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  • MarieGraceIndy


    just wondering if he will reach out again? no.

    Should I wait for that: no.

    I feel I owe him an apology? No.

    Should I apologize? No.

    Was he pushing me away: no

    out of fear (he kept saying stuff about rebound)? yes

    Does he think I am crazy: yes

    or does he understand the stress affected me? no

    Was he playing games? No.

    Do you see us returning to friends again, staying in regular contact? Yes, certainly.

    Did I hurt his feelings? Yes.

    Did he just move on from me completely? No.

    Is there a chance we will meet up this summer, overseas? Yes.

    offer insight: the situation bodes disaster, yet there is nothing to do but wait.


    be thankful to existence. It is nothing formal, it is something of the heart. Learn more and more gratitude, and as you learn gratitude you will come closer to love. When you becomes just gratefulness then love has arrived in you. When you have become the host and love has become the guest. And that ultimate meeting is the search.

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