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  • Help! I'm a cancer and I need relationship advice. Any pyschics or good advice givers please reply! 🙂

  • What is your exact birthdate and do you have a current relationship you are having problems with or just love in general?

  • I was born june 28 1994. Im not currently in a relationship but i am interested in someone. i told a guy i had feelings for him some time ago. We were just friends at the time nd he said he didnt want to mess up our friendship. Time has gone by and hes been acting different but in a good way. Hes talking to me more and just doing little things that he never did before. Is it because he feels bad for me and is trying to be a good friend or do you think he realized hes made a mistake and wants to be more than friends. P.S are you a sychic or just good at giving advice? Im knew to this sight. lol

  • I am a psychic and also use astrology and numerology in my readings.

    I feel you may have a tendency to put things off a bit, as in "When I have enough money and possessions or look more attractive, I will do this, this and this." Don't wait for happiness - go after it now. Feeling good about yourself doesn't come from your looks or possessions - it comes from an inner confidence and belief in yourself. You have to take chances with life and relationships. You must risk losing face and really express what you feel in the moment. Yes, your friend said he only wanted to be friends but at least you found out how he felt. And at least now he knows how you feel. Keep on expressing your authentic feelings - other people will appreciate it in the end.

    But before you can have a successful relationship with someone else. you have to have one with yourself. If you don't know what love is personally, how can you give it to another person? So loving yourself is very important. Also I feel you have good financial sense, especially in investments, and you want to be wealthy and live in comfort (who doesn't, right?) but just make sure you don't impede your own creativity and avoid your need for love and intimacy in your quest for a career and money. I think you can get worried about being trapped by your own need for love, but just relax and take it easy. You may have an attraction to the wild side of life that may lead you into trouble if you aren't careful. You need to learn more self-control by subduing or taming that passion of yours and developing qualities of trustworthiness, sound judgment, resourcefulness and calm under pressure. You also have empathic ability so you will have to learn to tell the difference between what you are feeling and what you are picking up from others or you might be get fooled into thinking that it's your emotion when it's really someone else's.

    While you are young, you will tend to attract some immature individuals but, as you grow older and become more serious in your purpose, you will draw to you people with more grounded mature perspective. You would do well to seek out more self-sufficient types to spend your time with as you take on more responsibilities and move onto a future where you will assume a quiet mantle of authority and leadership. But be careful of becoming too controlling of others or aggressive as you age. Your extreme sensitivity and emotionalism can be a liability unless you learn to manage it by developing objectivity and setting boundaries. You will probably experience some frustration and rebelliousness before you gain enough perspective and sophistication to emerge from your self-imposed cocoon and be in the world.

    You have your whole life to meet that special someone, Missm. Don't be in too great a rush to settle down - there is a whole big wide world and lots of different people out there for you to explore and experience.

  • Thank you so much for the insight. You really know your stuff. A lot of the things you said were definitely true. I do have a lot more growing to do. And as for the guy, I guess he really was just trying to be nice??? It just kinda sucks because he was the first guy I ever confessed my feelings to. But I'll be in college soon and I guess theres other fish in the sea. Do you think theres someone out there for me now? lol You are very good at what you do. Thank You So Much!!!

  • Of course there is someone for you out there. You just have to be ready to meet him.

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