Hanswolfgang...I would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are if you have a moment.

  • MarieGraceIndy,

    clarify,please? You gorge yourself on tempting sweets, devoid of nutritional value. Such heedless compulsiveness carries longlasting consequences.

    how is that possible if he doesn't want to reach out? by reputation.

    Is there something I should do? No.

    what do you suggest or feel from spirit? deep penetrating eyes.

    should I just leave it be: yes

    or be proactive...you know, say "hi"...will he contact me first? no.

    Also, do you see a time when maybe he realizes I am not "crazy" was just transitioning? Yes.

    does he still read my blogs: yes

    or photos on FB: no

    or are these tags annoy him? no.

    Should I just remove him from my friend list on those? Yes.

    The mind always looks downward. The mind flows downward just like water. Water has never been made the symbol of any spiritual system because its intrinsic nature is to flow downward. Fire has been the symbol of so many systems. Fire goes upward; it never goes downward. One must look upward; one must stop seeing downward.

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