Passion has been burnt?

  • hello,

    I met a man Pisces online who immediately said he felt special about me. I knew it could not be so fast but let it to be developed. It developed to something outrageous. I could not do my work, was shaking when I was thinking about him(always) could not sleep. Lost weight. Then was a meeting. Then was separation. I have a son. Then he could not find time for us to meat but he could and wanted to meet me personally..He even caled at night. Then at day time i did not hear from him.. I wanted. Then I said it's wrong, I feel you want me only for sex. He said, sorry, he has no time to met all three. I said I need to do something and needed time by myself for 3 weeks. He said he will wait until I find a moment to contact him. I am not doing it. Because I am doubting if he is serious. I don't want to be hurt. But for all these weeks I cannot get him out of my mind. If he called and showed he cared, I would give him chance but he does not. I am ready to say good bye to him in my heart but I am not doing. I am still hoping.. Is there chance he is serious and he comes back. I knew he was very excited about me, just like me, but why he did not show me his affection in other ways?

  • Hi Liana, I am also disappointed w/some friends of mine that are men. I hear them talking about women and they are more interested in "that" than anything else. Go w/ what your instincts tell you and don't go against your better judgment. If you don't want to get hurt, it's better (much better) to wait. I wouldn't get serious unless he shows you something concrete whether in words, actions etc. And that usually takes a while--right.

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