Cancer Seeking Relationship Advice

  • I'm a Cancer born 7/9/1976 after 2p currently dating a Gemini born 6/12/1965. We are former co-workers from 2001-2003 when we would flirt with each other but nothing came of it. After 6.5 years of not speaking to each other, I found him over Facebook and we picked up like there was no lapse in time, except now we are having an intimate relationship. I have no doubts about my feelings for him & have dreamt of him being by my side through some rough emotional times as he hasn't bolted when I have mentioned having strong feelings for him, etc. I am now becoming more comfortable with the idea of being in a serious relationship with him and am confused by whether he wants the same thing, too because he won't express himself verbally. Any insight I can gain would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Geminis are notorious for preferring to keep things light and unserious and can get nervous when commitment issues are raised. They are hard people to pin down because of their restlessness.

    There is a conflict between fantasy and reality in this relationship, and also between the inner and outer worlds. Compromise is not usually possible here. Your friend will want you to leave your inner sanctum to join him in the outer world while you will want him to retire from a life of adventure and relax with you at home. Neither of you is really suited for the life of the other, yet it may be possible for each of you to periodically take the lead in your particular area and have the other partner follow for a time. In this fashion, each of you get your way temporarily, and the need to find a common but watered-down meeting ground is circumvented.

    The relationship is likely to stretch the limits of love or friendship. If you two vacation together, for example, your friend will want to go trekking in some hard-to-reach outpost - there you will take pictures to be looked at sentimentally at home, and collect souvenirs of the trip; meanwhile your friend will be off climbing a mountain. Later he will be forced to admire your photographs for the umpteenth time, all the while just itching to get away on a new adventure. Given this type of typical scenario, an informal acquaintanceship or casual companionship is perhaps a better bet than close ties here. Marriage too would be difficult and would have to demonstrate great understanding. You would be the undisputed boss at home but your partner might not be around much to be bossed.

  • Thank you Captain. I am inherently aware of the difficulties that this man and I have due to our age difference and astrological signs, especially since our relationship hasn't been easy since the get go. What is funny is that my personal insecurities about myself and my hang-ups about past relationships & my expression of feelings towards him haven't "scared him off" as I would have expected them to. We are truly different people who are from very different worlds but at the same time, we seem to bring out the part of the other that has been missing or quieted in the past. Our communication styles are very different yet he's the one who has pursued me, more than I him. I plan on riding it out to see where things take us and hope that we can find a way to make it work, somehow, however, I do appreciate your insight into this matter. 🙂

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