Please help me understand

  • Been dating this cancer guy for a couple of months. Read everything i could find on this forum on cancer men, but i still don't understand. The last time we were together he been so loving, acted like he really cared. All of a sudden it's like he vanished. Have not heard anything in more than two weeks. He was always affectionate, make me feel loved and special. Is it possible that he just lost interest? Found somebody else? Or pursue me until he was sure i was head over heels with him and then drop me? Or just used me? He is not behaving like the person i fell in love with.

    Could anybody please give me some insight in these guys behaviour.,

  • oh btw, his birtdate 03/07 , mine 04/05. both divorced in our 40's

  • CharleneT--come post on the thread Cancer man and he is confusing. We have a support group going there now!! The other ladies and myself are all in the same boat. Some worse than others, but we whine our selfs out or let our hearts sing--whichever the case. Always encouragement.

    I go there now when I start missing mine, it makes me feel less lonely. We are in a wonderful place right now but after finding this forum and learning it wasn't me, I still wait for the other shoe to drop but not with as much angst.

    Come on over to our Cancer world, we'd love to have you. Six of us even have our fella's names start with J! How strange is that?!

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