S.O.U.L Circle May 29th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Another interesting meditation this week. I pictured us all in that circular/semi-spherical white room, sitting in various meditative poses. I got the impression this room is not on Earth, it's floating above Her but I saw a great big golden thread connecting the room to the Earth and feeding us energy. Like a golden sap.

    Felt a lot of frustration this week. As I "looked" around I could see some people happily getting on with things, but others had their eyes closed and frowns on their faces. As if they weren't "feeling" it. In fact, it did seem that the "network" of light just couldn't keep going, as if it kept shorting out.

    I blame the hub lol

    Someone however should be feeling a whole lot better after that. I want to say it's not someone that actively takes part in the circle. It's someone on the fringes. Someone who is aware of what we do, but is very sceptical. Or just thoroughly down and out. I noticed we all had clouds of grey, smoke like substance drawn out of the top of our heads, and being transformed/transmuted by millions of tiny pin pricks of light explosions/flashes. But this person had a plume of dark grey/black stuff pouring out of her. Being lifted from her shoulders and drawn from her mind.

    As this dark inky stuff cleared away I saw a crow. In fact, parts of the crow coalesced from the smoke emanating around her. I feel like she has suffered a great injustice, but Crow is now happy because Sacred Law and balance have been restored. She should soon feel very uplifted.

    I don't think we are going to hear from her, but if any of this resonates with you, please do speak up.

    Denise (HealingWays) was there. She looked a little frail but very happy. She was atop her white horse resting against the back of its neck/head šŸ™‚

    Becca, did you feel something? It seemed someone was behind you trying to help you to unfold your wings. I think you will start feeling a little freer, a little more confident yourself this week šŸ™‚

    And right at the end, I felt Seehorse patting me and everyone on the back. As if to say, job well done. Thanks mate, and same to you!

  • Hello Marc,

    Good morning from my Country to yours,what a beautiful morning it is!

    I need for all of you to answer a question....did any of you feel a nudge,tingling,hand,slightest touch, a heavy feeling on your shoulder, or shoulders? (it doest matter which one)...will explain more soon....

    love and all the brightest colors of the rainbow to all of you



    PS be back soon

  • Well what a pity, I thought it was at 17.00 my time. Missed it then. Love and light anyway. I had even organised the kids so I would have some peace. :(((

  • Here's the post I made from the other thread:

    Namaste to all,

    I'm working on using that pahrase rather than Good Morning, as it constantly occurs to me that many of you do not share the same morning and yet we can share the same moment. So I am switching to greeting everyone with Nameste. (I may slip and use good morning still occassionally. LOL)

    Yes MJ, I did. I had a huge amount of pressure against my left palm like it was weighted down. I was weird since lat week it was the right which is my recieving hand so I am use to it feeling somewhat weighted but this time with the left is was quite heavy (a huge difference) so it was abundantly clear there was somthing there and yet I was confused by it.

    Also a few notes.


    When I thought of you I got a brilliant white light. Are you leaving your shields up constantly now or just showing off how well you are doing? LOL or the universe was just showing me how nicely you are being protected sweetie.)


    I got purple light when my thoughts switched to you which could be Archangel Jerimiel which I did get a card this morning from him so I will have to give you the message later.


    My thoughts of you came in quite clear with a pale yellow eye. Can not say what that was about but it was good.


  • Paddi,

    I can not say how sorry I am that I got the time wrong for you. Do I even have you listed for the correct place? or is it perhaps not daylight savings time for you? Do not know but I have already corrected you for 4:oo pm your time.


    Anyone else whose time was not correct, please let me know asap so I can get a better list together for all. We'll get it together.


  • @Marc,

    Oh my gosh, I asked Raphael to show Me a sign or a squawk of a crow, I mentioned the shoulders without seeing your posts...I invited my Angel Raphael to participate and also Arch Angel Micheal to cut through any negativity that may arise during our circle...

    I lit my candles on top of a glass bird box and all the candles were surround my a large rectangle crystal Angel with an Angel etched into the glass. I had my hands reaching out at one point. like when you hold your hand face up i felt finger nails digging in, that someone couldn't let go,or wanted to let go but I held on, (oh how i wanted to release because it actually hurt.) ..The reason I ask about the shoulders, ( I ask all the Angels that participated to show me a sign, and the first thing that popped into my mind was the touch on someones shoulder?more later

    love and light


  • A couple of other notes:

    Last night (or early this morning) I got a dream where I was literally shown messages. They were typed and scrolling so I could read them. Normally when I get something like this as soon as I try to read which uses my cognitive mind, I immediately wake up. This time howevr Iw as able to read the messages. As it turned out I could not wake myself enough afterwards t write it down so most was lost, however one thing was clear.

    Do not give your power away!

    This seemed to be a message for the group as a whole but also specifically to Seehorse.

    What we are doing is NOT what it refered to. That appears to have blessings attached to it, but that we should be aware to keep to the original concept of donating light/healing/positive energy to the universal source for its use rather than directing it or allowing anyone to choose its direction or specifically be the directing point. Almost as if there is someone interested in joining for the purpose of feeding off this energy and utilizing it.

    As I said, this is not a problem as long as we keep our influence out of it, like the donating blood scenario Seehorse mentioned last week.

    I wish I could remember more of what specifically was written but to even come away with that much was incredible for me.


  • Oh My!!.....I'm in floods of tears of joy Marc with what you wrote....you really have picked up on me being there, and I was even though it was for the first 15 minuets, you see I only found the wonderful "connection of healing light" that you are all doing last night but I was too tired at that time to join in on the thread to ask if I may join you today, but it was on my mind this morning, and I was thinking about you all joining up in mind and spirit, it felt wonderful, so at 3pm my time I just sat here thinking of you all and sent my love to you hoping you all have a healing experience together.....as I said, I did this for about 15 mins, but then I suddenly had this thought go through me saying" oh dear, should I be doing this, I feel like an intruder, so then I stepped away....but now on reflection I know that was silly of me, how could sending love to anything be an intrusion?....so now if I can I would SO love to join you all in future meditations :).....

    And Marc, the reason I'm in floods of tears is the fact that I have felt so much happier and content today for the first time in a long time....and how beautiful that you saw me on my Horse and felt my happiness!!...this truly feels like a great big breakthrough to me and confirmation that humans, and not just Humans with the spirit world can connect no matter where we are in the world....

    much love to you my Brother!.....

    much love to you all, I so look forward to reading about all the experiences you all got with your meditations, it is so exciting what you are achieving :)... now I'm off for a little nap, I know it will be so healing for me as I feel very relaxed and happy...hope you sense my big smile to you all šŸ™‚ love you!!


  • Hi all,

    My daughter came in a few times but I felt I was able to maintain focus just wasn't as deep as I usually go. The odd part was my daughter came in and I told her I was trying to meditate and she said Mommy say OM it will clear your thoughts. She did ut a few times with me and then finished what she was doing and walked out. In some strange way, I felt like it dispelled her need to argue and brought her peace.

    I don't know if you guys saw it, but I was working with the violet flame and white light in the grid. I felt at peace before and during the meditation.

    The yellow color you saw may be that golden color a lady that did an aura scan on me saw after her very first healing session. My light body and physical has been transforming a lot. Lately I have felt one of my lower chakras kind of knot and release every time I meditate.

    Love and light,


  • Healingways,

    I have added you to the list under 3:00pm. Welcome to the group and yo're right you did nothing wrong. I'm sure there are several people joining who are anonymous and last week I connected to some catholic preists doing their paryers and some budist monks as well. I forgot to mention that last week perhaps and wish I had connected with them again this morning but that pressure on my hand held much of my focus.

    As for the fifteen mintutes. That's all I do as well. I ground for about 10 minutes before then 15 connecting and then finish off with just solitary meditation.


    Cool about the yellow light. Perhaps your third eye reflecting your aura? It was the only definitive shape I saw in my neditation.

    Gotta go soul mates, I'll catch up and talk later.


  • I feel so bad after reading your posts Sheila and Ibelieve... I pray I wasn't the cause of any upset was I?....I couldn't bare it if I was, I only sent thoughts of love and I would never have joined in to do that if I had been feeling any negativity in myself, I had been feeling happy and on track with sorting out my plan of returning to my healthy ways in mind and body......why do I feel I'm the reason for it?? it's a bit scary for me....does anyone feel it could have been me cause anything untoward,....I'm confused šŸ˜ž

  • I may not articulate my words as some of you with your observations and feelings...This is so new to me. But please know that I truly believe in the power of love and light and the power of healing.As each Sunday has passed including this one, the more I release my fears, and sorrows the lighter i feel and that to me leaves me with more love for" The Universe" which includes all of us here and for others i do not know...

    Peace, Love and Light



  • Thank you Ibelieve!! I truly look forward to sending loving healing light out to our beautiful Universe with you all... andmy oh my you have put my mind at rest :), I didn't see your post till after I wrote my last one....phew!! that will teach me to jump in with my silly notions :).... and now for that nap I mentioned earlier...:0)....


  • Sheila, that was so beautifully put!!, and I for one knows exactly where your wonderful heart is!...it's so full of love!! and each and everyone of us that crosses your path is blessed my friend šŸ™‚


  • Dearest chickadee Dee Dee, aka Denise,

    you are such a loving gentle soul who i have been blessed with for you to be a part of my life:)

    i was so happy to see your post and confirmed to me once again when you believe, send and receive and let your love and light in and out miracles happen:)

    Namaste Dee

    Love and Light


  • Denise, I am grinning like a Cheshire cat!! That is just a beautiful sign, so glad you were there. And don't worry about any negativity, we learned after the first week to shield ourselves lol.

    I sit there meditating for 20 minutes, and I must say, even if you do stop 5 minutes before me, you are all still there when I finally stop. In fact, maybe our higher selves are continuing the work long after we "physically" stop šŸ™‚

    Ibelieve, I totally agree with your message as well. I actually asked God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to direct the light and love to where it needed to go. I also asked that it cover everyone in the circle and those that wanted to be there but couldn't.

    Sheila, I felt the light pressure around my heart again. Not as strong as last week. It was however, a lot warmer. I also felt a slight sensation moving partly up the left side of my neck.

  • Its so strange as i continue to read our posts more comes up for me, Marc I did what Tooter suggested on our other thread, I rubbed my palms together until i felt the warmth and placed my hands on my heart...Then repeated with the warmth of my candles...Everything seemed to be on my left side of me ummmm...and I'm right handed.

    love and light Marc


  • Hey i'm back!! My head feels weird (well more weird than usual lol) and after i read the posts i'm more confused.....

    I had the most intense sensations this time, it started last night actually.

    Today, 3 minutes before the "meetings" onset a feeling like something was moving deep in my belly, energy from my feet coming up my spine then my head felt like someone had put a tight clamp around it tingling everywhere thighs, elbows my back and very intense behiond my ears, then the head pressure left the temples and concentrated on forehead.

    Boy, after 2 hours i still feel some tingling, as if there is residual energy going merry-go-round inside my body, running from hand to knee to shoulder to head....

    I would certainly like to hear any insight on Ibeleive's post about me giving away my power...have no idea what that means !

    The difference for me was this time i felt little on my chest, maybe because the head and belly sensations were too intense.

    Love and Light to all


  • I'm majorly sadfacing right now. I woke up at 6:59, and started trying to ground myself. And every time I'd fall back asleep. Next week I'll get to bed at a better time.

  • LB, no matter if you were sleeping or not you were with me and all of us, I'm sure...Its okay:)

    Love and Light


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