have

    prepared a begging bowl for you. This one you give to me; it will be a present, the most precious to me in the whole world. And I have made a begging bowl which you cannot reject, you have to accept it."

    He said, "I have not seen it either."

    She said, "Seeing or not seeing is not the question. First, give me the promise that you will not reject it."

    So he said, "Okay, I will not reject it."

    She brought out the bowl, and it was made of solid gold, studded with diamonds. Nagarjuna said, "You don't understand the situation. Whether I reject it or not, I will not be able to keep it even for a few hours. A naked man carrying a begging bowl made of solid gold, studded with great diamonds -- do you think I will be able to keep it? But I have promised, so I will accept it."

    A thief was watching the whole transaction. He followed Nagarjuna. He knew that this fellow lives outside the city in a dilapidated temple, and every afternoon after he has taken his food, he goes to sleep. This is a very good time to take this begging bowl away. Anyway, somebody is going to take it away....

    So he went and he was hiding behind a wall by the side of a window watching that somebody else does not enter inside. Nagarjuna made his place to sleep and he had complete awareness that somebody had been following him.

    "Why keep him unnecessarily waiting? Anyway I am going to sleep and he will take the begging bowl. It is better to give it him. Why make him a thief?" So he threw the begging bowl outside the window where the thief was sitting.

    The thief could not believe it. This is really a strange man. A strange desire arose in the thief that it would be good to have a little time to sit at this man's feet, so he asked from the window, "Can I come in?"

    Nagarjuna said, "What do you think I have thrown the begging bowl for? -- to bring you in. Come in. That was just an invitation."

    The thief could not understand, but was very much impressed by the man.

    Nagarjuna said, "I did not want to make you a thief, that's why I have thrown the begging bowl. Now you can have it."

    The thief said, "It is so precious; you are a man of great mastery over yourself. I also hope one day I will not be a thief but a master like you."

    Nagarjuna said, "Why postpone it? It is a very simple secret. You can become a master."

    He said, "You don't understand. I am a thief, I am a born thief. I cannot resist the temptation."

    Nagarjuna said, "It does not matter at all. You can remain a thief. I will give you a small meditation: whatever you do, even if you go to steal in the palace, just be a witness of what you are doing. I don't want you not to be a thief; do whatever you want to do, but do it with full awareness. Just be a witness."

    He said, "This seems to be simple. I have been going to many saints. They say, `First you drop stealing, otherwise you cannot be religious.' You are the first man who is not asking me to drop stealing."

    Nagarjuna said, "Those saints that you have met are not saints. No saint will ask you to drop stealing. Why? Do it perfectly well. Just remain a witness."

    The thief could not understand the strategy. After the third or fourth day he came back to Nagarjuna and said, "You are very clever. In these four days there have been so many opportunities to steal, but as I go to steal, to take something, immediately my hand relaxes. The moment I witness myself stealing it seems to be so embarrassing that I pull my hand back. For four days I have not been able to steal anything."

    Nagarjuna said, "Now it is your problem; I have nothing to do with it. You can choose. You can choose witnessing, or you can choose stealing."

    The man said, "Only in these four days have I been able to feel my own dignity. I cannot drop witnessing. I am coming with you."

    What witnessing does is again throw you back to your center.

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